12 Outrageous Life Experiences Everyone Should Have

Life can be full of ups and downs. Relationships begin and sometimes end. Careers that used to be fulfilling lose their appeal, pushing you to find new passions in life. You go from carefree college student to doting parent, and wonder where the time went. You prepare for your retirement party and think back on the decades you’ve devoted your life to a particular industry. If you’re lucky, you get to spend a good portion of your life with someone who loves you sincerely, and you have the chance to laugh with friends and family regularly.

Of course, in between all the milestones, birthdays and special occasions, there are some days in life that may seem a little boring or uneventful. That’s why it’s so important to fill your life with fulfilling experiences, so you’ll have great memories to cherish on the days when not much is going on. These enriching experiences can also help to build character or to remind you that there is overwhelming good and beauty in the world. As you go through life, there are some experiences which you definitely shouldn’t deprive yourself from. Here are a few that can serve as inspiration as you create or update your bucket list.


12 Taking a Cross-Country Road Trip

At least once in your life, you should pack up your car and take a road trip across the country. You can do this with your best friends or favorite family members, or decide to take the trip alone. Traveling cross-country gives you the chance to see nature and national landmarks without having to go to a “foreign” place. You can taste the food in each region, visit a national park in each state, or take a trip to the zoo to see regional animals. Of course, during the trip, you and your loved ones can talk about your hopes and dreams for the future, or simply laugh and have a great time as you make a memory that none of you are likely to forget. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures.

11 Travel To Another Country


It’s great to travel cross-country, but you should also strive to visit another country at some point in life. The language, food and customs of the people can be very enlightening. You may even find a new favorite dish or activity that you want to take back home to share with your friends and family. Visiting another country is also another reminder that the human experience is beautiful, and that we can always learn from each other. Of course, if you’re lucky, you may even meet the love of your life (or at least a short-term romantic interest) during your trip, which will make the experience even more memorable.

10 Fall In Love

It sounds extremely cliché, but everyone deserves to fall in love at least once in life. You should experience the warmth and excitement of being with someone who makes you glad to be alive. Falling in love is also a learning experience, so it’s even more fulfilling when you fall for someone who can teach you a new skill or hobby, or teach you things about yourself that you didn’t realize before. Ideally, the person you fall that hard for should be the person you spend the rest of your life with. But again, life happens in different ways for each of us. It really is true what they say—it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

9 Hire a Personal Chef For a Day or Two


The next time you’ve got some time off work, or before you have another meltdown about making dinner, hire a personal chef. Life can be much less stressful when you’ve got a professional culinary art professional preparing your meals for you. If you’re not much of a whiz in the kitchen, having your favorite gourmet treats arrive at the table without any direct effort from you can make your day so much brighter. Plus, you get to feel, at least for a little while, that you’re rich and famous, and don’t have time to prepare your own meals. Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and then, and a personal chef can provide the pampering, while giving you some tips on how to eat healthier.

8 Do Charity Work Away From Home

If one of your goals is to travel, you should try to do some good in the world while you’re exploring it. Local churches and charitable organizations often sponsor mission trips that allow you to travel abroad to help others. Doing charity work allows you to see first-hand the horrible conditions that some people live in each day. It makes you grateful for the things you have, and teaches you that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. You’ll likely return from your trip with a new sense of compassion and understanding for others, which will benefit you, as well as your family and friends.

7 Learn a Foreign Language


Learning a foreign language obviously teaches you to communicate with those you wouldn’t be able to talk to otherwise. It also “wakes up” another part of your brain, and could motivate you to learn other things you may have been apprehensive about before. This can boost your confidence and make you more comfortable when traveling to a new place. In addition to broadening your language horizons, you may also find that learning a foreign language can increase your marketability in the workplace. Of course, you can also learn non-verbal languages like sign language or Braille in order to help those with special needs.

6 Take On a Daring Physical Feat

Few things will give you a bigger sense of accomplishment in life than conquering a physical goal. It could be as simple as losing a few pounds due to consistent diet and exercise, or climbing to the top of a mountain. You may even want to learn how to walk a tight rope, ride a horse, go bungee jumping or get a black belt in karate. Accomplishing these goals makes you feel that you can do anything you try in life. You’ll also be in great physical shape, which will motivate you to continue practicing healthy habits throughout your life.


5 Go On A Cruise


You should experience going on a cruise at least once. There are endless buffets, lots of entertainment, and you get to dock in different places, where you’ll check out the surroundings and create even more memories. Some people choose to go on cruises if they have a fear of flying to their vacation destination. However, boarding a cruise ship can definitely be outrageous for you if you’re not a fan of the water. Whether you want to take a cruise that will take you to a tropical paradise like The Bahamas or Puerto Rico, or you prefer a winter cruise to a place like Alaska, the wildlife, plants, food and people you encounter will likely make you want to come back for more.

4 Go Skydiving

That’s right. Jump out of a plane and feel the wind in your face. It’s an experience you won’t forget, and it’s pretty outrageous, especially if you’re not a fan of heights. You may find that you have the resolve and peace of mind to conquer other things in your life once your feet hit the ground again. Of course, you should make sure that you’re with a trained instructor who can keep you safe throughout the process. You may even find that skydiving is a great way for you to celebrate other milestones in life, such as a special birthday or achieving a weight loss goal.

3 Go On A Helicopter Ride


The view of the world from a helicopter can be quite breathtaking. Of course, there are a few reasons for this (you may start breathing a little fast if you’re scared of heights), but if you can calm down long enough to take in the pillowy clouds and vast landscape, you may just be inspired. You can travel in a small helicopter with a trained pilot as a way to see your city or town in a completely new way. Or, you can arrive in a helicopter to celebrate an event with family and friends, like a birthday or anniversary.

2 Conquer Your Fear

Whether you’ve got a fear of spiders or a fear of heights, one of the outrageous things you should do in life is conquer your fear. Face the thing that you’re scared of. It could be being alone, talking to that guy/girl you have a crush on, or finally standing up to a family member or loved one who has wronged you. Whatever it is, don’t run from it, and come up with effective solutions to make your fear a thing of the past. It may take weeks or even months for you to accomplish this goal, but very few people live without irrational fear in life. You could be one of them.

1 Go Bungee Jumping


Yes, it’s outrageous. Crazy, even. However, if you can go bungee jumping, you can pretty much conquer anything life throws your way. After all, you’re hanging thousands of feet in the air, dangling by a cord. Life can’t get much scarier than that. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy nature, and if your friends and family are up to the challenge, you can get them to join you on this adventure. Not only will you be glad that you finally decided to go bungee jumping, but you’ll likely remember this experience with a sense of encouragement when you’re faced with a difficult time in life.


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