12 Of The Most Annoying Types Of Co-Workers

The television series The Office, offered the world a great depiction of what life is sometimes really like when you work in an office setting. There is Pam, the quiet one who does not want to be there; or Jim, the cool guy who is relaxed and sits back to take in the craziness going on around him. Unfortunately, after that, it starts to get a little weird; there is a Kevin type who loves to eat everything (including things that do not belong to him); Dwight, who is an annoying know-it-all who can never prove his point enough; Angela, the weird one who when it comes to her cats cannot stop talking about them and Ryan, of course Ryan who fancies himself some kind of connoisseur of women but is actually just a sleaze.

In the working world, you come across all sorts of characters who you have no option but to deal with; a working environment is just a breeding ground for people to display their unique quirks and ultimately turn off their co-workers (to the point where some of them just quit). Have you ever had to deal with someone who did not value the importance of personal space? Or better yet, personal hygiene? Unfortunately, you cannot just leave when you feel like it you have to stick it out until 5:00, or maybe later and socialize with the people you cannot stand the most in this world. Do you know someone who embodies a trait on this list?

12 The Toucher

The toucher is someone who has no idea how to keep their hands to themselves; they greet you with a rub on the back that feels so wrong, or a squeeze of the shoulder that sends shivers down your spine. A toucher knows no boundaries and most of the time, genuinely thinks it is okay to be so physical with their co-workers. Now, let’s be clear, there is a distinct difference between a toucher and a friendly co-worker; a friendly co-worker will say “hi”, leave some room in between you and them and only touch you when they feel like you need the comfort. A toucher will not know the meaning of space, never keep their hands to themselves and feel that it is crucial to basically inhale your scent as they speak to you.

11 The Smelly One

What is that rancid smell you wonder? It is your co-worker. It completely sucks when you have to share any office with someone who smells so bad that they cannot smell themselves. When people walk into your office and have to wonder where exactly the smell is coming from because it has engulfed your entire space and seeped into your clothing, it is a problem that needs to be dealt with ASAP. It is a touchy subject and one that can no doubt get you into trouble if it is approached the wrong way. Doesn’t it suck that you could potentially get in trouble for addressing an issue that has caused you years of discomfort?

10 The Lifer

All those in retirement age please heed this one piece of advice from a younger being; when you are at retirement age please just RETIRE. No, no one wants your life advice or opinion when it is not asked for. Okay, so it is cool to hear about a few of your experiences but at the end of the day, our livelihood (AKA our jobs) are already slim to none and maybe it is time you make room for those who are just starting their life. Besides, who does not want to retire? You get to stay home, have no work stress and actually do fun things with your day.

9 The Lothario

Office romances are nothing but drama; however, do not tell that to the guy or girl who only dates their co-workers. Usually, this person is scamming on people at work because they have no game outside of the office (it is clearly a hard life in dating game). There is a better chance that someone at work will say “yes” to them because they talk to them every day, they know who they really are and they feel comfortable. Unfortunately, it becomes ridiculously awkward when they move on to another co-worker and another public office romance. It is so annoying watching people be lovey-dovey at work.

8 The Gossiper

Office gossip is so juicy and exciting; who is sleeping with who? Who got a promotion they do not deserve? Who threw who under the bus? There is so much to listen out for that it could fill a day’s work and reset itself for the next day. Unfortunately, gossip can turn into hating very quickly and no one likes a hater. The gossiper generally spends their work day going from cubicle to cubicle, trading gossip with fellow rumor lovers, and here is where it gets annoying; not only are they neglecting their work, it is distracting seeing someone whip past you and hearing the psst! Psst! as they try to keep their voices to a low level.

7 The Enthusiast

Not trying to be a negative Debbie downer here, but that enthusiastic co-worker that always seems to be happy for the most random of things; yes, you know the one; well, it’s really really annoying. Okay we get that you are happy and that you appreciate life and are grateful for your job and whatever else you want to claim. But, please take your enthusiasm down a notch; no one is excited to give a presentation in front of their peers, in fact, they are downright scared. No one is eager to have that private meeting with their boss or hand in that report that is on a time crunch. So stop pretending and just admit it is nerve racking. You do not always have to be so eager; it is rarely liked by your peers or your boss, so technically you are not impressing anyone.

6 The Late Comer

It used to be at one point that coming in late for work would leave you with a feeling of disgrace, regret, even humiliation and to a normal co-worker it still does, but as for the “late comer” they could give a crap. They walk in late with their head held high and there is no shame in their game. They do not even think they are wrong. You cannot blame them for this boost of confidence because the truth is; every time they come in late their boss is either not there, or is there and does not see or just flat out turns a blind eye (this is normally because the late comer is also super popular with the boss). You try coming in late and see if you don’t get written up; chances are the late comer will be there long after you move on because who in their right mind is going to put up with that?

5 The NSFW

There is always that co-worker who has zero work ethic; they walk around the office telling jokes that are not safe for work or showing you videos on their phone that are equally not safe for work. Watch out for this co-worker, if you get caught watching those weird, inappropriate videos or laughing at those offensive jokes you will get in trouble just as much as they will and on top of that, you will look like a complete screw up to your boss and fellow co-workers. The embarrassment could force you to quit your job, and let’s face it, no one wants to have that shameful cloud hanging over their head.

4 The One Who Does No Work

It is aggravating to see a co-worker walking around all relaxed and excited and doing no work at all when you are sitting at your desk stressing about reports, deadlines and ultimately trying to figure out when you can get a break to eat and recompose yourself. A few common questions will run through your mind; 1. Is anyone else noticing what this person is doing nothing? 2. Why do they never get caught slacking?, 3. What is their actual job? And 4. What if I was to do no work, how would that play out for me? It is positively bloodcurdling to have to sit back and watch someone do no work and then end up getting a promotion that is totally undeserving.

3 Chatty Cathy

Please God, just make them stop talking; how many of you have wanted to say that to a co-worker who does not know when to zip it. Not every day at work is a chipper day for everyone, so just because you come in bouncing off the walls and want to talk talk talk, it does not mean everyone else does. The conversations usually consist of a chatty Cathy talking about their dinner the night before, their upcoming weekend plans, or any random thought that is running through their head that they feel the need to share. Please acknowledge that sometimes people just want to sit at their desk and not engage in any kind of conversation.

2 The Lunch Thief

Lunch thievery in the workplace is an epidemic, a mystery that most likely will never be solved. Have you ever had your lunch stolen? All that is left is the empty bag and maybe your granola bar that was way too nutritious to steal. The lunch thief has no morals and zero feelings (you can tell because they do this on a weekly basis), and do not seem to have any ill feelings as they eat your meal. Stealing someone’s lunch is more ridiculous than annoying; if you actually think about the act of stealing one’s lunch, it is a lot of effort for a lunch that could turn out tasting like complete garbage.

1 The Complainer

By far one of the most annoying things about a co-worker is someone who is constantly complaining. There is no problem too big or too small that they cannot find to complain about; you will know you have a complainer on your hands when during mid conversation, they find something that is not to their liking and they want to tell everyone about it right away. A complainer is annoying because with a single sentence, they can ruin the staff party, a meeting or better yet, your lunch break. Complainers are few and far between but when you have one on your hands it is like a fruit fly who just keeps flying around your face and you so badly want to squish it (but that could lead to jail time).

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