12 Of The Best Hot Spots To Meet Celebs

These days, most people are obsessed with celebrities. Sure, it’s pretty exciting when you happen to see your favorite actor or musician in public. However, the media is hyper-focused on capturing celebrities doing “normal” things, and fans seem to think they have the right to know about every detail of a famous person’s life. This means that it’s pretty difficult for celebrities to do things like go to dinner, grab a coffee in the morning or take their children to the park.

However, there are also a few “hot spots” that famous people love to frequent. These celebrities know that they will likely be photographed at these locations, which definitely comes in handy when a celebrity needs to promote a new movie, television show or album. The fact that there are celebrity hot spots makes many people think that famous people love getting so much attention, and shouldn’t complain when they are constantly getting their pictures taken. To be fair, it can get kind of annoying when cameras are constantly in your face when you just want to grab a bite to eat and catch up with friends.

Many celebrities are also known for being especially friendly to their fans and taken pictures when asked. So, for those who love a good celebrity sighting, here are 12 places where you’re most likely to meet a famous person.


12 Drake Hotel

This Toronto hotel is a favorite among celebrities who are visiting the city. Lauren Conrad has been known to stay there, and was seen sipping cocktails at the hotel lounge. Actress Kate Bosworth has also been to the Drake Hotel, and was spotted enjoying lunch on the patio of the hotel’s cafe. This may be an indication that Hotel Drake has some top-notch food and drinks. Rumor has it that Keanu Reeves loves staying at the hotel when he’s in town. During one of his visits, he had dinner on the Sky Yard, and had lunch at the hotel the next day. He was even seen wrapped in a Hotel Drake blanket.

11 Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is another hot spot in Toronto that attracts celebrities from around the globe. Most of the famous people who visit the location like hanging out at the Spoke Club, which is a members-only establishment. Nikki Beach is a pop-up location that is part of the attraction of the Toronto Film Festival, so locals know there’s a good chance they’ll see their favorite celebrity there. Nikki Beach locations are in places such as Ibiza, St. Tropez, St. Barth and Miami Beach, as well. Celebrities that Nikki Beach hopes to attract during the film festival include Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhall.

10 Ace Hotel

This hotspot is in downtown Los Angeles, so it’s no surprise that you’re going to see celebrities there pretty often. The hotel is in the former United Artists building, and has an art deco style. The Ace Hotel also includes a restaurant and bar, which is a favorite place for locals to hang out. Celebrities like Aloe Blacc, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Kendrick have been spotted here, taking advantage of the various amenities the hotel has to offer. Katy Perry has visited the Ace Hotel as well, and she’s been known to take pics with her fans. If you’re interested in spotting a star, it’s probably best to head to the rooftop after a musical performance at the Ace Hotel’s theater. You’re likely to see models, directors and other Hollywood executives, and you may even catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity.

9 Brentwood Country Mart

If you love heading to the farmer’s market on the weekends, or have an interest in cooking and want to get the freshest ingredients, you’ll love what Brentwood Country Mart has to offer. The location is also a favorite for celebrities like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon and Alessandra Ambrosio. This is one of the most perfect places in Los Angeles to catch celebrities during the day. You can grab a coffee and do some shopping, or you can visit the mart on the weekdays when you want to get your kids a healthy dinner after school while hoping to run into your favorite star.

8 Disneyland Resort

If your kids have been pleading with you to take them to Disneyland, there may be something in it for you, too. A number of celebrities like to go to Disneyland as well, to take in the magic and create memories with their families. There’s a good chance you’ll see stars like Halle Berry and John Stamos there. Megan Fox and Holly Madison have also been known to visit Disneyland Resorts. The location has fun activities for adults as well as children, and if you want to spot a celeb, keep an eye out for the private tour guides. They’ll be dressed in plaid, and a celebrity family is likely not far behind.

7 Franklin Village

Franklin Village is actually a quaint little artistic neighborhood in the Los Angeles area. Celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are seen there often. You’re likely to catch them (and other celebs) at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, enjoying an improv show. La Poubelle is the ideal celebrity hotspot for dinner in Franklin Village. If you’ve been out partying all night, you can head to Birds for a nightcap, where you may see your favorite stars concluding a fun night with friends. So, if you recognize someone famous at the theater but don’t get a chance to say hello or ask for a picture, just head to La Poubelle or Birds, where your odds of talking to your favorite star will be greater.

6 Hotel Meurice

Aside from the beautiful architecture and superb cuisine that Hotel Meurice has to offer, the location is also attractive because celebrities stay there. Power couple Beyonce and Jay Z lodged at Hotel Meurice to celebrate Jay-Z’s birthday. Needless to say, the hotel got even more attention after this news was released. They even stayed in a suite that overlooks the catwalk where John Galliano hosts the Christian Dior fashion show twice a year. There are also reports that Beyonce went to the hotel’s spa for some much-needed pampering. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have also been known to stay at the hotel, and legendary actor Harrison Ford has been seen there as well.


5 Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

The Four Seasons is one of the fanciest hotels around. So, if you’re traveling to Los Angeles soon, you may want to stay in (or near) the hotel so you can get the chance to see your favorite celebs up close. Morgan Freeman frequents the hotel, and celebrities such as Katy Perry, Zoe Saldana, Lea Michele and Orlando Bloom have been known to lodge there as well. The Four Seasons is known for its luxurious amenities like a lobby filled with fragrant flowers and beds that are dressed with the finest linens. The entire hotel experience is designed to spoil guests, so it’s no wonder that celebrities enjoy staying here. If you make reservations at Culina, the hotel’s restaurant, you’re bound to see a celebrity enjoying lunch or dinner there.

4 Baccarat

When celebrities want to celebrate important milestones in their lives (which often include them becoming richer), it’s not unusual for them to choose Baccarat as the location for the “party.” David and Victoria Beckham were seen there after David received his 100th cap for the England football team. This is one of the best places to visit if you’re in Paris and you want to make sure you spot a celebrity before the end of your vacation. The food and wine list at the restaurant is pretty spectacular as well. Celebrities like Emma Roberts and Michael Douglas have also been seen there.

3 La Esquina

La Esquina is a corner deli in New York that is a favorite among locals, celebs and local celebrities. Stars like Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and George Clooney have all been seen dining there. The Mexican eatery even has a secret entry for celebrities and VIPs to enter without having to be overwhelmed by screaming fans. The restaurant is reservation-only, so if you’re in the mood to catch your favorite star eating there, you’ve got to plan ahead. The diner looks like a “normal” New York restaurant, but it’s anything but average—because of the food and the celebrity sightings.

2 Empire Hotel Rooftop

The rooftop restaurant of the Empire Hotel includes upscale amenities, great food, and plenty of chances for you to see the stars you admire. Kelly Ripa, George Clooney and Sean Combs have all been seen there. The hotel is located between Central Park and Lincoln Center. If you’re staying in the city for a while, you may enjoy being a guest at the boutique-style hotel after you’ve had your meal. A renovation has made room for modern decor, and those who love culture and design are seen at the Empire Hotel pretty often. While you’re there, you can order appetizers fit for a star, since many of the smaller menu items are pretty affordable.

1 Chateau Marmont

The paparazzi frequent this establishment pretty often, since there’s a good chance they’ll get a “money shot” of an A-list celebrity. Stars that have been seen there include Lady Gaga, Dakota Johnson, James Franco and Jamie Dornan. Lindsay Lohan and Led Zeppelin have also stayed at the Chateau Marmont. The classic style of the hotel is a nod to some of the original architecture of Los Angeles. If you want to increase your chances of seeing your favorite star there, visit the hotel during the day and have lunch on the patio. You may be surprised to see who shows up. Just remember that the Chateau Marmont has a “no photography” policy, so don’t get kicked out just because you “had” to take a pic with your phone.



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