12 Most Horrible Things About Online Dating

Navigating the dating world was hard enough before online dating came into play; the rules were somewhat the same but the way you speak to and approach people is a huge deal. Online dating has allowed millions of people around the world to find their significant other (or at least a long term relationship). Unfortunately, it has also allowed people to act a damn fool, embarrass themselves, embarrass others and ultimately ruin their own and other people’s online experience. For the most part online dating is fun; you are sometimes surprised with some of the things you see and read but it is an awesome way to reach out to the world. Nevertheless, when it goes bad, it really goes bad; there have been incidents of stalkers, murders and even kidnapping and to the lesser extreme you can sometimes come across liars, cheaters and really desperate, insecure human beings. Online dating has become so popular that most people know a couple who has met online or a friend who is involved in the online dating world, who in return encourages you to embroil yourself in their world. Although finding your significant other online is not for everyone it is definitely an experience that one should try. So just in case you are interested in trying out the popular world of online dating, here is a list of a few things you should watch out for. This will help you stay one step ahead of those pesky online characters who so love to lurk behind their computer screens.

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12 Getting Started

Filling out an online dating profile is one of the most tedious tasks known to man and depending where you choose to find your potential boyfriend or girlfriend, it ranges from slightly annoying to beyond annoying. No one cares about your favorite color; no one cares about your last relationship, hell, no one cares who you look up to in life. Knowledge like that comes about when you have been dating for a while; it is useful to know about hobbies and such but besides the basic information it is always best to try and save some of the topics for the first date; if you make it that far.

11 Let’s Be Honest No One Cares What You Bench

So many profiles online list their “passion” as “being healthy” especially with this fad of a health kick that is going on these days. Truthfully, no one cares how much weight you can lift and no one cares that you have made the gym a priority in your life. Working out is a personal choice and usually does not involve your significant other (most women do not like working out with their man). What normally happens is the person who used up all the characters on their profile to talk about working out shows up with the beginnings of a beer belly and a flabby physique. How many days a week are you in the gym again?

10 Not Every Girl Has A Thing For Older Men

It looks like there are a lot of delusional older men online who think they are a prize catch. You can identify them easily by simply looking at their age but if they have conveniently left their age off of their profile you can notice them by tag lines like “a lot of experience”, “the older the better” and everyone’s favorite “older guy here, just looking for friends”. They can sometimes come on a bit aggressive with a mix of cocky thinking that every girl has an older man fetish or is looking for that “mature” guy. Ladies, please keep in mind that maturity is not guaranteed with age.

9 The Membership Fee

You have paid a sizable fee and all for what? The out-weighted ratios and prompts to charge your credit card again for exclusive offers and unnecessary needs? Even the sites that claim to be 100% free like Plenty of Fish offer you to look at extended profiles for a “low fee”. At the end of the day there is a real chance that you will pay a monthly fee for at least a year and end up finding no one; yes it’s sad but very likely. There is also a likely chance that you will find your life partner or even a long term relationship; it is a big toss up but you won’t know until you take that chance.

8 The Overly Sexual Undertones

What is it about online dating and sex being so intertwined? Hiding behind a screen has allowed people to say and do things that they would never even think of doing in public; the same thing goes for anything sex related. Some people are just online to flirt and that is cool but when you take it to a level of sheer disrespect that is when it gets weird and unacceptable. If you are honest with yourself then admit all you want is sex and go directly to the sites that advertise that (there are plenty), because some people are really trying to find their significant other and do not want to deal with a one night stand.

7 You May Know The Person Behind The Profile

Although online dating has become a very acceptable, publicly talked about way of finding a spouse, it is still pretty embarrassing when you find out that you possibly know the person you are chatting to. Nobody wants to deal with that awkward feeling of meeting up with or even almost meeting up with someone that you know. The only good thing about a situation like that is if you end up hitting it off and both of you can laugh about it. The worst part however is if that person goes back and tells the mutual friends you knew in high school.

6 The Cheater

There seems to be a lot of people online that are married and are quite eager to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. If you want to cheat or involve yourself with a cheater then so be it; but please be honest and let the other person know that potential drama is coming their way. A wondering eye is one of the most annoying things about online dating. Not only are you involving yourself in a relationship that has great odds of not lasting but you are also possibly ruining a family (yikes). The whole homewrecker stings more when it is directed at you.

5 You Are Not Always Going To Get A Response

In a society where basic manners seem to be lost to most, this bad habit has translated to online. Yes there is such a thing as common courtesy and maybe it would be nice if everyone you reached out to online would respond with a simple yes or no. However, it may be time for you to WAKE UP! There is no rule that states that you must reply to someone online (this especially goes for people who do not post pictures). After all, you never know what is behind that silhouette of a head. If someone does not respond to you it is okay, relax and move on to the next profile, maybe it just was not meant to be. Also keep in mind that you are not obligated to respond to anyone either.

4 Cyber Bullies

When you choose to not respond to a suitor's email, wink, introduction questions or smiley face you quickly become that a**hole, prick, loser or b**** who supposedly thinks they are too good to respond. What really happened is maybe you are not that active online and you only check your profile once a week, maybe something happened and you did not have time to respond or maybe you are flat out not interested just by reading their profile and choose to ignore the interested party. Either way, if you do not explain yourself get ready for a barrage of insults and name calling. You will probably meet that one person online who thinks they are a prize and deserve an immediate response. Keep in mind shutting them down is the most satisfying thing ever.

3 The Conversation Isn’t The Same When You Meet

Awkward! As if meeting someone online is not uncomfortable enough, the one thing you can hope for is that those great, intriguing conversations you had online that got you to this very meeting stage is the same conversation you can have in person. Sometimes they are, but other times; let’s just say, interesting people online usually have nothing to say in person. It seems like that small to non-existent talk is being noticed by everyone around you and you just want to sink down in your seat or die from lack of boredom. A horrible conservationist is annoying especially when you have the carry the conversation yourself.

2 You Picked A Crazy One

Nothing is worse than going on a date with someone, not hitting it off and then finding out that unlike you, they have a hard time letting go. Beware of the people who cannot take “no” for an answer; the constant calling, the harassing texts and their inability to realize that you are not interested. Even after you are honest about not being interested you just cannot seem to shake the stalker. Ever had someone call you or text you only to pretend that they did not realize they were contacting you? It is both awkward and annoying. Save yourself the embarrassment and walk away with your dignity.

1 You Don’t Look Like Your Picture

Probably one of the biggest complaints about online dating is that the person you met does not look like their profile picture. With the use of filters, convenient poses, the right light and easy self editing, it is effortless for just about anyone to look like a super model. Unfortunately, those changes do not translate into real life and when you go meet that hottie you may very well find that they look like a completely different person. Honesty seems to be lost when it comes to online dating but it is always so amusing when you meet someone who thinks that you won’t know right away that they know how to use filters.

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