12 Man Caves That Any Guy Would Dream Of Having

Most guys dream of having a man cave. It’s a magical place where the game is always on, the beer flows non-stop, and your favorite foods are always available (or, you can just order pizza). Of course, some guys prefer a man cave with more sophistication, making it a suitable place to read or listen to music. Other man caves are designed to resemble a sports bar or billiards room, and include furniture like pool tables and dartboards.

No matter your style, there are lots of ways to get the design inspiration you need to make your man cave one of a kind. Many of these decor ideas don’t cost much money, but can make a big difference in the overall look of your man cave. Of course, your space won’t be complete without adding a few elements to the room that are completely unique to your style and interests. After all, most men enjoy the basic elements of the man cave, but you don’t want your “cave” to look like every other guy’s, right? Here are 12 ideas for man caves that only seem like a dream—until you realize you can achieve the dream yourself with the right furniture items.


12 The “Western” Man Cave

If you love watching classic country Western films and want to celebrate your inner cowboy in your man cave, a Western decor theme is for you. Adorning the room with items like a cowhide rug and furniture made from dark, distressed wood really helps to bring this theme home. Of course, you can also have a cowboy hat or two hanging on the walls, and you can add a modern touch to the man cave by having your favorite Western movies playing on your big screen TV. A shuffleboard table and a large billiards table in the center of the room make the space look like an updated saloon, which is perfect if that’s the look you’re going for.

11 The “Classic” Man Cave

Just because you’re a man with sophisticated taste, doesn’t mean you don’t want to watch your favorite sports team with your friends and have a drink or two. The classic man cave can feature oil paintings of yourself, family members or your favorite historical figures. A liquor cabinet to house your finest beverages is also a must for this man cave, along with a box filled with quality cigars that you only break out on special occasions. An over-sized reading chair, a bookshelf filled with your favorite literature, and a fireplace to keep the man cave warm make this space the ideal place to relax after a long day.

10 The “Tropical Getaway” Man Cave

If you just can’t seem to get away for a vacation often enough, the tropical man cave will give you some solace until you can actually kick your feet up at an actual beach again. A tiki bar accessorized with bamboo chairs and all the ingredients for your favorite cocktails can serve as the main feature of the man cave. You can also include an indoor waterfall if you want to give the space an element of elegance. Fake palm trees or lava lamps make the decorative theme a bit more authentic, even if they are pretty cheeky. After all, you want to have a good time in this space, so why not include them?

9 The “Musician” Man Cave

If the man cave is the place you go to write songs, brush up on your guitar skills or produce a new track, you’ll want to turn the space into a musician’s haven. You likely already have the recording and technological equipment you need to make this happen, so turning the room into a man cave could help to keep you organized. Wall hooks for your instruments, as well as soundproof padding are essential elements for this room, especially if you want to invite the guys over for a jam session. A great sound system is also imperative to make your playbacks sound like you’re putting on your very own concert.

8 The “Office” Man Cave

If you’ve got limited space, or you actually want to get some work done in the man cave every once in a while, a modern take on a corporate office is probably the best decorative theme for you. Choose a large desk made from quality wood, and decorate the walls with plaques or certificates that detail your professional accomplishments. A large, elaborate bookcase would also look great in this man cave, along with a large area rug in front of the desk that can make the room look a little bigger. If possible, position your desk in front of the largest window in the room, you can take in the view of the neighborhood or the city while you catch up on some work, or take time to unwind.

7 The “Basketball” Man Cave

It’s not a surprise that most guys who want a man cave are huge sports fans. So, why not use your passion for sports to create a basketball-themed man cave? Some guys even build a basketball court in their man cave, which is a great idea if you’ve got the space. Hang the jerseys of your favorite players on the walls, as well as a few posters of games you attended. A big screen TV is a must in this room as well, so you can watch the game and feel like you’re actually there. A cooler filled with your favorite game time snacks is imperative as well, obviously.

6 The “Tech” Man Cave

The tech man cave is for the guy who loves gadgets. If you can’t wait to try out your new tablet, phone or computer screen, your man cave is the place to do it. A black a white decorative theme with gray accents gives the room a minimalist modern look. You can line the walls with speakers from your favorite brand, so that movies and videos are even more exciting to watch. Or, you can set up multiple computer screens so you’ll feel like you’re actually producing a movie. Of course, you can also include some of your favorite tech toys like robots and specialty remotes in the room as well.


5 The “College Dorm” Man Cave

Ah, college. The good old days where you had minimal responsibilities and your weekend plans consisted of frat parties and streaking across campus. Even if your college years weren’t quite that exciting, you likely still have some great memories, and a man cave that resembles your college dorm can help you relive those memories. Grab a mini fridge and stock it with your favorite snacks (and a few beers, of course), and set up a video game console in the room. You and your friends can relax on bean bags, and you can also put a futon in the room for those rare occasions when you’re out late partying. Those times are probably few and far between these days, so why not make the best of them?

4 The “Poker” Man Cave

One of the things men love to do in the man cave is play a game (or three) of poker. This is often a “no women allowed” event, unless you’re one of those guys who doesn’t mind if your significant other visits the man cave every now and then, and is good at poker. Of course, you’ll need a poker table, as well as a mini bar stocked with cocktails and snacks. Large posters of playing cards can adorn the walls, and you include a few additional games in the room, like a dartboard or air hockey table to make the man cave more interesting. If you “allow” women in the man cave often, a plush carpet in a neutral color, and furniture made from dark wood will give the space an air of sophistication that is sure to impress.

3 The “Billiards” Man Cave

If you’re a fan of a good pool game, the billiards man cave is for you. Since the billiards table is the main feature in the room, choose a large table that is made from cherry wood or oak to give the space a refined look. A large sectional leather sofa is a great addition to this room as well, so you and your friends can relax comfortably in between games. You can also include some of the games you’d find at a pool hall, like Foosball or mini basketball goals. You can complete the room by constructing a mini kitchen in the space, or by creating your man cave close to the back porch, so you’ll be close to the grill if you’re preparing dinner for friends.

2 The “Comfy” Man Cave

If you can’t quite decide on a definite decorative theme for the man cave, just go with “comfy.” This is the perfect place for you to play video games, catch up on your favorite movies, listen to songs by the bands you love, and take a nap if you want. If your wife has complained for years that you need to move your “chair” out of the living room (you know which one we’re talking about), the comfy man cave is the perfect place to relax in your favorite piece of furniture. You can decorate the walls with pictures of friends from college, inspirational quotes, and sports highlights from memorable games. If you’ve got trophies and plaques you want to display, a bookshelf against the room’s most prominent wall is the perfect place to show off your achievements.

1 The “Sports Bar” Man Cave

When you want to unwind and check the scores of your favorite teams, you likely head to your local sports bar. If you’re not able to get to the bar as often as you’d like, you can always re-create the setting in your man cave. Build a bar out of the wood of your choice, and create a sign that lets your friends know they’ve entered “your” sports bar (include your last name in the sign). Walls filled with autographed posters and jerseys from athletes, as well as games like ski ball and air hockey, make the man cave feel like a real sports bar. Of course, you can also include a small pool table and serve your favorite bar snacks, and your space will become the favorite place to hang out among your buddies.


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