12 Hottest Adult Entertainers To Show Up At Comic-Con

Where are we? Is it Comic-Con, that celebration of fantasy and action heroes and villains? Or AVN, the skin flick awards show? Sometimes it's hard to tell. You get babes in costumes and lots of cleavage, and more than just a hint of s*x appeal at both. But wait, there's more; what better place for skin flick stars to strut their stuff than at Comic-Con? Dress up as Super-Girl, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman or Princes Leia, or the like, and count the hundreds, if not thousands, of clicks and flashes as the paparazzi splash images of you all over the globe. So, it's no surprise that "stars", particularly female ones with distinctive "assets", strut their stuff at Comic-Con events all over the globe. Sometimes they are promoting themselves, and sometimes they are in league with a publisher or a filmmaker. It's skin flick meets cosplay, meets Comic-Con. What came first? Cosplay or Comic-Con? Who knows and who cares.

From Eastern Europe to London, New York and San Diego, here are the hottest, edgiest "entertainers" to wow the world at Comic-Con.


12 Lizzie Borden

Skin flick star, model, wrestler, you name it. Not to be confused with the ax murderess of the same name, this Lizzie attended San Diego Comic-Con a few years back. She was dressed as Batgirl, and she was front row center at the Extreme Comixxx Parodies booth signing autographs and promoting the "adult" comic. That same weekend, classic  skin flick stars Ewan Stone and Tommy Gunn did their thing at that Comic-Con as well.  Lizzy, star of such classics as Mork and Mindy: A Dream Zone Parody and It's a Girl Thing, has been married to adult film director/producer Robert Black since 2001.

11 Kendall Karson

She's perfect for Comic-Con. She does sexy films and she does cosplay. She was at Comic-Con San Diego promoting a horror-comedy magazine called Girls and Corpses. She was standing next to a stiff, as in something that looked dead. She was also pictured in WW costume with the magazine's Deaditor-in-Chief, Robert Steven Rhine. If you don't know the mag, then imagine girls with and without clothes, and things that look like corpses. Karson, 28 and hailing from Sacramento, California, made a name for herself in movies such as Mommie and Me 3 and Cheerleaders Gone Bad.

10 Tera Patrick

She came dressed as Psylocke for Day 3 of the Chicago Comic-Con. You can bet she drew the crowds. It's hard to believe the former Penthouse Playmate of the Month is approaching 40. In addition to her string of skin flicks, she has also dabbled in things like a herbal product for men called Python. She is also a member of the Adult Video Network Hall of Fame. Her memoir, Sinner Takes All, came out in 2010. A Comic-Con veteran, she's also done a Spider Woman thing at Comic-Con San Diego.

9 Tanya Tate

It's easy to see that she was channeling Captain Marvel at this San Diego Comic-Con. Back in 2010, she made her first appearance at Comic-Con San Diego as Marvel Comics' "White Queen", Emma Frost. The 30-something English actress has been a part of the English adult film scene since 2009. But the 2010 appearance at San Diego was a kind of spring board into more work and appearances. She wowed the crowds when she rolled up to the Long Beach Comic Expo as She Ra, in 2012. She's heavily into cosplay and using it to garner publicity. And she's got this van and uses it as a mobile "studio", if you know what we mean.

8 Leia Down

She has the dubious honor of being a cosplayer, a raw vegan, and a skin flick star. At least, that's what she says. An interesting mix, we think. When she hit Comic-Com in this fetching little black and pink number, she was not bashful about flaunting her "accomplishments" and granting interviews. Her area of expertise is portraying villainesses. Reportedly, she and our next entry Kiki D'Aire, have their own comic book thing. What you can't see in this picture are the thigh high hot pink boots. The complete outfit.

7 Kiki D'Aire

Kiki and Leia Down were at New York Comic-Con reportedly promoting, wait for it, their own comic book. Kiki is a tiny, buxom, bundle of energy, and a veteran "star" of such films as The Booty Pageant and Revenge of the Housewives. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, she got her start in the biz as a Memphis "dancer". She's also done the magazine route, with photo spreads in magazines like Hustler. She took a break from the skin flick biz to go to college, but returned to the scene in 2011.

6 Emily Addison

Like a lot of these "stars", Emily knows how to capture the imagination. She's appeared at Comic-Con events all over the place, and it's easy to see why this Daisy Duke kind of girl makes a big splash. Born in Tennessee in 1984, she got started in the "entertainment" as a "dancer" in Charlotte, North Carolina. A veteran of skin flicks, she has also been a Penthouse Playmate of the Month. She was "memorable" in Me and My Girlfriend, and has been nominated by the AVN for her film performance.


5 Annie Cruz

Annie is another adult, skin flick star that often makes the rounds of Comic-Con, and you can see why she is a much beloved staple of the circuit. She grew up as a good Catholic girl in California before being spotted in San Francisco by an amateur adult film producer. So much a part of the industry, she and her husband Steve Crest, were married at the Adult Entertainment Expo. The marriage lasted less than two years. She has done radio, trained as a boxer, and been seen in Women's Extreme Wrestling on PPV. A woman of many talents, some hidden and others very obvious.

4 Sasha Grey

She's been on the "entertainment" scene so long, it's hard to realize that she is only 28. Most of her awards were garnered between 2007 and 2010, including Female Performer of the Year in 2008. Sasha Grey moved to L.A. in 2006 when she was 18 and soon afterwards, starting appearing in skin flicks. She did a few mainstream films and most recently appeared at Comic-Con to promote the game Saints Row. She is the voice of Viola De Wynter.

3 April O'Neil

April got her name from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' character. She is a real fan of the movies. Standing at all of 5'1" this buxom brunette was born in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. After meeting skin flick actress Kylee Reese at a party in Los Angeles in 2008, she launched her adult film career and won Starlet of the Year in the XBIZ Awards in 2011. She is a lover of all things geeky and made this appearance at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011.

2 Inari Vachs

She went to Comic-Con in 2011 to promote her comic book, called A Graphic Novel, and to sell some of her films. While in San Diego, she did the odd radio show, including a call in with film star royalty, Ginger Lynn. She was 23 when she broke in the "entertainment" in 1997. The Seduced By A Cougar star has her own production company and has hosted Naughty Amateur Home Videos on The Playboy Channel. Additionally, she's made around 280 sexy films as an actress. Busy girl. The name "Inari" comes from a Japanese goddess and "Vachs", from her favorite writer Andrew Vachss.

1 Phoenix Marie

The golden girl from Golden Valley, Arizona, has been wowing skin flick film audiences since 2006. She claims to have gotten her start when she was approached by a nightclub bouncer. The bouncer knew a local talent agent and the rest is history. After more than 300 "sexy" films, including Moms in Control, she has done the circuit, including San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, where she was promoting Hippy Comix. She admitted that she had only heard of Hippy Comix the day before she made an appearance at their booth. It didn't seem to matter, as the crowds were large and very enthusiastic.


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