12 Hottest Adult Entertainers To Show Up At Comic-Con

Where are we? Is it Comic-Con, that celebration of fantasy and action heroes and villains? Or AVN, the skin flick awards show? Sometimes it's hard to tell. You get babes in costumes and lots of cleavage, and more than just a hint of s*x appeal at both. But wait, there's more; what better place for skin flick stars to strut their stuff than at Comic-Con? Dress up as Super-Girl, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman or Princes Leia, or the like, and count the hundreds, if not thousands, of clicks and flashes as the paparazzi splash images of you all over the globe. So, it's no surprise that "stars", particularly female ones with distinctive "assets", strut their stuff at Comic-Con events all over the globe. Sometimes they are promoting themselves, and sometimes they are in league with a publisher or a filmmaker. It's skin flick meets cosplay, meets Comic-Con. What came first? Cosplay or Comic-Con? Who knows and who cares.

From Eastern Europe to London, New York and San Diego, here are the hottest, edgiest "entertainers" to wow the world at Comic-Con.

12 Lizzie Borden

11 Kendall Karson

10 Tera Patrick

9 Tanya Tate

8 Leia Down

7 Kiki D'Aire

6 Emily Addison

5 Annie Cruz

4 Sasha Grey

3 April O'Neil

2 Inari Vachs

1 Phoenix Marie

The golden girl from Golden Valley, Arizona, has been wowing skin flick film audiences since 2006. She claims to have gotten her start when she was approached by a nightclub bouncer. The bouncer knew a local talent agent and the rest is history. After more than 300 "sexy" films, including Moms in Control, she has done the circuit, including San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, where she was promoting Hippy Comix. She admitted that she had only heard of Hippy Comix the day before she made an appearance at their booth. It didn't seem to matter, as the crowds were large and very enthusiastic.


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12 Hottest Adult Entertainers To Show Up At Comic-Con