12 Hottest Disney Princesses Of All Time

In adult oriented cinema, beauty sells. Let's face it, Disney is out to make money and their little princesses are hot as hell. It's not just males who judge a book by its cover, but come on ladies you don't go see a Ryan Gosling or Tom Cruise flick based on the plot, do you? A pretty face or a handsome stoic male lead makes big bucks for Hollywood production companies. We watch Disney flicks as kids or when we are parents. But who among us when watching those films didn't fantasize a little about the characters or about placing ourselves in some of the situations we saw? Disney knows what they are doing. Sure they take a lot of flak from one special interest group or another, but we all still end up watching their films anyway. Why? Because they are visually appealing and we all like fantasies, even as adults. As grown ups we need something to keep us glued to our TV sets, as our kids watch the same movie over and over and over again.

We are not here to judge the impressions that these films have as children. No matter what we watch or see, in some way we all grow up a little screwed up, judgmental and a little mean anyway. So in keeping with human nature, we are going to judge the hotness of all Disney Princesses with some exceptions. Any Disney character under the age of 18 is not here for obvious reasons. There is no Snow White, Pocahontas or Jasmine, as they are all very young teenagers in the Disney films. How can we possibly judge the age? In some cases Disney specifies the ages. In those other cases we have used the Wiki on Disney Princesses as a guide.

The designation of a Princess is based on the Disney definition. Disney splits their female characters into three categories. Princesses, princesses in waiting, and heroines. According to Disney, heroines can never become princesses so they are off the list. As such we include members of the first two categories. Even in the films, these characters aren't all real princesses, but gain that title partially on their ability to lead, sell merchandise and their ability to attract people to their theme parks. Also note the pictures used are artists depictions of what these characters would look like in real life.


12 Elsa - The Snow Queen in Frozen

Elsa has magical powers, which is always sexy. In fact she creates ice and snow, and what better way is there to warm yourself up after a cold spell? She later graduated to Queen from princess and sometimes power is a great turn on. With the blue eyes and the blonde hair, you might be thinking why is she so high on the list? First off, it's that awful blue dress. Take that off and she moves up a couple of notches. The other bad image you get from being an ice princess is the perception that you are, well, cold. That image only works for so long. Also take a look further down the list and you'll see who else is even hotter.

11 Cinderella

The first thing you notice are the lips and the incredible bone structure with stunning beauty. The drawback is that she is so paper thin. A few more curves in the right places and her sex appeal moves up a couple of notches as well. As for personality, she is very kind and sincere, a type of personality that can get trampled on but for the right person, can be very appealing. Cinderella also shows vulnerability. Sure it's not a turn on at first, but think about it, many men like the idea of saving someone in trouble just as women like the bad boy who can't take care of himself hoping they can change him and show him the light. Over time no one wants a know-it-all who refuses to be helped. Cinderella takes a lot of flak for being weak willed and a poor role model for young girls. She is, after all, 19 years old and for most people, is old enough to leave her wicked step family and move out on her own. There is another side, though. In her time, an uneducated woman wasn't going far in life without some help, and there were no places to go to for help. Secondly you never know what goes on in the mind of a victim, especially a young victim with two dead parents. This concept is preached all the time when judging women who undergo domestic violence. That is why help groups are available. Seeking help is not a bad thing. It's unfair not to apply that logic to her.

10 Kida Nedack in Atlantis

One of the oldest Disney characters is 28 years old, giving her plenty of time to develop a body that definitely has all of the curves in all of the right places. Her scantily clad outfits really bring out the most of that sultry body. Those eyes are so hypnotizing and inviting as well. But the white hair is bothersome. Think Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men. Isn't Halle so much more attractive without the white hair? Same goes for Kida. Dye the hair or wear a wig and you have the potential to be number one on any list.

9 Tiana in The Princess and The Frog

So Tiana is not exactly ultra sexy, but she is damn cute and adorable. I know no girl wants to be called that especially when they are 19 years old. But there is nothing wrong with that. Plenty of guys are into that too. But what is she doing in a maid's outfit in this artist's rendition. She is a princess and part of the sexy part is that she should be rich and powerful. Who wants a poor princess. Even with a new outfit though, she doesn't move up the list since she needs to work a little on her sex appeal.

8 Anna in Frozen

Anna at 18, is the youngest person on the list and just makes the cut. A Norwegian princess, she combines cute and sexy all in one. The strawberry blonde hair works so well with her gorgeous freckled face and her luscious red lips. Although she is regally dressed, the hair and the outfit give a hint of the farmer's daughter look, an appealing image for any man at any age. She is also reckless and free-spirited, providing a hint of excitement to her future lover. Part of the problem though is that we don't see the body thus keeping her at the upper end of this list. Nonetheless no one would complain if they were dating her.

7 Gisele in Enchanted

The next entries on the list could all possibly be number one, as they have very few deficiencies. Gisele is a fox in her thirties, with a smoking hot body. Couple that with the long strawberry hair and the face of a confident woman, and you've got yourself a certifiable princess that every subject would bow down to. She also has a little bit of an inner child living in her tree house. Living alone with no one around her adds just the right amount of boredom in her personality. Unfortunately you will never see her again, as her character was dropped by Disney because they didn't want to pay the royalties demanded by her voice actress, Amy Adams.

6 Jane Porter in Tarzan

What's not to love about a rich little girl in her early twenties willing to get down and dirty, and fall for a poor schmuck that swings through the trees like an ape. Jane got to live a girl's dream as she tamed the wild beast that she eventually married. Wonder how she did it? Just look at her. She is absolutely gorgeous with her perfect bone structure and naturally tanned skin tone. This is the type of girl you instantly fall in love with.


5 Rapunzel in Tangled

Another 18 year old princess who knows what she's got and likes to use it. Look at her teasing you as she's stroking her long silky blonde hair. The best part is that she has magical powers that reverse aging. Imagine looking at that for a very long time. She is spirited and playful, as well as a little naive and kind. She is both vulnerable and brave when given a chance. Think about it, she has the personality that you want to hang around with, and in her case, looks do last forever.

4 Esmarelda in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Esmarelda is so hot, that Disney had to stop making memorabilia out of her likeness some 10 years ago in order to maintain their image. In The Hunchback of Notre-Dame novel, Esmarelda is 16, but in the Disney movies she appears to be much older. She is known for her heart of gold and a wit to match, as well as her very sultry looks. Her compassion for Quasimodo is probably due to the fact that she herself is an outcast in France, being a gypsy.

3 Ariel in The Little Mermaid

How can you not resist this sultry red head who can conjure up images of those ancient stories of beautiful mermaids helping sailors stranded at sea? Or drawing them into their death? Of course we'd all prefer those stories where they don't kill you when they magically appear. In the first movie she is 16 years old, she does eventually however, get married and have kids in later sequels, so let's assume the picture above is representative of her later in life as an adult. Imagine having her give up her sexy little fins for you.

2 Tinkerbell in Peter Pan and Fairies

How many movies have you seen where the young guy looks at the young girl and says "I think I've seen an angel"? In her case it's because you have, and she is truly mesmerizing.  Her eyes are simply hypnotizing (try looking at them for longer than a second). The rest of the features are equally as impressive. Plus she can fly. Imagine the fun you can have with that. As for her age, well she's a fairy so you shouldn't really ask her. The number is probably just too big. Just sit back and enjoy all the experiences she must have had.

1 Megara in Hercules

When you look at her, one song from the disco era comes to mind when describing her and it goes a little something like this: "She's a very kinky girl, The kind you don't take home to mother, She will never let your spirits down Once you get her off the street ... The girl's a super freak".

She also walks around wearing her sexy, one-piece red toga. Even with the big, messy hair, you just don't care because the rest is absolutely perfect.

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