12 Hot Celebrities With An All Natural Body

Let’s just call it, O’Natural. These are women who were born a certain way and didn’t go under the knife to cosmetically make enhancements. Now, we’re not judging here. Society is pretty harsh on the female species. They seem to be judged at every turn. And it is a fact that more curves equal more money for many women out there hoping to make it in the entertainment industry. There are always exceptions to every rule, but a hit song which includes the lyrics “lady humps” and other catchy tunes which are similar in nature, almost all exclusively talk about women’s chests and rear-ends. Just take a look at any popular entertainment magazine and you’ll have to call the cleavage police. Celebrity boobs are literally in our faces 24/7.

For more factual evidence on how a woman’s physique can play into the money they make, take a look at the outfits worn for award ceremonies in the entertainment business. I’m guessing you have seen a boob slip or two. Why? They literally are taping dresses onto women’s nipples in hopes that they hold during the course of the show and after-party. Women regularly put their assets on display. And don’t forget about their behinds. They too are presented with great fanfare. In fact, women want such perfection out of their chests and derrieres, that they often go commando (that’s bra and pantiless for those at home who don’t know) so they don’t have to deal with those annoying undergarment lines.

And we thought it was important to applaud those who showcase their natural beauty without the Beverly Hills surgical staff adding to their beauty. So let’s applaud the naturalites out there!

Here are the 12 Celebrities With An All Natural Body.


12 Christina Milian

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Christina Milian had dreams of being a famous actress from a very young age. Her parents immediately got her involved in theater and her mom moved Milian and her sisters out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the “Biz.” After some speed bumps and non-starters in acting, Milian used her ability to sing and broke through the business in a big way. In addition to having tremendous talent, Milian has always had amazing looks. Her looks have aided Milian in her success and her natural curves and beauty have helped land her on our list.

11 Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel was always a talented young star in the making. She was born in Ely, Minnesota and although that is the last place you’d look for Hollywood stardom, Biel has consistently worked and gotten better with age. It all started with the TV show 7th Heaven for Biel. Biel is the fine wine of natural beauty with each passing year getting hotter and hotter. At the age of 11, Biel landed her first talent agent and from there, it has been one success after another. Biel is so naturally gifted that she landed the man himself, Justin Timberlake. The two were recently married. Biel is hot and we hope to see a lot more of her.

10 Kate Upton

Kate Upton is straight up dynamite. Upton has been smoking up magazine covers, the Internet, television sets and movie screens for years. Upton has blown up ever since she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011. Upton followed that up with a smoking hot Carl’s Jr. commercial. She has been rolling ever since with her naturally voluptuous body. Upton is known for her killer curves and has regularly been seen in swimsuits making men all around the world drool. Upton has a large set of amazingly natural assets up top and incredibly beautiful looks to go with them.

9 Salma Hayek


Well, this Mexican-American actress destroyed it in the movie Desperado. The 1995 film not only helped launch Hayek’s career, it brought her naked body right to forefront. Hayek made a tremendous impact on men all across the world. After that, Hayek’s legend has only grown. She has appeared in dozens of films and has branched out to producing and television. There isn’t much Hayek can’t do these days. She has been a crusader for various causes and has sought to help those in need. All the while, Hayek has one of the greatest natural bodies Hollywood has ever seen.

8 Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is busty and sexy and nicely fulfills our collective dreams of the mythical perfect “MILF.” Hendricks made her imprint for all time on the small tube with her role as Joan Holloway in the famed AMC drama Mad Men. Female readers from Esquire magazine were equally impressed with Hendricks’ natural looks and named her “Sexiest Woman Alive.” The 40-year-old redhead stunner was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hendricks was a model and bounced around the entertainment business before landing her dream gig in Mad Men. Hendricks has been applauded by women abound for having natural hourglass curves and the “ideal female body.” On a side note, Hendricks is actually a blonde! She has been dying her hair red since she was 10.

7 Kim Kardashian


Alas, Kim Kardashian. Now, we know about blood treatments to her face and other crazy things going on, but Kim Kardashian made her name and fame in the world with all of her natural assets. Her chest and rear have their own fan sites - and for good reason. The Big K used one sex tape and parlayed it into one of the most successful careers by a non-talented celebrity in the entertainment business ever. She has become a brand all to her own. Her entire family has benefited from the fame and the Kardashian name is forever going strong with the family spread across all kinds of industries (Kardashian’s body is equally spread all across the Internet).

6 Halle Berry

The former fashion model has been one of the greatest natural beings in entertainment. Berry not only has a gorgeous face, but her sleek body accompanied by her legendary breasts, has been a calling card for the actress. The former 1st runner-up in the Miss USA pageant had her breakthrough role in the Eddie Murphy vehicle Boomerang. To further cement her standing in the world of public opinion, Berry was ranked Number 1 on People's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" list. Berry also appeared No. 1 on FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" in 2003. In 2008, she was named Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive." Men's Health ranked her at No. 35 on their "100 Hottest Women of All-Time" list. Empire and Access Hollywood also are on the Berry bandwagon and so are we.


5 Rosario Dawson


She is Spanish and she is very sexy. Rosario Dawson is a tremendous actress whose natural beauty has helped land her a number of roles. It all started in the insanely dramatic film Kids that brought Dawson’s talents to the forefront. From there, she has blossomed into a gorgeous woman who has been landing big role after big role. From 25th Hour to The Rundown to Sin City, Dawson has regularly displayed her natural beauty at every turn. Dawson’s Puerto Rican and Cuban descent are both big reasons for her exotic beauty. Her figure, highlighted by killer breasts, also doesn’t hurt her on the beauty scale.

4 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian fireball who made a name for herself down in South America. This beauty was known for her natural robust breasts and round derriere. Her face and body were making the rounds all over the Internet when Vergara landed her big break on the American sitcom Modern Family. Her body then got a ton more attention each and every week and now Vergara, and all her natural beauty, can be seen almost 24/7 with regularity on television from her hit show to the many commercials she is featured in. Although she started as a natural Colombian beauty gracing the pages of magazines and showing off her body, she now enjoys stardom.

3 Esther Baxter


Yes, there is in fact one sexy video model who didn’t have plastic surgery. Most video eye-candy have breast implants and tiny waists. Esther Baxter comes in at 34DD up top with a 40-inch behind. Hourglass doesn’t even begin to describe Baxter. The Miami, Florida native redefines the label “lady humps.” Baxter rose to video stardom when she was featured in the music video for Petey Pablo's single "Freek-A-Leek" back in 2004. Since then, she has been the music video go-to-girl. Baxter’s assets have been shaken in front of more rappers than Kim Kardashian and she shows no signs of slowing down.

2 Katy Perry

The ultimate “California Girl” landed in the music industry with a big thud when her debut album failed to pick up any steam in 2001. Perry moved to Los Angeles and finally found a second life in the business when Capitol Records picked her up in 2007. Katy Perry then started the process of becoming a superstar. Born in Santa Barbara, California (which is one of the most beautiful places on earth by the way), Perry exploded onto the scene when she released “I Kissed A Girl.” From there, the naturally busty Perry went on to conquer the music industry as a whole, becoming one of the highest selling artists of all time.

1 Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is very special. We’re just going to open with that. Johansson appeared in the 1994 film North. But it would be her role in the Bill Murray vehicle Lost in Translation in 2003 that garnered massive amounts of success and notoriety for her. She was the young beautiful 18-year-old with a “daddy” complex looking for more out of life. You had us at “hello” Scarlett. From there, she exploded into mainstream success while also nearly breaking the Internet when naked pictures of her surfaced online. Johansson is stellar and rocks her natural body with great pride and we salute her!

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