12 Hot Celebrities With An All Natural Body

Let’s just call it, O’Natural. These are women who were born a certain way and didn’t go under the knife to cosmetically make enhancements. Now, we’re not judging here. Society is pretty harsh on the female species. They seem to be judged at every turn. And it is a fact that more curves equal more money for many women out there hoping to make it in the entertainment industry. There are always exceptions to every rule, but a hit song which includes the lyrics “lady humps” and other catchy tunes which are similar in nature, almost all exclusively talk about women’s chests and rear-ends. Just take a look at any popular entertainment magazine and you’ll have to call the cleavage police. Celebrity boobs are literally in our faces 24/7.

For more factual evidence on how a woman’s physique can play into the money they make, take a look at the outfits worn for award ceremonies in the entertainment business. I’m guessing you have seen a boob slip or two. Why? They literally are taping dresses onto women’s nipples in hopes that they hold during the course of the show and after-party. Women regularly put their assets on display. And don’t forget about their behinds. They too are presented with great fanfare. In fact, women want such perfection out of their chests and derrieres, that they often go commando (that’s bra and pantiless for those at home who don’t know) so they don’t have to deal with those annoying undergarment lines.

And we thought it was important to applaud those who showcase their natural beauty without the Beverly Hills surgical staff adding to their beauty. So let’s applaud the naturalites out there!

Here are the 12 Celebrities With An All Natural Body.

12 Christina Milian

11 Jessica Biel

10 Kate Upton

9 Salma Hayek

8 Christina Hendricks

7 Kim Kardashian

6 Halle Berry

5 Rosario Dawson

4 Sofia Vergara

3 Esther Baxter

2 Katy Perry

1 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is very special. We’re just going to open with that. Johansson appeared in the 1994 film North. But it would be her role in the Bill Murray vehicle Lost in Translation in 2003 that garnered massive amounts of success and notoriety for her. She was the young beautiful 18-year-old with a “daddy” complex looking for more out of life. You had us at “hello” Scarlett. From there, she exploded into mainstream success while also nearly breaking the Internet when naked pictures of her surfaced online. Johansson is stellar and rocks her natural body with great pride and we salute her!


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12 Hot Celebrities With An All Natural Body