12 "Holidays" You Didn't Know Existed

A national holiday normally stands for something; it celebrates a heroic act, or a day that needs to be remembered. In fact, they are normally so influential that we get a break  from work and a chance to be with our loved ones to reflect or relax and appreciate everything that we are so lucky to have. We celebrate family on Christmas day, we remember veterans on Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day, we honor skilled workers on Labor Day and we hug our cats on national hug a cat day. Wait... what? Apparently it is so easy to invent a holiday that society has taken liberties with what constitutes a momentous day. As long as something can gain enough clout and a significant following, you can petition your government to make it a holiday. There are so many holidays out there now that it could take years to compile a complete list. It seems as though having mad love for a hobby constitutes a holiday, and next thing you know we will have Taylor Swift and her squad day. Let’s face it, these smaller, nonsensical holidays will never compare to the bigger holidays, as they just do not have the steam behind them to propel them to be something meaningful. However, that does not mean that you should not mark your calendar and celebrate as many of them as you can. If you are stuck on which ones to add to your life, then here is a list that can help you sort that out.

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12 National Make Up Your Mind Day – December 31st

How perfect is it that this holiday coincides with the New Year? It is pretty self explanatory, as it is the last day of the year and they say it is bad luck to bring old, sometimes toxic baggage with you into the New Year. So make up your mind already. Unfortunately, people are generally too wasted to make coherent decisions by the end of the day, so it ends up kind of being a flop. But for those who do not think the only way to have fun is to go out and forget your actions, this is the perfect day for relaxation and reflection.

11 National Married To A Scorpio Support Day – November 18th

So.... are Scorpios really that bad that you need a yearly support group to figure out how you can keep loving them? A few traits of a Scorpio are: they are very intense, jealous, secretive and manipulative. However, they are also known to be brave, focused, faithful and ambitious; it looks as though this day focuses on all the negative sides of a Scorpio. Clearly someone felt as though they needed this worldwide support group; it is not known who created it but it seems to be pretty popular and pretty well documented. This group is also maybe a warning sign that people should not get involved with a Scorpio...

10 National Mad Hatter Day – October 6th


Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter character has left such an impact that he has his own day. This National holiday is supposed to be nonsensical and silly, just like the man himself. Prepare yourself to see people wearing crazy tea hats, intricate makeup and maybe even some questionable outfits. The day is very detailed right down to the October 6th date; the numbers 10/6 are the same numbers the hatter himself had on his tophat in the original film. It started in 1986 but did not become an official holiday until 1988; it is meant to allow people to embrace the complete insanity in everyday life.

9 National Ask A Stupid Question Day – September 28th

This is your opportunity to ask all of those so called dumb questions and not be condemned for it. Ask a Stupid Question Day is generally celebrated on the 28th but it can be extended to the 30th (it all depends on if you are in school on the last day of September). So take the opportunity and speak up because this holiday was created by teachers in the 80s, so clearly they are welcoming these questions. People normally celebrate this day by asking questions, duh! Or encouraging their kids/students to never be afraid to ask a question no matter how “stupid” it sounds. This day is also celebrated internationally on March 1st. How can you hate on this day? It is so positive.

8 National Underwear Day – August 5th


This crazy holiday was founded in 2003 and has since taken off; accumulating fans all over the world and even making money off of merchandise. The holiday was meant to shine a light on something that people would normally feel weird talking about. It has gotten so big that they have pop up shops and a Times Square runway show. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Wacoal and Michael Kors, have all tried to get a piece of the pie and vie for a coveted spot on their publicity tour. There is no real purpose to this holiday besides giving people the opportunity to walk around basically naked outside of their NYC apartments.

7 National Candles On A Cake Day – July 25th

This holiday marks the first birthday cake which apparently was made in 55 BC. The name is a bit off though, unless they are saying that this was also the first time that candles were used on a birthday cake. Either way, who does not love the sweet, sweet taste of cake? This holiday is not well known by many people considering that we can just have cake when we want (surprise, it is not only for birthdays anymore). Regardless, who needs an official holiday to tell us when we can shove cake down our throats? In fact, you should go bake something right now!

6 National Eat An Oreo Day – June 19th


Mmmm Oreos; as good as they taste, do they really need their own holiday? This holiday was clearly created by the same people that created these tasty cookies. This day encourages nothing except for going out, buying some Oreos, stuffing them down your throat and gaining weight (okay we are happy with that). What good old Mr. Christie failed to realize is we need no excuse to eat his cookies or any other type of cookie for that matter. Oreos are awesome on their own; you can dunk them, eat the crème only and then use the cookie part to make a crust for an Oreo pie. This holiday encourages our gluttonous side, yum!

5 National Hug Your Cat Day – May 3rd


This holiday was clearly created to benefit the cat lover in everyone and of course, this holiday coincides with national adopt a cat month (and of course cat lovers everywhere have embraced the hell out of it). It is not quite sure which crazy cat lady created this holiday, but it is well recognized and very much appreciated by those who look forward to it every year. However, we all know how temperamental cats can be so please be careful when you go in for that hug (that you want more than the cat does), you might get your eyes scratched out. Besides that, shouldn’t you be hugging your cuddly friend every day?

4 Ex-Spouse Day – April 14th

Who wants to celebrate their exes? Or a better question should be: who made this holiday up and rallied the troops together to get something like this on the calendar? This holiday is actually referred to as a National Holiday, which means somewhere out there someone is giving their ex flowers and candy and maybe saying something along the lines of “thank you for being my ex”, which most likely translates to “thank you for making my life a living hell last year, I bought you these gifts to show my appreciation.” Also, what is the purpose of having this holiday in April? What is so special about that particular month? Ugh, so many questions and so many people who have no answers.

3 National Burn A Snowman Day – March 20th


This festive holiday happens every year on the first day of Spring!! What better way to mark the end of winter by burning a snowman that is going to melt anyway? This holiday originated in Germany during their annual Rose Sunday Festival. The tradition goes as so; if the children have been well behaved all year, then the mayor of each neighboring town burns a straw snowman. The smoke from the fire is supposed to rise up and ward off blizzards and encourage the spring season. Originating in 1971, this holiday has of course been brought over to America and is now more of a reason to be destructive than to harbor the tradition around it.

2 National Working Naked Day – February 1st or 5th


The fact that the day of this holiday is debatable should speak volumes; anyhow, the title is misleading but the cause is amazing. Working Naked Day is a day surrounded by working from home and not being bogged down by the constraints of the office. Now some people have taken this holiday to another level; in addition to working from home they have decided to conduct their work naked (to each his own of course). This day is so needed that people have Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to their Working Naked Day and how they plan on making it better next time. Does any work actually get done?

1 National Z Day – January 1st

Forget News Years day, Z Day is taking over. This is a holiday for all the people who’s first or last name starts with… you guessed it “Z”. The holiday was created to give the unappreciated letter Z a time to shine. Being the last letter in the alphabet means that one would usually get called last if being called in alphabetical order; this holiday encourages others to let people with Z names do what seems so minimal like be first in line, not get picked last in a sports game and just feel all around special for the day. Too bad it is obviously overshadowed by New Year’s Day; they cannot even get a day, maybe they are destined to be last.

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