12 Festivals You Can Attend In Your Birthday Suit

Don’t deny it, because it just makes you look like a liar. While some of us may feel more comfortable than others being naked in public, there’s no doubt that when we see people naked in public, we can’t help but take a look.

Because laws vary from state-to-state and country-to-country, we don’t advise you just running around in public naked, although many places in the world are striking down laws that women cannot be topless in public since it is gender discrimination as nobody claims their male counterparts are breaking the law.

If you’re looking for a chill experience, we’d advise you to jump on the Internet and look for a nude beach somewhere around you, just make sure to bring the suntan lotion and expect to get sand in places you didn’t know exist. If you’re looking for something more fun, there are plenty of festivals in this world for nakedness.

Some of the festivals encourage nudity and by their very nature, require it. Some are festivals for something else entirely like music or art, but turn a blind eye and perhaps even passively encourage its attendees to doff their clothes.

While some of these happenings are billed as festivals others are just annual events, but you’re going to find a lot of naked people at all of them, and isn’t that really what you’re after? Whether you’re looking to attend to simply enjoy the view or you want to jump in the game and jump out of your clothes, here are 13 festivals to get naked at.

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12 World Body Painting Festival

via peupledepapier.blogspot.com

If you’re not wearing any clothes, but you’re covered completely by paint, are you truly naked? You won’t see a lot of bare skin at the World Body Painting Festival, launched in 1998 in Austria, but you’ll see some of the most amazing human canvases on earth as this event had become an annual event for artists all over the word and is easily the largest one of its kind on the planet. Tens of thousands of people attend, while artists are arrive from over 40 countries. The whole things started when travel agent Alex Barendregt decided he needed to bring a new summer event to Austria. Good work, Alex.

11 Burning Man

via cnbc.com

This festival, held annually in Black Rock City, Nevada, will be having its 30th anniversary in 2016. While some have complained its popularity has stifled the original intent of artistic expression, there’s no denying it's still one of the most well-known and way-out festivals in the country. Generally considered an art festival, attendees can expect to see crazy vehicles, interactive sculptures, performances, new technology and mixtures of all four. Of course, many of the people performing and watching don’t bother with clothes, which nobody seems to notice or care. At the end of the festival, a huge wooden man is burned to signify the end of that year’s festivities. Be careful not to get too close. There are certain parts you don’t want to get burned.

10 Running of the Nudes

via wikipedia.org

Since the Running of the Bulls takes place in Pamplona, Spain, it seems like the natural place to hold the Running of the Nudes, although, no, it doesn’t involve bulls chasing people through the streets and into an arena. Ironically the Running of the Nudes was created to protest the bull running, claiming that it is an act of animal cruelty. If seeing over 100 naked people running through a city is to protest hurting bills, we’re on board. Organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the event has been taking place just before the bull event since 2002.

9 Pilwarren Maslin Nude Olympics

via huffingtonpost.com

There’s still time to book your ticket to the Pilwarren Maslin Nude Olympics, which takes place every January on Maslin Beach in Adelaide, which became the first legal nude beach in Australia in 1974. It’s more like a community festival, with events like frisbee throwing and sack racing than the actual Olympic games that happen every four years, although in the original Greece Olympics, all of the men who participated were as nude as the Australians that this festival. Organizers and very quick to make clear its a family festival, but there are still contests like “best buns” which they really should bring to the summer games coming up in Rio, in our opinion.

8 Folsom Street Fair

via sf.funcheap.com

Street fairs happen in every shape and size throughout America, most with little-to-no nudity, but that’s not the case with San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, an annual event designed to celebrate the bondage and leather subculture. It is held in conjunction with Leather Pride Week in SanFran and has actually grown to be California’s third largest annual outdoor event. It’s a non-profit event that began in 1984 that has everything you’d expect in festival: food, carnival games and spanking booths. OK, well maybe there are a few things that are different. Don’t forget your leather chaps at home!

7 Kumbh Mela

Some festivals last a day, a weekend, or even a week. That’s not enough for the spiritual Kumbh Mela festival held every third year in India, rotating between four sites. The 2015 incarnation of the festival lasted for 55 days and 100 million people were expected to participate at some point in the festival, which culminates with a mass cleansing of the soul on bathing day. Bathers (30 million in the Ganges River at the 2012 festival) wash away their own sins from this lifetime as well as your family’s previous 88 generations. If hanging out naked in a river with more people that live in more than half of the countries on Earth isn’t your thing, there are prayer services, lectures, artistic displays and plenty of other activities.

6 Roskilde Festival

via roskilde-festival.dk

Music fans will recognize this festival, held yearly in Roskilde, Denmark as one of the largest music festivals held on earth. In 2015, such acts as Florence and the Machine, Pharrell and Paul McCartney all played on one of the many stages at the four-day festival. Like many music festivals, camping has become a popular part of the experience and it has become a tradition that on the Saturday morning of the festival, a naked run is held around the 40-acre campground. It’s become so popular that prizes to the following year’s festivals are now given and many people have said the naked run in second only to the music for the reason they attend this popular festival.

5 Hadaka Matsuri

via akademifantasia.org

The origins of the Hadaka Matsuri can be traced back to 767 (300 years before the Crusades) as an event to ward off bad luck and evil for those who believe in the Shinto religion. How is that done? With a lot of naked men, of course. The festival is still held in several cities in Japan every year, with the biggest in the city of Okayama. Essentially, about 10,000 Japanese men (and around 50 foreigners), gather together and try to catch what is symbolically known as the sacred lucky sticks. When one of the men gets the sticks, he must make sure no other man takes them while he tries to slam them into a container of rice. It’s a little strange to outsiders, but a healthy cash prize makes it understandable why men are still doing this almost 1,250 years after it started.

4 Heartland Pagan Festival

via tbo.com

When you think of locations for alternative lifestyle festivals, Kansas isn’t the first state that springs to mind, but among those who participate in paganism, it doesn’t get any better than the Heartland Pagan Festival, held Memorial Day week in McLouth, Kansas. Promoted by the Heartland Spiritual Alliance, the festival is designed to let people of all faiths to celebrate their beliefs and diverse spiritual practices. Some these practices don’t involve the wearing of clothing and the “live and let live” attitude of the festival neither promotes nor discourages people from walking around naked if they wish. It’s about being free to show who you are on the inside and the outside free of judgment.

3 Fantasy Fest

via fest300.com

Designed as a way to attract tourists during a notoriously slow month for Key West, Fantasy Fest has grown into one of the must-attend street parties of the year, ranking up their with Mardi Gras for craziness and "beads for boobs" commerce. With temperatures still in the high 70s and low 80s, clothing isn’t the highest priority when it comes to expressing creativity through costumes. Originally created to draw a few more people to the tip of Florida in October and raise a few dollars for good causes in the process, the big centerpiece of Fantasy Fest is the parade, which features the Conch King and Conch Queen, who have raised more money than anybody else for AIDS research. To date, Fantasy Fest has raised over $4 million for the organization AIDS Help.

2 Mardi Gras

We could trace the historical and religious derivations of Mardi Gras, translated to “Fat Tuesday” as the last time people are allowed to indulge before the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter. We could also talk about the many parades with amazing floats that take place not only all over New Orleans but throughout other cities in the world now, but why pretend Mardi Gras isn’t about trying to get women who want a necklace of beads to show their breasts in barter? NOLA residents hate that the debauchery on Bourbon Street has come to define the old festival, but it is what it is and we like what it is.

1 Body and Freedom Festival

via widewalls.ch

Biel, Switzerland is the home of the newest, and perhaps most fascinating festival featuring nudity. Launched in August 2015, The Body and Freedom Festival featured nude art and performances in the city’s downtown center six hours per day of the two day festival. It took organizers and the city five years to agree on the specifics for the festival, including making sure residents who didn’t want to stumble upon naked people doing strange things on their sidewalks, could go on with their lives. Organizers chose 18 projects, all European (half were Swiss) to “create comprehensive art interactions with the naked body, pedestrian circulation and the city environment.” It hasn’t been announced yet if this was a one-time festival or will become a yearly thing. It certainly has to make walking to work or school more interesting for the residents of Biel.


Sources: wikipedia.org

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