12 Details Larry Flynt Doesn't Want You To Know

Larry Flynt is a superstar, a rags to riches story if ever there was one, and he did it on his own terms. He developed the Hustler multimedia empire by having a keen business sense, and a lot of moxie. Flynt suffered for his work, though. He was jailed, shot, and lost the love of his life to AIDS, which was all covered in the critically acclaimed movie The People v. Larry Flynt.

Flynt and Hustler have a complicated backstory, and there are many tidbits that even after the movie, people still don’t know. While his rival Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame is an open book with the high profile mansion and reality TV show, the world of Hustler is somewhat of a mystery. This adds to the appeal, but fans don’t want to wait around for a sequel to the movie in order to find out what other secrets and scandals surround Hustler. That’s where this list comes in. It cuts right to the chase to tell everyone 12 things that Larry Flynt doesn’t want you to know about Hustler. We’ve skipped over the less titillating items (his bid to be president on the Republican ticket, his five marriages, and how he disowned his daughter) in favor of the juiciest pieces. Ever the proponent of freedom of the press, this article would make even Larry Flynt proud.

12 Flynt Didn’t Want His Shooter To Be Executed


11 Flynt Wants To Buy The Mansion

10 The Magazine Is A Political Powerhouse

9 The People v. Larry Flynt Was Accurate


8 Larry Flynt Is Bipolar


7 Invested In Pineapple Express

6 Days Are Numbered

5 Gives Out Free Subscriptions


4 The Magazine Has A Soft Side


3 People Read The Magazine For The Articles

2 Employed A Jailbird

1 Asked Casey Anthony To Model


Larry Flynt confirmed reports that he offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose for the magazine. He was even generous enough to sweeten the deal by allowing Anthony to collect an additional 10 percent of the profits. Flynt admitted that at first he did not consider reaching out to the suspected child killer, but he later changed his mind due to public demand. He said that scores of men approached him during promotional tours and asked him why Hustler hadn’t featured Anthony. Flynt decided to go ahead and ask her, because he sensed that there was a dollar to be made. He did concede that anyone who would be interested in seeing her in the buff would be “sick.” He had even planned to donate part of the potential earnings to children’s charities. That’s why he’s considered such a “moral immoral person.”

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12 Details Larry Flynt Doesn't Want You To Know