12 Celebs Who Sadly Reduced Their Breast Size

When one thinks of celebrities and breasts, one usually thinks of those that have fake boobs. When a celebrity thinks her boobs are not big enough, she will often pay to have them enhanced.  There is another type of boob job a lot of celebrities have had, though, and not the type that one would think.

A lot of celebrities have had breast reduction surgery to make their boobs smaller. Some have done it because they just don't like their boobs being so big, while others have done it for health reasons. Supposedly lugging around enormous breasts all day can make one uncomfortable.  Others just don't like to be noticed so much for what they have going on up top and want to have a better self image.

So which celebrities have had breast reduction surgery? Some of them are obvious, or maybe should be, if you think about what they have going on up there. But some others are pretty much a complete surprise. Some of these women have done it more than once, which really begs the question...for the love of God...why?

To answer that, and many other questions about breasts, here is our list of 15 celebrities who have had breast reduction surgery.

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12 Jennifer Connelly

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11 Drew Barrymore

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10 Dina Manzo

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9 Mimi Rogers

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8 Jordan Ladd

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Jordan is known for her work in horror movies. Her mother is Cheryl Ladd, who was a noted smoke-show of days gone by and was one of the original stars of Charlie's Angels. Jordan was acting at a very young age, even appearing in commercials at the age of two. All that exposure to show business is probably why Jordan ended up getting breast reduction surgery when she was just sixteen-years-old. This seems a tad early for such things, but then again, I am not a celebrity.

7 Katie Price

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6 Janeane Garofalo

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When one thinks of boobs, one does not think of Janeane. That is not to say she is not attractive, of course, and even if she wasn't I would not be saying it. It is just that she, as a comedian and liberal activist, has not been one to focus much on her body. But she had the surgery done when she was in her 20s.

"I was a 36C or D, and at 5'1", I knew that being a small person with big boobs standing in front of an audience was not going to be easy... I went down to a B cup, and it was the best thing in the whole world," she said.

5 Heidi Montag

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Poor Heidi. I am sure back when everyone was talking about her a few years ago as the star of The Hills she never would have thought that a few years down the road she would  suffer bankruptcy, and she and her husband Spencer would have to move back in with her mom.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. What also happened was that after having ten plastic surgeries in 2010, including breast augmentation surgery, she changed her mind in 2013 and had her breasts reduced. No one cared much, either time...

4 Loni Anderson

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If you mention Loni's name today, most people don't know who she is, but back in the '80s she was one of the hottest women around. She was also one of the biggest, if you know what we mean, sex symbols around for a little while. She came to fame on the show WKRP in Cincinnati and ended up getting married to Burt Reynolds. All in all she was married four times.  Believe me - she was hot. She had a few breast reduction surgeries, one when she was  26 years old before she was famous and another in 1995.

3 Patti Stanger

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Patti is the host of the Millionaire Matchmaker, which is a show where she tries to find love for people who are filthy rich, and still can't get anyone to hang out with them. Yeah, that sounds like a real problem. Anyway, Patti has had a few breast reduction surgeries over time.

“I had my first breast reduction and lift five years ago, then I had another one. I felt skinny and young again," she said. One might think there are easier ways to feel skinny and young, but who knows? Again, we're not here to judge.

2 Soleil Moon Frye

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1 Ariel Winter

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Ariel is one of the stars of Modern Family and had breast reduction surgery at age seventeen because of Internet bullying and emotional stress, and the fact that she had physical pain as well.

"I remember being in my sister’s wedding and being so flat and thinking, ‘I just wish I would grow boobs!’ and then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing and it didn’t seem like they were going to stop. I was 15 years old with [size] F [breasts]. It’s like, ‘How do you navigate that?'"

Well, by getting surgery, of course.

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