12 Celebs Who Desperately Need To Repair Their Reputation

We are about a month into the New Year's Resolutions that we already forgot about. Nevertheless, there are still some improvements to be made and no one knows this better than the celebrities with bad reputations. Well, there probably are a lot of people who need help more than a stuck up reality star, but at least they get to tackle self improvement in private.

Anyway, there are plenty of stars who need to undergo some serious damage control. I'm sure that there's some goodness in them somewhere, but there's just been a lot of misbehaving these days. Sure, pretty much all celebrities are a little crazy, but there are some that take things to the next level when it comes to obnoxious behavior. In particular, there are 12 celebrities who desperately need to repair their reputation this year.

From a few Kardashian love interests to wild singers to stuck up actors, there is no shortage of people who need a little self improvement. I am by no means trying to be a hater, but I am just keeping it real. When you are in the public eye, everyone keeps track of everything you say, do, and wear.

Fame is really a double-edged sword, but I honestly don't feel too bad about it. It seems like the benefits of being a celebrity far outweigh the criticisms they receive. With that said, if these celebs just took my advice, their lives would be even better than they are right now— if that's even possible.

These are the stars that need the most help this year.

12 Scott Disick

11 Miley Cyrus

10 Ariana Grande

9 Zayn Malik

8 Iggy Azalea

7 Charlie Sheen

6 Kanye West

5 Tyga

4 Gwyneth Paltrow

3 Johnny Manziel

2 Lindsay Lohan

1 Justin Bieber

I have to admit that I am a Belieber these days. His new music is fire and that genitalia pic came on the scene at the right time. I feel like he's really on the upswing, but there are still so many doubters. He's on this list because I want him to keep that positive momentum going from the end of 2015. The dude still has a lot of damage control to do, but I'm sure he will have another hit single in a minute. He's got this.

Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to hate on anyone when it came to this list. These are just 12 celebrities that I think can represent themselves more effectively. But who am I to talk?


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12 Celebs Who Desperately Need To Repair Their Reputation