12 Bra Problems Every Girl Can Relate To

Bras, what can anyone say about them? It seems as though you have to take the good and bad and the in between when it comes to finding a bra that is even somewhat likeable. Let’s be honest, we as women don’t wear bras for our sake, we wear them because we want to turn our significant other on with how sexy our lingerie is. The truth is bras can be quite uncomfortable; a slight inconvenience and torture to shop for. Raise your hand if you enjoy bra shopping; if you raised your hand this could only mean one thing, you have given up on finding the right bra and you now pick up anything that remotely looks and feels like it fits. Oh and to top it off, you don’t have a favorite store to go to, you’re not picky any old Winners, Macy’s or Burlington Coat Factory will do. If you have reached this level of enlightenment, please share your secret with the rest of us who are dying out here looking for the perfect bra. These booby covers seem to cause more stress than helpfulness; they come with a range of problems that include too tight, too ugly, too big or just to stressful to even put on. If you have experienced one of these bra problems please do not hesitate to comment below, chances are you are not the only one. Now, read on to see some of the most annoying problems that come along with finding the “perfect” bra.


12 Bye Bye Wires

Not because we wear wireless bras but because the wire always seems to find its way out of the bra to poke the hell out of your side and cause major discomfort throughout the day. That is until you can find a time to sneak away and pull the wire out inch by inch. Yes, we could easily avoid this by purchasing bras without wires but let’s be honest, wireless bras do not support all body types and breast sizes; if you are a 40DD and you attempt a bra without the wire to hold up the bottom of the boob, there is no support there.

11 Tight Bra Strap

Sometimes even when you find the right bra size and spend a crap load of money to buy a good quality bra, you still end up with something that malfunctions. One of the more common malfunctions of every bra is short straps. Even when you extend the straps as much as possible they still find a way to dig into your skin and leave horrendous and sometimes painful impressions on your shoulders that take forever to go away. The best way to deal with this is removing your bra as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as you step in the door from work).

10 Roll-age

A uni-boob is the bane of every girl’s existence; however, it is what causes the uni-boob that is annoying. A bra that has cheap material will not hesitate to roll over at the top, this then causes the top of your boobs to spill over the top of the bra. It gets weirder because the rest of the bra is tight which makes your breasts squish together so much that it looks like one conjoined breast. This is a serious problem if you are wearing a v-neck or any other low cut shirt. The roll-age makes it look like you are being way more sexual than you are trying to be, this then draws unwanted attention and everything else negative that can happen. Not to mention that it looks like you have 4 boobs as opposed to 2.

9 Headlights

A bra is meant to offer padding, support and comfort, but sometimes it causes distress and puts you in embarrassing situations like something we know as headlights. Headlights are basically when your nipple can be seen through the bra; of course this happens at the most awkward of times and in some cases, causes discomfort in the way of chaffing. At one point in time (sometimes daily) every girl has dealt with a high beam situation and let’s clear up some of the facts; no it does not only happen when you are cold, or in water. It is a random inconvenience that a bra should offer support for and it doesn’t.

8 Too Much Material

If you have bigger breasts, you know that you have to wear the bras that have bigger straps, more material and offer “more support”; unfortunately, these bras are made with a thicker material and make you really warm in the general chest region. Sweat is almost inevitable and at the end of the day, your bra feels like you ran a marathon and everyone threw the cups of water on you at the finish line. A soaked bra is no good to you. It feels icky and not mention it is super gross. Why can’t bustier chicks have cute bras too?

7 Back Bulge

If you are not pencil thin (as most women are not), there is this small problem called back bulge or back fat, that is affecting women all over the world. Back bulge is the little bit of fat that surrounds the space just under the shoulder blade. This little bit of fat causes a plethora of problems, with the most common problem being that the bra band rolls either up or down and does not cover the fat like it was made to do. This means that there are bulges of fat that can be seen in the outline of a shirt that makes us look like we have boobs growing in our backs.

6 No Lopsided Bras For Lopsided Boobs

Yes, uneven breasts are an actual thing; it is an actual medical condition known as asymmetry. It is a difference in form, position or volume of someone’s breast; more women than most would assume they have this condition, and very rarely is it drastic enough to have custom made bras. It is usually a slight difference, but one that is enough to have a bra fit weirdly. Usually a girl can get away with just buying her normal type of bra but sometimes the bra enhances the problem and draws unwanted attention to her chest. Can a bra company go the extra mile and make it so we can’t see the little problem just by looking at her shirt?


5 Falling Straps


If you have tape lying around or safety pins; this is a good indicator that you regularly have a falling bra strap issue. What is the cause of this issue? Small shoulders? too big of a bra? But how can this be possible when the rest of the bra fits you? Your only solutions are to tighten the straps as much as possible, but they mysteriously keep falling down and it becomes increasingly annoying that you have to dig your hand down your shirt in public to pull the strap up. Will anyone ever solve this bothersome problem? And if they do, can they alert the media ASAP?

4 Wrinkly Bra

One positive sign that your bra is too big is when the material gathers in the cup area and your boobs look like and feel like they are swimming. Usually an easy fix for this solution is to buy the right bra size; however, there are some cases that may require a little more magic as in not enough fat in the upper part of your breast. There is nothing wrong with you girl, it is all the bra's fault and if they started making bras properly, none of us would be in this predicament.

3 Short Bands

When your breast falls over the side of your bra, it creates this pinching affect that nags at you all day long. This is a result of short, tight bra bands that give you little to no leeway; they are so tight that your boobs have nowhere to go but to the sides, up and over. Every girl who has experienced this knows how painful and uncomfortable life can be when you have side boobs. Having a short bra with no stretch is the result of cheap material. In more recent years, they invented extensions that you can add to the clasps of your bra that may relieve a bit of pressure from your shoulders. Why should we spend money to make something work that should be working already?

2 Puffy Center Wire

Most women don’t know that the center wire of the bra is supposed to lay flat in the middle of your chest; this is because it adds proper support for your breasts and it ensures that they stay lifted. However, we all know better than this and we know that rarely anyone owns a bra that has a center wire that is actually doing its job. There are several reasons given as to why the center wire is not doing its job (i.e. having breasts that are just too round and full to allow it to fall into place). How crazy it is that if you have a full cup size, a bra will not fit you properly? It looks like we will all just have to walk around with no bras on.

1 Too Big/Too Small

Believe it or not, there are women who just can’t find a bra to fit them. They can be too big or too small and ultimately they just have to deal with it. Unless they can cough up about $500 for a quality custom-made bra (that, keep in mind, you will most likely have to wear everyday) then they may have to deal with this their whole life. So, yes, it is absurd that a bra can be both too big and too small for one person but it is very possible and more common than society realizes. Take this as a hint and just start wearing whatever bras you want because at this point, any coverage is better than no coverage.



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