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11 Ways To Be More Scientifically Attractive To Women‏

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11 Ways To Be More Scientifically Attractive To Women‏

Men are constantly wondering what’s on a woman’s mind and how women feel about them. They’ll never admit it, but they spend a good majority of their time trying to figure out just how to impress and woo the ladies. What most of you don’t realize is, even though women are complex creatures, it’s actually quite simpler than you think to gain our attention. No, you don’t have to set up a Starbucks trap like the vine, or physically pick her up while she’s walking on the sidewalk and run off with her, like that other vine. You simply have to focus more on your subconscious affects on her. There are plenty of ways for men to subconsciously- or scientifically, to be more precise- attract women.

Women and men were designed by nature to subconsciously sense reproductive worthy genes in the opposite sex that signify health and inspire them to reproduce copies of themselves. All scientists agree that this is the fundamental purpose of human life; to continue our own DNA as far into the future as possible. Good looking people appear to be carrying what is subconsciously considered by all humans to be “reproductive worthy genetics.” Being good looking or attractive, actually translates to the human brain as healthy. Appearing to have very healthy genes is a silent mating call of sorts. Even certain behavior patterns or “swag” if you will, can be a sign of good health.

Good looks are a subjective matter but universally, a bright smile with straight teeth, bright clear eyes, thick lustrous hair, clear skin and the proper hormone balance in males and females respectively, constitute as healthy and “reproductive worthy” among the general population. The healthier you appear, the higher your potential mating partners and the further into the future your DNA will last. If you don’t naturally possess the goods, never fear, here are 11 proven ways to convince women that you do.

11. Smile/Healthy Teeth

Showing off straight white teeth is a sign of healthy genetics, according to specialists at the University of Central Lancashire. Humans are inherently attracted to those with the healthiest genes, and have been since prehistoric times. Smiling is the best way to display your pearly whites. One of the most powerful weapons in the dating jungle, a genuine smile disarms your target, making you appear harmless, inviting, friendly and good natured. Accompanied with great looks, a smile can be as effective as Cupid’s arrow itself. But don’t forget to freshen your breath. A subconscious sign of poor health and an absolute major turn off is dragon breath, which can easily be treated with regular dentist appointments, and even tons of natural remedies.

10. Brood/Smile Less

A blatant contradiction to number 11, A study conducted at the University of British Columbia determined that women are highly attracted to men who appear more serious and brood instead of smile. Brooding makes you look more masculine, dominant and protective- or plain mean, which some girls really don’t mind. The study also asserts that the results are more in line with sexual attraction than long term dating or marriage material attraction. So if you’re looking for a short term fling, be sure not to smile at her too much, as women are more likely to have a one time romp in the sack with men who don’t do a lot of smiling. A perfect example for this would be Harvey Specter from Suits who has probably only cracked a smile twice in the show’s 4 seasons, and still manages to have women melt in the palm of his hands *long sigh*.

9. Grow Facial Hair

Although it can be itchy (or so I’ve heard) the majority of women are absolutely crazy about facial hair. A study in the Oxford Journal found that men with beards are seen by women as more manly, aggressive, mature and even of a higher social status. In regards to evolution, hair, facial or crown, is primal and a reminder that we were once animals, giving way to steamy visions of reckless abandon. Let me gather myself before I get carried away, but as you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about facial hair, and the same goes for most women. Even a little stubble can perform wonders in the women who begin to look your way. Keep in mind that just like the hair on your head, beards require taming and maintenance. There’s a fine line between wild sex appeal and bewildered caveman.

8. Clear Skin

According to a study found in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, clear blemish free glowing skin is a sign of good health in both males and females and thus, very attractive. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables (natural antioxidants) often leaves a side effect of clear, touchable, soft, healthy looking skin. The study also found that participants with ruddy cheeks and the skin – became healthier all from one portion of fruits and vegetables a day. If whole fruits and veggies aren’t quiet your thing, juicing is an equally effective alternative. Also a great skincare regimen shouldn’t be restricted to just females. Straight men who diligently practice cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, are a very conscious turn-on for many women, a sign that you look after yourself and take pride in your appearance.

7. Work Out

Big strong muscles on a man signify healthy genetics to the opposite sex. Research also shows that women view very muscular men as strong, dominant and protective. A chiseled muscular physique heightens masculinity and signifies great testosterone balance. So stop skipping the gym and be sure to get in lots of protein, as this helps to build up muscle mass. Women feel safer around a man with noticeable muscle definition, subconsciously perceiving him to be a threat to other men or forms of danger. Seems like once again, our primal reminder that we were once animals is obvious.

6. Play Hard To Get

Though many women might not want to read this, let alone admit to it, according to a study published in Psychological Science, women find mixed signals to be very attractive. The study determined that women were more interested in a man who pretty much confused her. This basically means that women respond better to men who seem not to like her as much as she likes him, as opposed to men who make it very obvious they are interested. Quiet naturally, the elusive appeals to most humans because we like to pursue the unattainable. Mind you, this “tool” must be used with caution because not all women will respond the way of the study. Perhaps not rushing to return her call or text would prove most effective and keep her on the edge of her seat (but you need to be absolutely positive she’s actually interested in you for this to work well.) It’s advised that outright ignoring her new hair style or not returning her text or call at all is dangerous grounds for receiving a piece of her mind.

5. Wear T-shirts With A Solitary Capital T

This scientific fact is pretty “laugh out loud” worthy. Researchers at the University of Nottingham conducted an experiment that discovered that only a white T-shirt with a large black letter “T” made men 12% more attractive to the opposite sex. How honestly simple of the female brain. Oddly enough, scientists believe that such a T-shirt creates the illusion of broad shoulders and a slim waist, which is a V-shaped silhouette that is typically most attractive to women. Conversely, men wore a T-shirt with an inverted “T” (when the horizontal line is at waist level) and women seemed 12% less attracted. Again, keep in mind that this affect works subliminally.

4. Stand Up Straight

A man’s posture is very important to  women, as good posture depicts a healthy spinal cord and strong bones. Posture is a direct reflection of your sense of self-worth. It’s a subtle but primary mode by which your sense of self value is conveyed. A poor, slouching posture makes you appear lazy and insecure and even sloppy. An erect back with feet far apart makes you appear taller, larger and much more confident, and in turn, confidence commands attention and respect. Good posture largely contributes to external attractiveness.

3. Wear Red

When wooing a man, women are also advised to wear red, thanks to the subconscious desire for sex that it activates. When men wear red, it is a symbol of power and passion. The flaming hue also makes men appear more confident and stand out more in general. Andrew Elliot, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester says, “We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to climb the social ladder. And it’s this high-status judgement that leads to the attraction.”

2. Get Sweaty

Muscular Body Builder

A chemical found in sweat known as “androstadienone” has proven to actually improve a woman’s mood and even heighten sexual arousal. So consider a work out date by the 4th or 5th date, or go for a run with a girl you admire, and don’t forget to hug good night (after the sweat dries up some.) It’ll leave a lasting impression on her subconscious and likely have her thinking of you more often than she expected to. Studies show that women are also aroused by citrus and baby powder, so reach for a cologne featuring these scents to add to your already potent pheromones.

1. Chill Out

shutterstock_138353099 (1)

According to a study found in the Royal Society B journal, women found men who seemed constantly under stress to be much less attractive. For women, a stress level that is relatively low – is a signal that the man is able to cope with difficult situations easily, which in turn somehow symbolizes good genes according to scientists. Depression and mental illness are hereditary which explains why a stressful demeanor can subconsciously put her off. The best way to remedy this is to crack jokes to come across as more relaxed. Most women will tell you that one of the main things she looks for in a man is a good sense of humor, and most men feel better when women laugh at their jokes.

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