11 Things We Can Expect Now That Taylor Swift Is Single...Again

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve heard Taylor Swift is single yet again. The country pop singer was dating producer Calvin Harris, whose real name is Adam Wiles, for nearly a year a

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve heard Taylor Swift is single yet again. The country pop singer was dating producer Calvin Harris, whose real name is Adam Wiles, for nearly a year and a half before they split. A source told E! News that the split happened just last week, and that it was Harris who ended it. “Taylor and Adam had no big blowout fight, but the romance just was not there anymore for them. Adam is the one that ended it. It was all done in a very mature fashion. Taylor is pretty upset but they are still in communication.”

Which leaves us all wondering, what happened to cause the split? While there seems to have been no sneaking around or rumored infidelity, the same source also told E! News that Swift just wasn’t Harris’ type. “Adam really liked Taylor, she was not the type of girl he ever dates and he liked that. He liked how innocent Taylor was and that she had a good caring heart. Taylor's heart was more in it then he was. He started to lose interest over the past few months, but really tried to not just break up.”

Regardless of the number of people who might object to the source’s use of the word innocent, since it seems the split is legitimate, fans are now left to wonder what to expect from the singer.  Here's what we see coming from T-Swift in the upcoming weeks.

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11 Ladies Night


Swift seems to be the go-to lady when it comes to organizing girls night out, most recently spending time with Victoria’s Secret Angels Lily Aldridge and Behati Prinsloo at a Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood. Never short on girls to gab with, Swift’s bestie Selena Gomez is sure to be by her side during this breakup. The two have been inseparable since they met in 2008, when they were each dating a different Jonas brother. Boys have come and gone in both of their lives and the duo has stuck together through it all. Likely, the second Swift’s back on her feet, Gomez will be by her side helping her to move on.

10 A Custody Battle


What exactly could the two have to fight over after just a year and a half long relationship? Well, for starters, that giant inflatable swan that sent their relationship viral seems pretty cool. Or perhaps Harris grew attached to Swifts two fur balls, cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, and will demand visitation. However unlikely that is, it’s even more unlikely that it would ever be granted as Taylor has gone public with her adoration for the two, snapping dozens of photos with them to share on her social media sites. She even admitted in a tweet once that, “It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats.” Perhaps Swift will be nice enough to let Harris FaceTime Olivia and Meredith every now and then, but he has to know that when you break up with the pop star, you break up with her cats, too.

9 Mysterious Tweets


Anytime a celebrity goes through a breakup, the media will scrutinize every tweet and Instagram photo in search of clues as to why the couple broke up and whose arms they’ve stumbled into next. While Swift has stayed pretty quiet since the end of their relationship went public, Harris recently tweeted, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.” While the media has tried to decode this with rumors of Harris being unable to handle the Hollywood lifestyle, little else has been posted to give the end of this relationship clarity. As the weeks continue, we can all look forward to the media analyzing every social media post and lunch date the two of them have in search of answers.

8 Party Photos


Instead of the adorable couple-type photos we’ve become accustomed to seeing across all of Swift’s social media pages and the tabloids, we’ll start seeing more party and girl’s night photos. Single ladies don’t stay home, and with Swift’s crazy schedule she’ll want to go out for a few drinks more often than not and get back in the dating game. Leaving us all to wonder who the lucky fella (or fellas) will be.

7 A Slew Of Rebounds


History has shown us that Taylor is quick to rebound after a breakup, so who will she move onto this time? Perhaps she’ll rekindle things with an old flame? My vote’s for Ed Sheeran, as the two never seemed to give it a real go, but she isn’t exactly short of options. All for the sake of her next album, fans will hope she dates around and stays single for a while. Maybe she’ll throw shade at Katy Perry and hop on the John Mayer wagon again, which leads to the next item on the list...

6 Jealousy


With new love interests on the horizon, we can’t help but wonder how these two exes will handle the news of competition. Not exactly new to Twitter wars, I can certainly see Swift slipping in a few backhanded tweets towards Calvin Harris’ new lady friends in the future. Even though they’ll likely be quickly deleted, it’ll be up long enough for some media outlet to grab a screenshot and we’ll all feel slightly satisfied that even someone like Taylor Swift could get a bit jealous. Or maybe a lot, if the "Blank space" video was any indication.

5 Relationship Backslide


Every a long-term relationship backslides at least once. I predict when the weather gets cooler and the holidays start rolling around, rumors of a reconciliation between Swift and Harris will start popping up in the press. Whether it’s legit or publicity for a new album, the two will likely give fans hope of them getting back together before declaring some kind of mutual friendship.

4 A New Album


The public likely won’t get any answers to the true reason these two split until Swift’s next album is released. As she’s done in the past, Taylor has revealed personal information about her breakups with several celebrities within her lyrics, including John Mayer, Joe Jonas, and the guy from One Direction. Her lyrics even get a bit harsh.

In one song rumored to be about Joe Jonas, she sings about her “honesty” which made “you run and hide like a scared a little boy.” It’s not only the boys who are getting a tongue-lashing though. Ex-friend Katy Perry, who slid in on John Mayer when Swift was done with him, is referred to as having stabbed Swift in the back and Camilla Belle, who was rumored to have gotten in between Swift’s relationship with Joe Jonas, is basically called a wh*re. Perhaps Taylor’s next album will be filled with mysterious lyrics about Harris.

3 Awkward Interviews


Potentially Swift’s breakup with Harris will be brought up in every future interview, and with the release of any new albums, an awkward Swift will be presented with questions regarding how all of her past relationships affected her writing. Made worse, Swift will be confronted with attempts at decoding her lyrics. Every relationship she’s ever had, rumored or not, will be put on blast as her words are scrutinized. You’d think it would just be easier to stick the name of which ex her song is about next to the title on the album jacket.

2 A New Hair Style

Throughout each relationship, Taylor has rocked a very different hairstyle. While she has always kept her locks golden, her look changes drastically from guy to guy. Back when the starlet first hit the red carpets, she did it arm-in-arm with Joe Jonas and sported long tight curls. Her curls later loosened when she moved on to date Tayler Lautner and John Mayer, but still lay youthfully bellow her shoulders. It wasn’t until she began dating Harry Styles that Swift started wearing her hair straight, and even cut herself some adorable nineties looking bangs. While she was with Calvin Harris, her bangs were usually swept to the side and her hair was worn in lose waves, cut short above her shoulders. With Harris out of the picture, her fans are left to anticipate what her stylist will come up with next!

1 A Collaboration


With celebrity exes like Rihanna and Drake, and Justin and Selena collaborating together on songs and performances, there’s hope that Swift and Harris will do the same in the future. Harris has collaborated with a ton of celebrities, and even though the spotlight might not have been what he desired for his personal life, collaborating with Swift might be exactly what these two need to give their relationship closure.

Sources: eonline

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11 Things We Can Expect Now That Taylor Swift Is Single...Again