11 Signs She's Getting Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

Feeling the highest sense of comfort ability in a relationship is the goal of everyone who is in love and wanting to revel in a happy, successful partnership. Unfortunately, the thin line between being absolutely comfortable and being more than comfortable is one that needs to be redefined. Guys have to understand that when they wife these chicks up they have to take the good, the bad and the ugly that comes along with it. This involves dealing with her loud behavior (because her personality all of a sudden changed once she got her hooks in you); he has to deal with her unannounced visits, her inappropriate behavior and sometimes her needy friends (who live vicariously through your relationship). Now, let’s be straight, no one is saying that being too comfortable in a relationship is always a bad thing; in fact, it can be kind of cool to have a girlfriend who is so comfortable around you that she has no fear about letting her body do what is natural, it’s also cool that she can hang with your friends and play Call Of Duty with the best of them. Unfortunately, these little quirks can quickly turn into turn offs, overbearing gestures and uncomfortable situations. How many of you feel like your girlfriend is taking advantage of the girlfriend title? Or she has gone too far with her comfort zone? Has your girlfriend become one of the guys? Or your mom's newly adopted daughter? Maybe you're missing the signs altogether. If your girlfriend is guilty of doing one of the 11 things on this list, she is probably getting too comfortable.


11 She Let’s One Rip

Farting can be awkward, and as normal of a body function it is, it can still be weird for the person delivering the fart and the person smelling it. However, when your girlfriend feels no kind of way about letting a smelly one rip in front of you, it is a positive sign that she is way too comfortable. In fact, all bathroom talk is on the table from now on; you will know when her monthly visit has arrived because she is complaining about all the downsides of having a period. There is no limit and no filter.

10 She Calls The Shots When It Comes To Sex


You are so scared that she is going to withhold sex that you don’t speak unless spoken to. If you’re in "the mood", who cares because she’s not. However, if she is in "the mood" you better be ready because she has no problem dealing with it herself and being satisfied for the next two to three weeks. Sex is always on her terms and you can tell she is very comfortable when she doesn’t even bat an eye at saying “no” to you and in the same breath, cussing you out if you say “no” to her. You can always tell when she is comfortable and in charge when she holds the sex card.

9 All Manners Go Out The Door

She burps and they are not followed by a cute, embarrassed “excuse me”. Manners are one of the first things to disappear when you find yourself in a stable relationship for at least one year. Where things can go wrong is when she feels comfortable enough to lack real manners in front of your friends and family and in public where no one knows you and thinks you just have a sloppy girlfriend. So yes, she is a bit messy and maybe really loud at times but that is probably one of the reasons that made you fall in love with her in the first place.

8 Her Underwear Doesn’t Match the Day Of The Week

She has officially roped you in, so what is the point in wearing sexy lingerie? What has the world come to? She is wearing Friday underwear on Tuesday and what happened to all the lace and frill? There are ripped cotton panties everywhere and old raggedy bras and none of them match. She lets her undies lay around the room and not because you ripped them off of her the night before. Her level of comfort is now shown by how cute or piss poor her choice in intimate attire is; don’t you wish you could rewind and go back to the days where Monday underwear was reserved for Mondays?

7 She Is Best Friends With Your Sibling

She is such an important factor in your life that she has replaced you altogether. Your family loves her (which is awesome) but instead of checking in with you they check in with her, and vice versa. It can also be crazy awkward when you talk to your family and someone say’s “oh, I was just talking to so and so and she told me…” simply because it is generally information that they should receive from you, like maybe a promotion, or an exciting new purchase. You are no longer the buffer in between your family and her. Let’s be honest, the only reason why you know there is a family dinner is because they called to invite her personally.

6 She Never Gets Dolled Up Anymore


Forget the make-up; she is good with the plain Jane look now that she has her hooks in you. A lack of make-up and getting all done up for you is out the door. She no longer cares that you like that smokey eye look on her because quite frankly, it takes way too long to perfect. The fact that she doesn’t give a damn about how she looks in front of you is proof that she is ridiculously comfortable. Realistically, make-up and fancy clothes don’t make the girl but it does show that you care a bit when you want to look nice for your boyfriend.

5 She Uses The Washroom While You’re In The Shower

Nothing says comfort like running into the washroom and squatting on the toilet while your boyfriend is in the shower. Proving even more how comfortable you are by starting a conversation and discussing your day. She struggles, she wipes, she may read a magazine, or even do a crossword. Nothing is off limits and all this is being done while you are trying to clean your skin. To top it off, she sometimes wants to jump in the shower with you right after. If that isn’t sexy at its best, then what is?


4 She Uses Your Razor


Adjusting to a girlfriend is stressful enough; adjusting to her using your intimate items is a whole other ball game. When you see your girlfriend shaving her legs (or even her armpits) with the only razor in your washroom, it is flat out annoying. Not only because it is your razor that you use on her face (really makes you think how many times she has done this without you knowing); but you will now have to throw that razor away (if you value hygiene at all) and it is the only razor you have. This spirals into you having to make a special trip just to get a new razor.

3 She Practically Lives With You

Your independent girlfriend can pay her own bills, has her own place, and can hold down a job. However, she is currently staying at your house for let’s say, the third day in a row. She leaves for work and returns back to your house after work, she is cooking, cleaning, and answering your phone as though she lives there full time. One must admit that they love the cooking and cleaning part but unfortunately, she is not a maid who takes cash as a job well done; she is a girlfriend who takes up space, time and sucks the fun out of your plans to play video games between the hours of 5:30 to 12:00 a.m.

2 She Invites Herself To Hang Out With Your Friends


Surprise! Your friends are now her friends. She chimes in on conversations, she knows about your inside jokes, and basically nothing is off limits to her. Your friends are sure to be surprised when she shows up at your local hangout and invites herself to sit down and share the pitcher of beer that everyone else paid for. The problem here is sometimes you just want guy time (possibly to even complain about your girlfriend) but your plans are ruined when she shows up looking like she is in it for the long haul. On the bright side, it comes in handy to have a girlfriend who feels comfortable enough to hang with the boys.

1 She Shows Up Unannounced

Ding! Ding! Guess what? That is the sound of your girlfriend showing up unannounced while you’re trying to chill at home in your boxers after a long day of work. Thank god you didn’t give her a key to your place like she requested 3 months into your relationship. One sure fire sign that your girl is in too deep is when she feels way to comfortable showing up unannounced and expecting to waltz in like the two of you had plans. What makes it worse is if you act any kind of way besides happy and excited to see her, you’re in for a long night.


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