11 Reasons To Be Getting Hot And Heavy On A Daily Basis

Sex used to be seen as a tool for procreation and nothing more; as we progressed in life it turned into a means for fun and no longer meant that if you were having sex, then you were married. As research has advanced we have all been educated on the benefits of sex and it seems to be the key to living a fun, happy and most importantly, healthy life. Think about the last time you had sex; do you think you burned calories? Or maybe saved your partner from a swollen prostate; did you feel secure and have the best night sleep ever? Well, you can attribute all of those pluses to the act of sex. Studies show that sex is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Not only are you enjoying yourself, but you are releasing endorphins that encourage positivity within yourself. The physiological and psychological benefits of sex seem to be endless; when you see that older couple in love, happy and living a long life, it is safe to assume that they used to (and probably continue to) have a great time both in and out of the bedroom. If you ever find that you are having a particularly hard day, you feel stuffy, you have a migraine, you’re sad, or you feel insecure, maybe try cuddling up to your significant other and reaping some of the benefits of sex as a home remedy.

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11 Great Exercise

Trying to lose that last 10 pounds of weight? Simple; up your sex game. Sex is an activity, you sweat, your heart races, you breath heavy and this is everything you will experience when you work out. Sex is equivalent to cardio, so you are also burning that stubborn fat. Studies show that if you have sex three times a week for at least 15 minutes, you can burn upwards of 7,500 calories in a year. It may not seem like a grand number but when you are too lazy to go to the gym, this is your next best bet to get a workout in (and you'll feel good about yourself).

10 Live Longer

Knowing what we know about sex now, it is clear to see why people who have a healthy sex life live longer; it keeps your heart healthy, it keeps you in great shape, and it improves your sleep pattern. It even increases the circulation of your oxygen which we all know is essential to life. It is proven that sex adds years to your life and men who engage in sex often live twice as long as men who do not. This is where having a partner comes in handy; it is not only about sex, it is also about the connection you feel during the sex.

9 Regular Periods

Now, let me start off by saying this; it may not seem like a good thing but, please do not act like you are not shook up when you know your period is supposed to start and it does not show up. Sex can help regulate your period by regulating your hormones. Stress is one of the more popular reasons why women do not have regular periods. Because sex reduces your stress, this translates into regular periods and regulated hormones. There are obviously other ways to regulate your period, like massages and relaxing yoga, but let’s face it, sex sounds like more fun right?

8 Lowers Cancer Risk

For men, regular ejaculation gives you a better chance of staving off prostate cancer (this can be done through both masturbation and sexual intercourse). The prostate gland needs to be flushed out and this can regularly be done through ejaculation. If the fluid stays in the gland it can cause discomfort and a whole lot of swelling. If you plan on having a healthy prostate well into your old age, regular sex is advised. This does not mean you go home and rapidly increase your ejaculation practices; in fact, you should slowly increase it or a few problems may occur.

7 Lowers Your Blood Pressure

The University of Paisley conducted a research that linked together blood pressure and sex; the research showed significant improvements in men and women who had high blood pressure. Having great sex can greatly reduce the diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number that measures the pressure in the arteries). This may not seem important to someone who is younger in age, but it is actually a pretty popular occurrence. Doctors generally say once you start medication for blood pressure you will most likely be on it for life, so just start by having more sex and try to avoid the medication for now.

6 Relieves Pain

Oxytocin is not just an all-natural happy drug, it can also double as a pain reliever; these endorphins are a natural pain killer. Endorphins soothe nerve impulses (this means ladies, those menstrual cramps can slowly disappear, and the pressure you feel during migraines or joint pains are also relieved). According to a study done by Beverly Whipple, the famed sexologist and author states that having an orgasm is almost like a practice for pain tolerance and pain detection. This must be why some women find childbirth so easy and others have a harder time. Remedy: have lots and lots of sex all the time.

5 Makes You Feel Secure

Being in your partner's arms is a feeling like no other. The act of sex is comforting and releases utter happiness, and if you ever doubt that your partner loves you, then evaluate the kind of sex your having, but more importantly watch their actions after the sex. Also evaluate how many times a week that they want to have sex; if they have no desire to have sex with you or it does not happen on a weekly basis, try to make time for it. Things can get busy with kids and life but making the time for some quality couple time always brings the security back to your relationship.

4 Get A Good Night’s Rest

Having sex can put you on a high like no other; you have a spurt of energy and feel like you could take off sprinting down the street. However, if you do not get up in that short window of time while you are still on that high, you fall into a comatose state. Good sex is like inducing a coma, your heart rate increases and it truly is a workout like no other. If you do not have the best sleep of your life after sex, then chances are someone is not satisfying you and you cannot consider that “good sex”.

3 Makes You Look Younger

Are you jealous of that healthy glow that seems to come naturally to so many women? Have you taken into consideration the amount of sex they are having? Women who have regular, good sex (key word being "good"), have higher estrogen levels which in return give you a smoother, healthier epidermis. Common sense tells us that the better our skin looks the younger we look and the better we feel. A study by an Edinburg hospital showed that having sex at least 3 times a week can make you look up to 10 years younger. Who would not want that?

2 Builds Your Immunity

Nursing a tiny cold? Sex can help with that. We all know the body can heal itself, but do we know how? It is all thanks to a little guy named immunoglobulin A, (IgA). This is an antigen that fights the flu. IgA is a serum produced by the body that has a variety of protective functions as a result of interacting with a variety of receptors. When it comes to sex, the endorphins that are released are proven to have higher doses of IgA. Usually no one wants to have sex when they are sick, but this may help you get rid of that pesky sniffle (just do not kiss each other maybe).

1 Stress Reliever

It is a known fact that sex helps to relieve stress; it is fun and can be mindless, which means you do not have to overthink every little thing you do. So how does this work? During sex your body releases a natural stress buster called dopamine (also known as “the happiness hormone”). Dopamine itself releases endorphins and oxytocin, which enhances your hormones and almost immediately turns your mood around. This is the similar process of what chocolate and sweets do to your system, except this way is healthier (so you do not have the risk of gaining any unwanted weight).

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