11 Hottest Women To Feature In Men's Fitness Mags

Men’s Fitness is a popular publication for men who want to be healthy in a variety of ways. The magazine features workout tips for men who want to lose weight and gain muscle. There are also articles about how to recover from workouts, and the best foods to eat for men’s specific health concerns. Men’s Fitness also features hot male celebrities, as well as tips from these famous men about how to get a great physique.

Of course, since Men’s Fitness is a magazine for guys, there are plenty of articles in publications that are about women. From how to get a second date to how to be a better lover, Men’s Fitness gives men suggestions that could help improve their lives.

Last year, Ronda Rousey made history as the first woman to grace the cover of Men’s Fitness. She is well respected by male and female athletes for her strength and dedication to her sport. There’s a good chance that other women will follow in Rousey’s footsteps and become cover girls for the popular magazine as well. Of course, the woman who poses for the cover should be strong, smart and physically fit. It wouldn’t hurt if she was beautiful, either. Here are 11 of the hottest women that could be featured in Men’s Fitness.

11 Ashley Green

10 Nicole Scherzinger

9 Stacy Keibler

8 Sarah Shahi

7 Sydney Leroux

6 Nathaly Navas

5 Venus Williams

4 Serena Williams

3 Olivia Munn

2 Maja Salvador

1 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet was named one of the 12 Hottest Women of the 2015 Crossfit games by Men’s Fitness. She was also a Crossfit champion in 2014. Taking one glance at Leblanc-Bazinet’s body can make anyone want to visit the gym just a few more times each week. The Canadian beauty is also a weightlifter, and qualified in Canada for the national championship for weightlifting. She competed professionally in gymnastics for about 14 years, but had to stop at 16 due to a torn hip. Clearly, that didn’t stop her from becoming a professional athlete. A story about Camille’s accomplishments, along with some swimsuit shots of her could make for an intriguing cover story.


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11 Hottest Women To Feature In Men's Fitness Mags