11Paige VanZant 

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Paige is a relatively fresh face to the UFC, in fact she would have competed on a recent season of The Ultimate Fighter except she wasn't 21 yet, so she had to sit it out since they served alcohol in the TUF house. She's had ups and downs inside the

Octagon, but is easily the most famous prospect in women's MMA. She's gritty, tough, looks like a model, and her social media game is on point. She's everything the UFC is looking for in an up and coming fighter, so it's no wonder they're putting a lot of promotional push behind her.

Paige is a favorite to win this season of Dancing With the Stars, and her background as a dancer certainly doesn't hurt her chances. Paige is the first entry on this list, but that's not a knock on her beauty at all. She's here to lure you in with her allure and to make you curious who else made the list. Is it working yet?

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