11 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Hot Siblings

Some of our favorite Hollywood stars have really good looking siblings.

These celebs prove they come from a family of good looks, considering their attractive siblings. Whether they’re trying to make it in Hollywood and following their sister’s or brother’s footsteps or they are just doing their own thing, these are some attractive siblings.

One thing that crosses our mind when we spot a sister or a brother of a celebrity is where have they been this whole time? It seems like the cameras are not capturing enough photos of them. They seem to own the red carpets just as gracefully as their famous sibling. Not only are they attractive, but they are also trying to make it in Hollywood just like their celeb sibling did which leads us to question even more.

On the bright side, for those hot celebs taken and tied down already, they have a single hot sister or brother ready to mingle. At least we hope so. If they are not single, we can just acknowledge the fact that good genes do run in the family.

What makes these siblings even more interesting is they are not as out there as other pairs of siblings, making them more mysterious. Sure Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton make one of the hottest sister pairs ever to grace Hollywood. We also have the Kardashians of course, which every sibling and relative of some sort is doing their own thing in the spotlight. However, it’s nice to know that we have more to look forward to in the land of entertainment with these celeb siblings keeping it low key.

Take a look at 11 celebs with hot siblings you probably didn’t know about.

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11 Gisele Bundchen and Sisters, Rafaela and Patricia

via somethingsensitive.com

10 Cara Delevingne and Sister, Poppy

via popsugar.com

Another model with a hidden, attractive sister is Cara Delevingne. The model has been seen in several fashion campaigns and is also known for her out there and sarcastic personality. She’s definitely a favorite of the spotlight. However, watch out Cara because your sister, Poppy, is also just as breathtaking. She has also modeled for a number of fashion brands such as Burberry, Mango, and Jigsaw. According to the Daily Mail, the 5’11” model has also concentrated on her acting and singing, which is her first love but she happened to be more suited as a model. She is signed to Storm Model Agency and has worked for Chanel and Zara.

9 Kate Hudson and Brother, Oliver Hudson

via celebrityhive.com

8 Miley Cyrus and Sister, Brandi

via nydailynews.com

Musician and actress, Miley Cyrus, is one of the biggest superstars out there in pop culture right now. From being a Disney Channel sweetheart to being a controversial Instagram star, Cyrus has made a name for herself in Hollywood. But low key, she has an older sister who stuns red carpets from time to time. Sister, Brandi Cyrus, is a 28-year-old TV host and model. She is also a musician who appeared on Hannah Montana alongside her baby sis. She was nominated for the Candies Style Icon award at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. We can see why based on her amazing red carpet look earlier this year at the 2015 Country Music Association Awards. She wore this cute, black sheer dress, flaunting her petite figure and showing off her unique style. Perhaps Cyrus can take some fashion advice from her older sis on how to be unique, without being so over the top.

7 Zac Efron and Brother, Dylan

via pagesix.com

Yes, Zac Efron also has a hot brother. Zac is one of the most wanted and hottest male celebs out there in Hollywood. He certainly has grown up from his High School Musical days. You can catch him being such an eye candy on his recent movies like Neighbors and We Are Your Friends. You can also catch his hot looking brother, Dylan, on Zac’s Instagram page. The 28-year-old actor shared a photo of him and his bro, both shirtless, on his Instagram earlier this year and the audience went crazy as expected. The two brothers are obviously blessed. While Zac went on to pursue his acting career, Dylan Efron was studying at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. The brothers have been spotted on several occasions from the beach to a Lakers game. The two siblings are not only hot, but pretty close.

6 Penelope Cruz and Sister, Monica

via zimbio.com

Academy Award-winning actress  Penelope Cruz is one of the most high-profile stars in the Hollywood biz. She was not only the first Spanish actress to receive an Academy Award but also to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Besides her award winning talents, it’s a no brainer she is one the most beautiful stars to walk on the red carpet. Along her side is sister, Monica Cruz, who has also graced the Hollywood spotlight, looking just as gorgeous. Back in 2013, the sisters were seen out for dinner for L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and Net-A-Porter in London. The two Latina siblings obviously turned heads, wearing all black ensembles. Looking like the classy sisters they are, Monica had told the Daily Mail back in 2007 that the two sisters have a really good relationship and there’s no rivalry between them no matter what others say.

5 Ashley Benson and Sister, Shaylene

via cambio.com

4 Vanessa Hudgens and Sister, Stella

via glamour.com

3 Audrina Patridge and Sister, Casey

via strangepersons.com

We first laid our eyes on Audrina Patridge during the MTV series, The Hills. After the reality TV series ended, she went on to pursue her acting career but also continued her reality television career. She starred on her own show, Audrina, on VH1 in 2011, where we got to watch her family on full display including tatted up sister, Casey Patridge. If you watched The Hills, you remember seeing her make a few appearances on the show giving Audrina advice, especially relationship advice. On Audrina, Casey was seen more as an original cast member but also controversial. The little sister of Patridge has a sort of bad girl reputation (hence, the tattoos) as opposed to the sweet image Audrina carries around. Regardless, we can admit that both sisters have also been blessed by the gene pool.

2 Justin Theroux and His Brother, Sebastian

via zimbio.com

This photo of the brothers is everything. Actor Justin Theroux was spotted out and about in New York City with 24-year-old brother, Sebastian Theroux. The siblings were seen wearing matching outfits, but in the most adorable way. We’re not complaining. The two have obviously been blessed. Although they are 17 years apart, we could never tell. They literally look like twins. The snapshot of the handsome duo was taken in 2013, before Justin settled down with Jennifer Aniston. Rumors were flying about the couple’s plan to tie the knot in Hawaii and calling it official. Justin seems to have his life all figured out now but good thing there’s another brother to mingle with and let’s hope he’s single.

1 Sophia Vergara and Adopted Sister, Sandra

via tonline.com

Sofia Vergara is obviously one of Hollywood’s sexiest A-lister. The hot wife to be is not only known for her good looks but also for her humorous side. With that combination, you definitely have a winner. Joe Manganiello is one lucky guy. Her Colombian beauty makes us think she comes from a good looking family and yes, that’s pretty much the case when it comes to her sister, Sandra Vergara. You might recognize the brunette from the horror movie, Friday Night, starring alongside Colin Farrell. The 27-year-old actress turned our heads, though, when she walked down the red carpet at the 2014 Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards in Los Angeles. She was looking so graceful in a long, black, netted gown, complimenting her slender figure. The actress is actually the cousin of Sofia's and then was adopted by her family. As sister of the Modern Family star, she explained to Huffington Post that she’s grateful to her for everything but she still believes she is making a name for herself on her own. “She is beloved by the public,” she said. “And so being related to someone who is so dear is a good thing.” We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of Sandra in the future with those looks and talent.


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