11 Beautiful Women You Didn't Know Existed Across The Pond

We all know that every country has its own idea of what is most beautiful. From toned bodies to makeup to porcelain skin, each country has its own standard. And you don’t need to travel the world to f

We all know that every country has its own idea of what is most beautiful. From toned bodies to makeup to porcelain skin, each country has its own standard. And you don’t need to travel the world to find out where the most exotic and sexy women are overseas- we've got you covered.

The celebrities each country idolize says a lot about what that country considers to be beautiful. Planning your next trip just got exciting, and finding a destination with the sexiest females just became simple. While you might not have heard of these celebrities, there’s no doubt that they’re incredibly sexy. Beauty standards are drastically different in some countries, and knowing what their idea of sexy is will give you an idea of the kinds of women you’ll come across on your travels.  Then again, sometimes beauty is the same everywhere, as you're about to see.

These athletes, actresses, pop stars, and even reality queens abroad represent the ideal beauty of each country, creating trends that may or may not be aligned with your taste. These trends can be hardly noticeable, such as how women style their makeup or hair. These trends can also be quite drastic, such as body modifications or facial tattoos. So, before you renew your passport and book your flight, indulge in these beauties- we promise you won't regret it.  Here, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, we provide you with 12 jet-setting beauties you just might want to run into if you travel to their lands.

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11 Italy - Laura Chiatti


Born in Italy, actress and singer Laura Chiatti is best known overseas for her leading role in Ho voglia di te acting and Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy. She even did a voiceover for Princess Rapunzel in the Italian version of Tangled. Her and husband Marco Bocci often make the Italian gossip columns, likely because she’s incredibly hot and single men across Europe are hoping their marriage fails. Here’s to hoping this sexy lady makes her way into American films!

10 France - Ophélie Winter


She may not be an A-list celebrity, but you might recognize model turned singer and actress Ophélie Winter from her role in the comedy 2001: A Space Travesty. Aside from her appearance in this movie, she also has had roles in many French films and television shows; however, she has not returned to work on our side of the globe in a while. Most recently, she appeared in season five of the French version of Dancing with the Stars, Danse avec les Stars. Here's a fun fact about Ophelie: during a stint as a singer in between acting gigs, she released four albums, one of which had a song written for her by the one and only Prince.

9 China - Ziyi Zhang


Chinese actress, Ziyi Zhang, is known to be one of the most beautiful women in Asia. With many well-known roles in American films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Rush Hour 2, her celebrity status has still yet to pick up in the United States. However, in China she is known as one of the "Four Dan Actresses." These are the four women who are given the most roles in Chinese movies as the films they’re in always break box office records.

8 Taiwan - Bianca Bai


Bianca Bai was already a well-known model by the time she graduated from high school, and you can clearly see why. After a successful modeling career she went on to star in many Asian films. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Bianca’s sex appeal was hard not to notice. She was best known for her leading role in the television series Shining Days, where she was nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Television Series in 2010 at the 45th Golden Bell Awards.

7 Germany - Lena Gercke


Lena Gercke made waves when she won Germany’s version of Next Top Model in 2006, hosted by none other than Heidi Klum. Born in Marburg Germany, Lena’s success on the show pushed her career into high gear. She went on to appear on the covers of the German versions of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Maxim. Lena also appeared in print ads for H&M, and several other German-sounding clothing brands. She now hosts several television shows, including Austria’s version of Next Top Model and The Voice.

6 Germany - Daniela Katzenberger


Seemingly the Kim K of Germany, Daniela Katzenberger is most known as a reality star. Cameras followed her on her journey to America where she aimed to meet Hugh Hefner and be featured in Playboy. While her American dreams didn’t necessarily come true, Daniela continued the reality show, allowing fans to view the drastic measures she’d go through to achieve her goals as a model. And by drastic measures I mean extensive plastic surgery. Doesn’t she know that all you need to be a model these days is a smart phone and an Instagram account?

5 Iraq - Helly Luv


Helly Luv is known not only as a singer, but as an entertainer who has stirred up some controversy in regards to her lyrics, which stand up to ISIS. As an Kurdish-Iraqi pop star, she is faced with death threats on a regular basis. Many of these threats come from ISIS supporters, but some also come from Muslims who feel her music videos are inappropriate, and her clothes too seductive for a woman. While we can all agree that Helly is super sexy and her music videos are quite mild compared to pretty much any American pop star. In spite of the threats she has received, she continues to stand up against ISIS both with her music and her social media accounts.

4 UK - Tamara Ecclestone


British heiress Tamara Ecclestone is basically famous for doing nothing. Similar to American heiress Paris Hilton, Tamara had a rich daddy who got her a few appearances and modeling gigs. However, also like Paris, Tamara is known all over the UK as being some sort of socialite. She briefly had a reality show called Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$ Girl which only aired a few episodes in the UK. Known as a Megan Fox look-alike, Tamara is basically famous for being hot. We don't think these pictures will change anybody's mind on that score.

3 Spain - Russian Red


It's pretty likely this is not her real name; this indie folk-singer chose to take on the name of her favorite red lipstick by Mac. As a staple in the indie music scene in Spain, Russian Red found success without the use of reality television, which we all know is rare these days. She has that adorable girl next door look about her and titled her first album I Love Your Glasses, so you know she has to be cool.

2 Philippines - Sarah Geronimo


This sexy Filipino was born a triple threat, as a professional singer, actress, and television personality. Getting her start on the reality show, Star for a Night, Sarah Geronimo’s music is mostly influenced by the late Michael Jackson, the Prince of Pop. Originally categorized as a pop star, in 2013 Sarah’s music developed an R&B sound, setting her apart from all other artists. She happens to be one of the highest taxpayers in the Philippines, so you know she makes bank.

1 Spain – Mala Rodriguez


This Latin Grammy winner deals with hard-hitting issues such as racism, domestic abuse, poverty, and feminism on her hip-hop records and is well known throughout Spain. Mala Rodriguez, meaning Bad Rodriguez in Spanish, has been a popular artist throughout Spain since the late nineties, and still rocks the rap world overseas. She also rocks her sexy wardrobe pretty well.  We would definitely siesta with her!

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11 Beautiful Women You Didn't Know Existed Across The Pond