10 Ways You Are Turning Girls Off Without Even Realizing It

Nearly everything guys do is to attract women. It is why they buy expensive clothes and drive nice cars. It is also the thing that keeps them practicing those popular dance moves and awful pickup lines. All in hopes of attracting a girl and making a lasting impression. A guy who is charming and charismatic can get the attention of dozens of women, but very few guys fit that description.

Appealing to women is not an easy task. There are so many things a guy has to be in order for a woman to find him suitable and give him a chance. The future of an entire relationship can rest on a single moment. A lot of guys fail to understand that there is a delicate balance that must be maintained when trying to have a girl become interested in you. You have to be a little bit of everything; funny, charming and confident, but you can’t be too much.

It is important to know what a girl likes and what she does not like. Her turnoffs are just as important as her turn-ons. A good conversation consists of a guy graciously maneuvering his was through the two. Many guys are unaware of what they are doing that is sending women in the opposite direction. It is often physical and behavior traits that they have not noticed or paid attention to.

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10 Negative Attitude

Having a negative attitude is very similar to karma. If you put out negative vibes, then negative things will happen to you. No one is fond of everything. Everyone has things they do and do not like, but no one wants to be around someone who doesn’t like everything. Women are attracted to guys who they can have a good time with. The more fun they are having, the more likely they will stick around. Someone who is constantly complaining and has a negative response all the time will ruin the mood and force them to find fun with someone else.

9 Being Boring

Being someone dependable and safe is a good quality to have. Women like that, but being too dependable and safe tells a woman that you’re predictable and afraid to take risks. Women like a guy who is funny and interesting, guys who are charming and a little spontaneous. Being with a women is not just about being there, it’s about making her feel she wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. Break away from your routines and usual way of doing things. Guys who are ordinary don’t make an impact and blend in with the crowd. Those not afraid to stand out are the ones everyone notices.

8 Complaining about your Ex


You can learn a lot about someone’s future by taking a glance at their past. Knowing a little about a person’s previous relationships can give you an idea of what to expect in your own. Not only is the past experience important, it is also essential to pay attention to the way they describe it. Complaining about your ex-girlfriend can ruin a conversation. A woman you could potentially date does not want to talk about the women you’ve previously dated. It can become annoying and take the conversation in a negative direction. It can also cause her to imagine the stories you’ll tell if you guys don’t work out.

7 Over Complimenting


Everyone likes to be complimented now and again. It is a sure way to put a smile on the face of the woman you are trying to attract, but it is a slippery slope. Complimenting too much can completely destroy all the admiration you’d given before and make you seem insincere. She is not going to believe she really has a nice smile when she discovers you give a compliment every thirty seconds. It can quickly become annoying and will make you seem distrusting. Over complimenting can also ruin the mood and make the atmosphere awkward. It is overcompensating and she will see through your flattery. Compliments are often about a person’s looks and appearance, doing it too much will also make you seem shallow.

6 Being a pushover

Women like men who are assertive and unafraid to stand up for themselves. They want to feel safe and know that you can protect them, which are none of the qualities of someone who is a pushover. Not being a pushover is an important feature to display to women, friends, and everyone around you. When you are a pushover it makes a woman see you as a nice guy, a too nice guy. She will not see you as someone she wants to be with. She’ll think of you as a friend instead. Being assertive does not mean picking a fight with everyone you pass and becoming someone others dislike. It means knowing when to say “no” and not letting others take advantage of you.

5 Over Sharing

Thanks to reality television and social media, everyone can know everything about someone in a matter of minutes, things that probably shouldn’t be shared. Small steps are important when getting to know someone and letting them know more about you. Sharing your hobbies and funny childhood stories can peek a woman’s interest in you, but telling her about your plans to get married and have children soon may cause her to back away. A little mystery is always good. Think of yourself as an onion and slowly pull back the layers to yourself overtime. The intimate details are what makes you unique, but should only be revealed when the timing is right.

4 Bragging

One of the many ways we get someone of the opposite sex to like us is by doing things that are impressive to them. In an initial conversation with a woman, guys are doing all they can to get her to like them, to make themselves admirable and worthy. Many guys end up bragging about themselves because they believe they are telling women what they want to hear, but in truth, you are slowly turning yourself into the very last person she would consider being with. Not only are you coming off as smug and arrogant, you are making her feel bad about herself. Listening to someone go on about all the things you do not (and may never) have isn’t a pleasant conversation.

3 Not Groomed

First impressions are everything. They tell a lot about someone before a single word is uttered. In many cases, the way a man looks can tell you more about them than they can. It is vital that your non-verbal communication is just as polished as your verbal skills. Taking care of your appearance can improve your social prospects and is a great way to get people to notice you. Well-groomed and dressed guys are inviting. It can be difficult for someone to get pass a sloppy appearance. If you look like you have things together, people will assume that you really do.

2 Odor

One of the most pleasing senses the human body has is smell. Pleasing scents are inviting and relaxing, but the terrible ones are an attack on our noses. There is more to attracting a woman than smooth words. A guy’s scent can reach a woman moments before they do, and it is important that the arrival is pleasant if he wants to be given a chance. Bad breath is a major turn off for women. It will distract them from all the charming moves you’ve practiced, and attempting to use. Cologne is another aspect that can turn a conversation into a terrible one. It is hard to talk to a guy when your nose is burning from his nauseating and overpowering aroma. Body order is also a feature guys must keep under control if they do not want to send girls running away.

1 Lack of Confidence

Insecurity is a harmful trait that will not attract women. Confidence is key when talking to women. It is an extremely attractive trait that tells everyone you are sure of yourself without having to say a word. Confidence is the perfect balance between being humble and bragging. You know the person you are and what you are good at, there is no need to boast about it. Having confidence that you are a good person and someone worthy of a woman’s attention will show in your attitude and behavior. It will make those around you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are sure about yourself, everyone else will be too.

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