10 Effective Ways To Really Get Back At Your Ex

Breaking up is rarely easy. Of course, there are times when you can remain friendly with your ex, but that doesn’t mean that ending your romantic relationship will be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, you may be tempted to binge on your favorite sweets after a breakup. However, this probably won’t help you get back at your ex. Even if you don’t want him/her back, it may be important to you to let your ex know that he/she is missing out on the fun and excitement that comes with being with you.

Essentially, living well is the best way to get revenge. Making sure your ex sees you living well is also effective (especially in the early stages of the breakup), to a certain extent. Of course, it’s never a good idea to cause physical harm to your ex (even though the temptation could be very strong), but there are some ways that you can make them truly regret ever letting you go. Keep in mind that when you’re getting back at your former love, don’t put your safety or reputation in danger. After all, you don’t want the revenge to backfire. Here are 10 effective ways to get back at your ex.


10 Change Your Wardrobe

You know how your ex always wanted you to wear form-fitting dresses and low-cut tops whenever you’d go on a date? Start wearing these clothing items a little more often. After all, you never know when you’ll bump into your ex, and you want to be prepared when it comes to being especially hot. Remember how your ex was constantly nagging you about wearing hard-bottom shoes and a respectable pair of slacks? Add these to your wardrobe, so you can throw your polished look in her face the next time you’re at a social event with mutual friends. Your ex is likely to be really angry that you didn’t pay attention to their preferences until after the breakup.

9 Get A Makeover


While you can get back at your ex by dressing in a way that you know is attractive to him/her, you can also change your look completely. This sends the message that you never cared what your ex thought in the first place, and that you want to do all that you can to erase any influence they’ve ever had in your life. Of course, make sure that your makeover is a complete upgrade, so you’ll look especially hot any time you could possibly see your ex. Few things make revenge more successful than looking your absolute best and trying a new style that you were too afraid to attempt before.

8 Write A Blog Or Public Online Journal

You can also get back at your ex by sharing the details of your relationship in a public forum. You don’t have to name any names, but your friends and family will likely know exactly who you’re referring to. No one likes to be embarrassed, and if your ex is the type to use your vulnerabilities against you, an online blog or journal could be an effective way for you to get over the relationship. Who knows? You may even get an apology. The apology could be sincere after your ex realizes what he/she has put you through, or it could be an attempt to get you to stop blogging. Either way, you’ve gotten your point across.

7 Implement The Silent Treatment


Were you always the one to say “I’m sorry” first in your relationship? Did arguments bother you more than they bothered your ex? If so, your former love is probably expecting you to call and text him/her excessively, trying to figure out what went wrong in your relationship. One of the best ways to get the revenge you deserve is to give your ex the silent treatment. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t email or send social media messages. If your ex contacts you, don’t respond. This way, he/she doesn’t know what to think? Your ex has no way of knowing if you’ve already moved on, or if you’ve been in your pajamas eating ice cream for two days. The uncertainty could work in your favor, and may lead your ex to be more willing to communicate. By the time you get around to talking to him/her again, you may truly be over the relationship.

6 Work Out

If you’ve been meaning to hit the gym, now is the perfect time. If you already work out regularly, adopt a more intense exercise routine. Working out is a great way to release your anxiety, stave off depression, and to get back at your ex in a healthy way. You’ll likely end up losing a few pounds and feeling great about yourself. This will provide you with the confidence you need to get back on the dating scene without being self-conscious about your body. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to “run into” your ex once you’ve reached your weight loss goals.

5 Make a Career Change


Making a significant move in your career is another way to show your ex that you’ve moved on without him/her. The professional move may even be one you were scared to make when you were with your ex. Even if the career move is risky, decide to make this significant change in your life to boost your confidence. Going into the career of your dreams will help you to get over the fear of trying something new, and will prove to you that you can do anything you put your mind to. This will help you to start thinking about your ex less and less, until you’re completely over the relationship.

4 Get Moving (Literally)

Becoming more physically active can help you to show your ex that you’re committed to looking and feeling better after the breakup. Working out can definitely give you a boost, but it may also be time to pack up and move to a different city or state. This gives you the opportunity to start your life over, and to meet new people and have new experiences. Sometimes, the best way to get over a breakup and to show your ex that you’re not wallowing in self-pity is to put yourself in a new environment. This bold decision could lead you to find the love of your life.


3 Prioritize Your Friendships


Be honest. You probably didn’t give your friends as much time and attention as you should have when you were with your ex. Now that you’re single, make sure you let your friends know how much they mean to you. Make dinner dates or arrange for you and your friends to go to your favorite restaurants together at least once a month. If some of your friends live out of town, schedule online meetings on a regular basis. Remember that all of the relationships in your life matter, not just the romantic ones. The next time you get into a committed relationship, remember not to stop spending time with your friends. After all, they are usually the people you run to when your romantic life is falling apart. Protecting your friendships also shows your ex that he/she is not the center of your universe.

2 Go On Vacation

Take a look at some cheap vacation destinations online, pack a bag and get out of town. You may want to travel with a friend or two, or you might prefer to take this post-breakup vacation alone. Go to a place that will immediately lift your spirits and keep you from dwelling so heavily on your breakup. Choose a vacation spot where you’d be forced to look your best. For instance, a resort by the beach may encourage you to wear the bikini you only reserve for special occasions. This could get you noticed by someone who will make it easier for you to forget your ex.

1 Be Open To Love


Most importantly, make it clear to your ex that you’ve moved on but still want to make them regret the breakup a little by being open to love. If you have mutual friends, don’t be afraid to do a little harmless flirting with someone else the next time you’re at a party that your ex is attending. Don’t leave the house without looking your best. Do the hard work of getting through the hurt, confusion and pain that comes with a breakup and be truthful with yourself. Maintain a positive attitude and don’t let your ex see you behaving in a sad or defeated manner. This may not help your ex to realize that the two of you should get back together, but it could actually increase his/her respect for you as you move on with your life.


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