10 Ways Any Guy Can Become Instantly More Attractive

Admit it. We could all use a few more tips when it comes to looking our absolute best. A few of us know where to go to get these tips, but the truth is that many people have no clue where to start when it comes to improving their looks. Some guys have a reputation for not caring much about their appearance, but maybe that’s because looking great is easier than they think.

There are lots of things guys can do to look their best, and some of these things require very little effort or money. In general, when you look good, you feel good, and that could lead to a lot of great things happening in life. For example, if a guy leaves his house looking his best, he’s likely to have a friendlier demeanor. This could be particularly attractive to a girl he happens to meet while running errands or hanging out at the bar with friends. The guy and girl could really end up hitting it off, get into a relationship, get married, have a few kids and build a beautiful life for themselves. All because said guy decided to put a little effort into his appearance.

OK, so maybe things won’t go exactly that way. However, being as attractive as possible on a daily basis never hurts. Here are 10 ways that guys can instantly look better.

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10 Get Tailored

One of the best things a guy can do for his wardrobe is to invest in a tailored suit. Guys, if you’re over the age of 25, we’re hoping that you have at least a few suits in your closet. However, the ultimate hope is that your suits are tailored. This ensures that the clothing fits your body correctly and falls in all the right places. A tailored suit also shows off your chiseled physique, so you’ll feel especially dashing if you’re putting on your suit after a workout. Wearing a suit that is properly tailored also gives you an air of sophistication and maturity, and what woman doesn’t love that?

9 Shine Your Shoes

Or, you can have them shined. A man with polished shoes is focused, driven, professional and stylish. Well, at least you can make people think you’re all those things while you’re working toward achieving your goals. When a woman sees a guy with scuffed shoes that aren’t well-kept, she kind of gets the impression that the rest of your life is a lot like your shoes. No self-respecting lady wants to be a part of that. So, basically, if you don’t want to be judged harshly when you’re thinking about asking a girl out, the least you can do is wear a pair of polished shoes. By the way, guys are likely to give you the head nod of respect when you keep your shoes intact, as well.

8 Remember That Gym Clothes Are Not “Real” Clothes

Look, if you’re not on your way to the gym, ditch the sweatpants and ratty T-shirt. It makes you look like your only ambition in life is chugging beer and playing X-Box all day. So, unless you want to attract a girl with similar life goals, take some time to actually get dressed in the morning. You don’t have to wear anything fancy; a pair of jeans that fits you well and a T-shirt made from quality cotton can often do the trick. When you’re tempted to wear something really casual, just ask yourself, “would I wear this to the gym?” If the answer is “yes,” return the clothing to your closet immediately.

7 Wear Clothes That Fit

This rule goes nicely with the previous suggestion. Clothes that are extremely baggy don’t make you look muscular or more masculine. They make you look frumpy and jobless. Don’t do it. We’re not saying you have to wear the skinniest of skinny jeans, but just make sure your pants would stay up even if you weren’t wearing a belt—and yes, you should still wear a belt. As far as shirts go, don’t wear anything that falls below your hips, since guys don’t usually have the figures to pull off sweater dresses. When your clothing fits you well, it gives the impression that you take pride in your appearance. This can work to your advantage in the workplace and in your relationships.

6 Use Moisturizer

Women and babies are not the only people in the world whose skin should be moisturized on a regular basis. We hate to break it to you, but guys get wrinkles, too. While you may be used to using a bar soap to wash your face, or simply splashing some cold water on your mug to wake yourself up in the mornings, it’s time to start moisturizing. A great moisturizer can help to even your skin tone, prevent dry patches and give you a glowing, youthful appearance. After all, you want to look your best when you’re wearing your stylish, tailored clothing. Don’t let your dry complexion get in the way of that.

5 Realize the Importance of Hair Hygiene

Shaving is for more than just your beard and mustache. If you’ve got weird nose hairs that stick out, it’s time to pluck them. If there’s hair growing out of your ears (which we’re sorry to hear about), you’ve got to get rid of them. Excessive back hair needs to be removed as well. We understand that some people grow more hair than others. There’s nothing you can do about that. However, you’ve got to make grooming a priority. After all, you’d want your girlfriend or wife to do the same, right? Plus, you don’t want to look like you’re half werewolf.

4 Give Your Mustache a Sophisticated Trim


When you trim your mustache, make sure it’s just above your lip line. If it’s too far above your lip, you’ll look like you’re 14 and haven’t figured out how to shave yet. If your mustache takes over the bottom half of your face, you’ll look like a creep with ill intentions. Neither of these scenarios is desirable when you’re trying to impress a girl, or when you just don’t want to frighten people in general. So, keep the mustache (many women find it sexy and see it as a sign of maturity), but make sure it’s neat. There’s also a theory that women like men with mustaches because it reminds them to tend to their own body hair, which poses a huge benefit for you as well.

3 Don’t Wash Your Hair So Much

A great head of hair is just as important for men as it is for women. If you find that your hair is becoming dry and losing its luster, try not washing it as much. Your hair needs time to replenish its natural oils, and when you give it a break from washing, you’re helping to restore the natural moisture balance of your tresses. This also helps your hair to get its natural wave or curl pattern back. It’s best to use as little product as possible to prevent buildup. Lots of gook in your hair means you’ll have to wash it more, which makes it way more difficult to get the look you want.

2 Don’t Be A Slouch

Your mom was right about this one. Sit up straight! When you slouch, you give the impression that you’re lazy, and you could make people feel that you’re not attractive. Slouching is a sign that you’re not sure of yourself, and that’s not sexy. So, sit up straight and square your shoulders when you walk (but not too much, so you don’t appear arrogant). You want everyone you encounter to know that you’re smart, capable creative and all the other great things that make you who you are. Before you say a word, your body language speaks for itself , so make sure you’re sending the right message.

1 Show Those Pearly Whites

Smile! There are few things more attractive than a guy who is not afraid to smile. Smiling sends the message that you’re warm and approachable, and that’s definitely the vibe you want to give off when you’re trying to attract someone. Smiling also suggests that you know how to laugh and have fun. This can work to your advantage in both personal and professional settings. To boost your confidence when you smile, be sure to brush and floss at least twice a day, and after meals if you’re extra ambitious. Using a teeth whitening product, or having your teeth whitened by your dentist can also motivate you to smile more.

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