10 Truths About What It's Really Like To Date An Entertainer

The adult entertainment industry is one that people assume comes with no moral or values; people also assume that the actors involved with the industry are some of the lowest people in the world. Most would be surprised to know that they are human beings just like everyone else; yes, they take their clothes off and do the deed for a living but like regular actors, they are doing just that, acting. Believe it or not they also date and maintain relationships just like normal people as well and surprise, surprise, they are even better at keeping those relationships stable than people who are not in the industry. There are a lot of myths that surround dating someone in the adult entertainment industry and it is not as taboo as people believe it to be. Yes, dating someone who takes their clothes off on camera for a living can be challenging but mostly, it is like dating any other person who WANTS to be in a relationship.

Some of the stigmas that follow dating an adult star are that their significant other gets ragged on for dating someone who is always having intercourse with other people, or assuming that their relationship is all sex-based, or one of the more popular ones is assuming that they are at a higher risk of getting an STI. None of these are true; however, here is a list of truths. This is a glimpse of what it is really like to date someone who is in the adult entertainment industry.


10 Relations Are Better Off Camera

When shooting an adult film there are a lot of rules, and a lot of do’s and don’ts that must be followed. The actors involved are doing what normal actors do, which is act; yes, there is actual penetration but besides that it is not as fun as you may assume it is. There are no real orgasms (usually), there is sometimes no chemistry, it is a lot of work with long hours and sometimes, you have to do scenes over and over again to the point where you are just plain bored. Your personal sex life is much more thrilling even if it is vanilla (at least you are satisfied).

9 Yes They Still Watch Films


When participating in adult films one would assume that they probably do not enjoy watching it in the comfort of their own home but, think again. Adult entertainment stars still enjoy using their time to watch adult films sometimes alone and sometimes with their partners. Some admit to enjoying the films more when they involve their partner and some cannot stand watching their partners on screen. Although their partner’s job has its perks (like getting free films and toys), it is sometimes better to stick to their own normal vanilla time together and that time may include the soft core stuff and nothing more.

8 Winning An AVN Is A Huge Deal

The AVNs are basically the Oscars of the adult entertainment industry and if your significant other ever wins one, you better show up and show out if you know what is good for you. To win an AVN award is a huge deal to their career and what would it look like if their partner was not there because they did not approve of their job (this has actually happened)? The AVNs are normally held in Vegas, so you are guaranteed to have double the fun while you celebrate your significant other's accomplishments; besides how many of our friends can say that they went to a legitimate Awards ceremony?

7 They Are Not All Hot

Recently there have been a few lists floating around on the internet that lets you get a glimpse into what some of your favorite female adult stars look like without their makeup on. Two undeniable truths have come from these lists; first, they wear a boat load of makeup (like a lot of makeup) that makes them look like a completely different person. Second, some of them look really, really different under all that cover up and chances are you would not even recognize them if you saw them on the street.

6 They Are Probably Cleaner Than You

Unlike the horrible AIDS outbreak in the adult entertainment industry in the 80s, things have changed drastically. It is no longer a risky, well paid job, it is a well paid job that has become a tightly run ship. If you are lucky enough you may get to work with the same people over and over again and feel more secure knowing that you are not obtaining any new diseases. However, even if you are working with several people you should equally have no fear because everyone is reportedly subjected to testing every 2 weeks to keep things on the up and up, when was the last time you had some tests done?

5 You Are Also In The Business

Most adult entertainment stars gravitate to dating other people in the business because they both know what they are getting into. They understand the difference between p*rnography and intimacy, and they both understand what it means to have people watch them on a screen in a sexual manner. This means all cards are on the table, there is nothing to hide because the most vulnerable part about themselves is already revealed. It is a safe net to date someone in the same industry as you and truthfully, it is probably the best decision that you can make if you plan on being active in the adult entertainment business for a while.

4 They Are Not Always All About Their Work

Sex is their profession but it is not their life. A lot of people believe that adult entertainers have this great need to always have sex in their life because it is their profession, but the truth is if you ask any adult entertainer, not only will they tell you that their scenes are staged, but their own sex life is pretty mild. Surprise! They actually get out of bed and do normal things like grocery shop, exercise, have kids and participate in the PTA (to the dismay of some parents).


3 Jealousy Is Acceptable


In this situation it is okay to feel a bit insecure and jealous; your partner literally has intercourse with other people for a living. While it is something you may have known when you met them, it does not make it easier and you definitely have days where you think it is not worth it. There is no doubt that dating an adult entertainer has its perks, too. You get to attend adult conventions and trade shows, you sometimes meet celebs that you would not assume you would meet in that setting, and bonus, you get to be around a bunch of sexy people.

2 Their Body Belongs To The World

A lot of people have seen what is normally meant to be private; adult entertainment can be viewed from so many places, it is hard to believe that an entertainer’s body does not belong to the world. With options like the internet and DVDs for home viewing, you quickly realize that your significant other and their parts are the object of affection for people around the world. This revelation has some people feeling insecure and sometimes embarrassed, but it is the price you pay when you take on a significant other in the business. Just pray that none of your family members are big fans.

1 She/He Is Always Going To Be Looked At By Random Men


Yes, people will recognize your girlfriend or boyfriend randomly on the street. They may not be able to place where they know them from right away but eventually, it will come to them and they will double back to say something to them. While people do not admit to watching and thoroughly enjoying adult entertainment, they will not hesitate to ask for an autograph, a picture and boldly enough, a date. This may happen more with female adult entertainers because of how the industry promotes them, but do not be surprised when it happens to males. In fact, their fans tend to be a little more aggressive.


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