10 Things You Need To Know About The Depp/Heard Split

In case you hadn't heard, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have split.  They only got married a little over a year ago, on February 3, 2015, though they'd reportedly been dating for a long time before that.  While Hollywood divorces are usually a little interesting, due to an infidelity or maybe a child involved, Johnny and Amber's is especially worrisome for a plethora of reasons.

Johnny, of course, has been an icon in the entertainment industry for decades, with major films under his belt as dramatic as Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and as touching as Alice in Wonderland and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.  He's been acting since he got his start in A Nightmare on Elm Street back in the '80s and we've loved him ever since.  Amber Heard is just picking up steam as an actress, however, with smaller roles in movies like Zombieland and Pineapple Express and growing roles in movies like Magic Mike XXL and the upcoming DC superhero film, Aquaman.

So how did these two actors, at completely different stages of their careers, meet?  They actually found each other on the set of The Rum Diary in 2010, right after Johnny split up with Vanessa Paradis.  They were on again and off again for awhile, until Johnny popped the question sometime around January 2014.  One year later, they jetted off to Johnny's private island and got hitched.  And a year after that, they've now split.

Before you chalk their divorce up to another failed Hollywood romance, let's go over the details because this is no ordinary rodeo.  So here they are: ten things you need to know about the Depp/Heard divorce.

10 Amber Wasn't Ready To Get Married


Johnny and Amber have been dating since 2010, yes, but it hasn't been all sunshine and daffodils.  The couple were on again, off again several times before marrying.  Bisexual Amber even left Johnny a couple of times to date women, such as photographer Tasya van Ree.  Of course, when Johnny proposed, the two got serious and there was no more (public) dating of anyone else.  However, that doesn't mean that Amber was truly ready to settle down.

One source says Amber Heard got cold feet as they got closer to the wedding.  At the engagement party, she apparently quietly wondered to friends, "What am I doing here?"  She found herself trapped between love and a sense of obligation, saying, "when Johnny Depp wants you, you don't say no."

9 Johnny And Amber Are Different Versions Of the Same Person


If opposites attract, it's no wonder these two didn't work out.  One reason friends claim Johnny Depp and Amber Heard should never have married is that they're too similar.  A close friend of Johnny Depp's told People magazine that "Amber is the female version of Johnny.  She's sort of kooky and outspoken and, while that would intimidate many guys, it's a turn-on for Johnny."

8 Amber Didn't Want To Be Tamed Or Broken


Amber and Johnny didn't talk a lot about their relationship to the media; it wasn't overwhelmingly shocking when they got married privately and we only found out about it a few weeks after.  However, when the couple was vocal about their relationship, they usually both professed that their love was comfortable and that both parties supported each other in all their endeavors.  Yet that wasn't the case in June of 2015, a few months after their marriage.

7 They Reportedly Had An Abusive Relationship


It all started with a lot of arguing.  Several sources close to the couple confessed that they've been quick to bicker for years, long before they got married.  Many of their friends think that their relationship was toxic from the start and that it was full of nonstop drama.  Arguing isn't necessarily a bad thing, even the healthiest of couples do it, but somewhere along the way, a line was crossed and on May 27th, a bruised and battered Amber filed for a temporary restraining order against Johnny, claiming he'd physically and verbally abused her throughout their relationship.

6 Johnny Might Not Be Getting As Much Work For A Little While


Johnny Depp is so famous, he's always got future projects just waiting for him on the back burner.  Even now, when he's just released Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie and Alice Through the Looking Glass, he already has two movies waiting for release, London Fields and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He's also got three more projects awaiting his busy schedule to free up:  The Invisible Man, The Libertine, and Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes.  

5 Attorneys Claim Amber Is Lying About What Johnny Has And Hasn't Done


As mentioned before (see #7), Johnny Depp has not admitted that he's ever physically or verbally abused Amber.  His assistants have grown strangely quiet when asked to comment on the couples' relationship, and long-time friends and family profess that Johnny would never ever do anything like this.  Laura Wasser, Johnny Depp's attorney, responded to Amber Heard's initial court filing saying outright that Heard is alleging abuse in hopes of scaring Depp and his attorney into a premature financial settlement.

4 Johnny's Far From Clean


It's not uncommon for celebrities to have addiction problems with alcohol and drugs.  Whether they're obsessed with the party lifestyle or coping with the incredible pressures and demands of celebrity life, drugs and alcohol provide a dangerous escape.  Amber reportedly has known about his addiction problems for years and has tried to pressure him to quit. She reports that she's begged on numerous occasions for him to stop his substance abuse and seek help.

3 Amber Is Suing Johnny's Friend Who Accused Her Of Blackmail


While still a "happy" couple, Johnny and Amber were fairly close friends with comedian Doug Stanhope.  On May 29, 2016, a mere day after Amber was granted her temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp, which was of course given based on accusations and evidence of physical assault, Doug wrote a guest column for an entertainment news website that was entitled: "Johnny Depp is Being Blackmailed by Amber Heard - Here's How I Know How."  With hateful and vulgar language, he accused Amber of manipulating Johnny into marrying her, of emotionally and mentally abusing Johnny, and of taking advantage of Johnny's money. He believes that she is blackmailing Johnny: either he pays out a large settlement in the divorce, or she will try to ruin his career with allegations of assault.

2 There May Be Text Evidence That Johnny Assaulted Amber


1 Johnny Could Destroy Amber's Career For This


The truth has yet to be discovered. Perhaps Amber Heard is skillfully gold digging, despite her own successful acting career, and attempting to con Johnny out of millions.  Perhaps Johnny is dealing with his mid-life crisis by drinking and drugging himself up before taking out his aggression on his young wife.  No case of domestic abuse, whomever the victim, should be taken lightly, and fault should never be assumed without evidence, regardless of how beloved the accused or the victim is.  In any case, the truth will likely come to light soon and we'll have our answers.

Sources:  etonline, people, breitbart

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10 Things You Need To Know About The Depp/Heard Split