10 Things You Didn't Know About David Beckham

David Beckham, simply put, is one of the most famous men on the planet. Such is the level of fame he has achieved, transcending his profile as a mere former footballer and becoming a bonafide A-list celebrity.

Thanks largely to his undeniably handsome good looks, Beckham has become insanely well-known, rich and sought after for things like advertising and interviews. Having seen out a senior professional football career that saw him play for the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, L.A. Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris Saint Germain (as well as for England at international level), he has now delved into various other non-sporting ventures.

But what is there to know about the superstar that isn't immediately known by everybody? That's what this article is all about! Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about David Beckham:

10 He Has Terrible OCD Issues


Millions of women (and some men) around the world would love to live with Beckham - but they might change that opinion when they realise that he suffers terribly from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

9 One Of His Tattoos Is Spelled Wrong


Beckham has a very distinctive look and makes a point of being trendy - and this extends to having had many tattoos over the years. The latest estimate is that Beckham has around 40 examples of such body art - ranging from his children's names to the number 23 he wore as a footballer at the likes of Real Madrid.

8 He's Not Done With Babies Yet


As previously touched upon, Beckham and his wife Victoria currently have four children - the last of whom was born more than four years ago - so you'd be forgiven for thinking the couple were done with reproducing! Brooklyn Joseph was born in 1999 in London, Romeo James was born in 2002 in London, Cruz David was born in 2005 in Madrid and Harper Seven was born in 2011 in Los Angeles.

7 He Cries At Certain Movies & TV Shows


Beckham might be considered to be the pinnacle of masculinity by many people, but the fact is that he can be reduced to a bubbling, sobbing wreck by certain television shows and movies - and it's not necessarily the ones you'd expect anyone to cry over.

6 He Has A LIFETIME Contract With Adidas


David Beckham is extremely sought after when it comes to companies wanting him to endorse their products. That's nothing new - countless celebrities are utilised in such a manner - but Beckham is seen as so important to Adidas that the sports company has given him a LIFETIME contract worth around $160 million.

5 He's Done Some Acting


Like a number of sports stars throughout the years (Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Dan Marino, Pele and... Stan Collymore, for example), David Beckham has dabbled in the world of acting - although he'd probably be the first to admit that it's hardly his strongest skill!

4 Victoria Punched Him


Back in 2004, the British tabloid News of the World carried claims by Beckham's former personal assistant Rebecca Loos that he and Loos had an extramarital affair. Since then, there have been a number of occasions on which the former footballer has been accused of cheating on his wife Victoria - all of which he flatly denies.

3 He Has An Abundance Of Celebrity Friends


In spite of the fact that David Beckham started out in the world of football, he has become a bonafide A-list celebrity and, as a result, he has amassed an abundance of celebrity friends.

2 His Incredible Charity Work

via: Wikipedia

It is fairly well-known that David Beckham does a lot of work for charity, but the lengths he goes to in order to do such work is actually quite extraordinary. For starters, he and his wife have their own charity - Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust - which helps sick and disabled children, but he is also a patron and advocate for countless others.

1 He's Had Voice Coaching


Quite famously - particularly in the early days of his fame - David Beckham had a very squeaky and high-pitched voice. He was also quite "common" sounding. While he still doesn't exactly sound like Sean Connery, that squeakiness and commonness has noticeably decreased over the years - and that's actually down to voice coaching!

Beckham and his wife hired a voice coach to give him elocution lessons that both deepened his voice and generally made him talk more eloquently - for example, he now pronounces the "H" at the beginning of words that begin with said letter. Well, he could hardly be married to someone whose nickname is "Posh" and talk like a commoner, could he?!

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10 Things You Didn't Know About David Beckham