10 Things Virgins Discover On Their Wedding Night

The wedding night for a virgin can cause anxiety that will make you sweat your expensive make up job right off. Sex is a big topic whether you are a virgin or not, and the wedding night builds up so much anticipation that you want to just crawl into a hole and disappear and hope that your friends and family forget that you even got married. For a virgin, there are so many rumors that go around and unprecedented advice given before the night that you are supposed to do the deed that it is hard to not wonder what it will be like, it is hard to not psych yourself out only to be let down and wondering what all the fuss was about. However, when the night finally happens (after the anticipation and excitement or dread) you are left puzzled and with a whole bunch of thoughts that will leave your head spinning. You start to question what happened to all the glitz and glam that people talk about surrounding sex and furthermore, you have to wonder why you are left so lost and confused about all the after thoughts. No matter how humorous, repulsive, annoying, or weird the experience was, it will forever be one that sticks out in your mind and while all those thoughts that come afterwards warrant an answer you may never figure out what some of those feelings mean. Keep in mind that there is more than one virgin out there who is experiencing the wedding night, post intercourse feelings that seem so familiar to you.

10 You Don't Like Your First Time

9 Everything Feels Weird Down There

8 The Big “O” Is Not Guaranteed

7 You Feel Weird Afterwards

6 Being A Virgin Is Not My Identity

5 It Can End As Quickly As It Began

4 I Did Not Have To Be Married To Enjoy This

3 The Rumors Are Only Half Truths

2 It Is Still Special

1 It Is Not All That It Is Cracked Up To Be

Yes, it can be special and exciting and guaranteed one of the most memorable times in your life, however, when it is done, it is done and that is that. There is no second chance, there is no do over’s with someone more worthy and most of all it does not guarantee that this will be the man that you will be with forever. Intimacy just seems like intimacy at this point; and when it is done you realize that it was not a big deal, you may question yourself wondering why you were so nervous or scared or realizing that all the hype was unnecessary.


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10 Things Virgins Discover On Their Wedding Night