10 Things That Cross Her Mind When She's Done The Deed

Men and women think very differently about sex. It's not our fault entirely we were just created that way. Hence, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. With that being said, women are just more emotionally involved and need to be mentally stimulated as well as physically. Whereas men need to be physically stimulated as well as visually. Why do you think a lot of the female population spend money on provocative underwear, sexy lingerie or a trashy costume and heels? Because not only can it make women feel feminine and confident about themselves, it's a turn on for males. Sad part is men, usually just head for the quick unraveling of clothes and may hardly even notice what the woman is wearing.

"Men want sex more often than women at the start of a relationship, in the middle of it, and after many years of it," Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist at Florida State University concluded after reviewing several surveys of men and women's sex drives. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that even right after having sex, although men may not necessarily want to do it soon after, they still have it on the brain. Women on the other hand, have so many other thoughts that preoccupy their mind throughout the entire relationship and most importantly during and after doing the deed, that if men knew this, they would probably wonder how they could've ever satisfied them at all. And if they think they did, were they faking?

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10 What Do I Have To Do Today?

A woman is constantly living in her head. Even after good sex, she may be planning what she'll be doing the same day, the next day and the day after that. She's wondering if she's staying the night and if so; will she be having breakfast with him the next morning and what she'll have, or will he sloth her off and make an excuse to do his own thing and then she can just go to the supermarket earlier? Most women want to have some kind of plan of action so they can expect whatever comes their way without having to do the walk of shame.

9 Did I Get Any Messages?

Technology rules our everyday lives. Our cell phones have become such an integral part of communication that most people can't live without it anymore. Our cell phones are usually the first thing that we look at in the morning, before we go to bed and throughout the day. So why wouldn't you think a woman wouldn't be checking her phone right after doing the deed? There's that period of time lapse where she probably wants to see if anyone has called, texted or emailed her or what she might have missed out on in other people's lives. This isn't an insult to the man she just slept with, it's just a common habit. She's probably longing to at least text her BFF a little tidbit if she hasn't snuck onto her phone while you were in another room to do it already.

8 How Did He Know How To Do That?

After sex, thoughts about what might have been good or bad in the sex resurface. For a woman, she may wonder where a certain position came from or who they learned a certain technique from that ultimately could've satisfied her. Women are just as curious as men in sexual matters, but not in the same way. Females tend to compare themselves to other women. They may want to know if it is an ex of theirs that taught them that signature move and this can transition to thoughts of wondering the importance of how this other woman might have been to them or if it's something he learned from all the adult content he may be watching, prompting her to find out how much he actually does.

7 He Better Not Have Given Me Anything


This thought will normally only come after a one night stand and of course, protection wasn't used. It is always in the wave of lust that most people don't think with their heads. This is usually the time when you now come to the realization of how you could've let it happen without using a condom and might have actually contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Of course, you'll remember what lead up to it and how he convinced you he didn't like wearing it because it wouldn't feel as good. So you just hope for the best and decide to get checked later on, especially if you see any symptoms.

6 Am I Getting Something In Return?

Women are more giving in relation to oral sex. So if foreplay includes her either initiating this act or being coerced into it, and in the end leads directly to intercourse without the favor being returned, there can be an air of disappointment. Studies have shown that a third of women never achieve orgasm during intercourse but can by manual and oral stimulation. So it can be more difficult for a woman to reach orgasm by intercourse alone. This thought probably occurs during the deed, but again something that may cloud her mind after it is done and over with. This can also lead to wrongfully thinking that because her man isn't generous in the bedroom, he may be selfish in real life and this may not be the case.

5 Was That It?


The worst thing a man can be is not attentive to the woman sexually or otherwise. If this happens, forget ever seeing her again unless that's exactly what you wanted. And if she does it'll probably be because she's willing to give you a second chance or really doesn't have anything better to do. This scenario won't get any better if the man has already fallen asleep by the time the woman gets back from the bathroom. Ladies don't need roses on the bed or candles lit for an atmosphere to have sex, but usually a cuddle or spooning afterwards is a better indication that they were more than just a roll in the hay.

4 Hmmm, I Thought It Would Be Bigger


Just like women who may have anxiety about their breasts, men have an anxiety as to whether their package is big enough. It's a masculinity thing that can tear down any guy's ego for a women to think it's too small. One study reiterated this myth when it found that women who have frequent vaginal orga*ms are more likely than other women to say they climax more easily with men with larger penises, but that not everyone prefers to orga*m that way as stated by Barry Komisaruk, who researches female sexual response at Rutgers University. So really, it's all about preference and not always about the size when it comes down to it, as long as a guy knows how to work what he's got. Also, many women would be just as happy with being pleasured orally.

3 I Hope He Thinks I'm Good In Bed


Because women can be more insecure than men (especially in the bedroom), it's no surprise women want to satisfy their man. It seems logical enough to satisfy a man as eventually he will orgasm because of how his male genitalia works. So especially at the start of when they are sleeping together, she's doing anything she can to please her man. Women just want to make sure their man is happy and the main reason for that is they don't want their man looking elsewhere to find it. Although, it's usually easy for a woman to get a man's attention in bed to want to have sex with them, it's keeping his attention that is the hard part.

2 I Hope He Doesn't Think I'm Fat


Any woman (even one that is defined as skinny), might think about whether or not they looked fat during sex. It's all about feeling attractive especially to the guy to hold his interest and maybe even carrying it to the next level. It's an empowering feeling for a woman to have the guy she wants, want her all the time. Did you ever notice how most women who need to use the bathroom right after will cover up or make a quick dash for it? Or how most women would rather have sex in the dark? It's just a normal insecurity females have about their bodies.

1 I Wonder When I Can Update My Relationship Status On Facebook?


Most women are searching for their life partner and want them to take them seriously. So after a night of passion (whether you've just met or been dating for a while), the main thought that usually crosses a girl's mind right after doing the deed is whether or not he's the one. And when the girl knows and she's really into him, she is just waiting for him to initiate the next stage in their relationship like when he'll call her next and where it can go from there. This is also usually when they know the sex has been really good. And Facebook has become the way to publicly let people know about your relationship such as friends, family and colleagues, without even having to say a single word to them.

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