10 Things Game Of Thrones Readers Didn't See Coming

In the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones the script of the TV show will not be following the plot of the books.  The reason for this is simple, the next book in the series is not completed yet. This will change things as the readers of the book, who previously always knew what was going to happen before they saw it on the screen, will be in the same boat as those who only watch the HBO series.

With each season, HBO has become a bit more brave in not following the script of George Martins' Song of Ice and Fire novels. In fact many of the things that took place in the books do not happen in the show, and vice versa.

The writers' of Game of Thrones have had to fit long novels into a 10-episode TV series, and as such have made many changes. On occasion it seems like the writers of the TV show actually think they are doing something better, but for the most part it is obvious that they are trying to simplify the plot of the books so the TV show is easier to follow. No matter what the reason, there have been numerous changes for the HBO series.

While readers of the novels may have thought they knew what was going to happen, here are 10 Things Game Of Thrones Readers Didn't See Coming.


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10 Lady Stoneheart

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Speaking of the Red Wedding, there is something huge that happened in the books that never happened on the show. As you all recall, Catelyn Stark is killed at the Red Wedding in a most brutal way. In the books she comes back to life kind of zombie style at the hands of a mystic named Beric Dondarrion and goes by the name Lady Stoneheart. Although she can't speak, she is consumed by revenge. In the TV show, none of this happens. Catelyn dies, and she stays dead... Unless a surprise is in store for season 6.

9 What Happened to Mance Rayder?

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In the book Stannis decides to execute Rayder for not bending the knee, but somehow a wildling named Rattleshirt is disguised as Rayder, and takes his place in the execution. Rayder then has a series of adventures, including going off to rescue Jeyne Pool, whom he thinks is Arya Stark. Get all that? Well the writers of the TV show didn't get it either. When it is time for Rayder to be executed, he is executed, no trickery is used to save his life.

8 The Red Wedding

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Who could forget this scene? The Red Wedding is one of the most shocking scenes in Game of Thrones' history. In the book, Robb is married to Jeyne Westerling. She doesn't go to the wedding so she doesn't cause any issues at the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslyn Frey. After the wedding, Jeyne is pardoned. Things play out a little different in the TV show, as Robb is married to Talisa Maegyr, who is pregnant with his child. She not only goes to the wedding, but she and her unborn child are slaughtered along with Robb.

7 What Happened to Bronn?

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In the books Bronn was a charming character, but apparently a rather disposable one. He abandoned  Tyrion in his time of need, then as a favor to Cersei he is married into House Stokeworth. This turns into a favor that is not so great as she then tried to have him killed as she is still concerned that he is on Tyrion's side. She fails at this before Bronn sort of fades away and isn't mentioned in the books after that. In the TV show though, Bronn is one of the most charming characters and continues to have a prominent role.  Last season he was Jaime Lannister's sparring partner and reluctant partner in all of the adventures in Dorne. We are sure he will also have a large role in season 6.

6 Jon Snow Refuses to Join Stannis

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In the books, the main reason that Snow did not join Stannis was his religious ideology, even though Stannis offers to make him a legitimate son of  Ned Stark, which is something Snow has wanted for a long time. In the TV show, religion has nothing to do with Snow refusing Stannis. He does so because of his loyalty and the oath he mad, to the Night's Watch, where his colleagues vote him as the new leader of the group.

5 Brienne and The Hound

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Despite numerous attempts in the book, Brienne not only doesn't fight the Hound, she never even finds him. Brienne is everywhere in the books, trying to find Sansa. She does look for the Hound at one point, thinking he might know where Sansa is, but nothing ever comes of it. Of course in the TV show, Brienne not only finds the Hound, but they get in a brutal fight, the results of which leave the Hound mortally wounded, at least we think that he is.

4 4, The Fate of The Hound

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Speaking of the Hound's fate, in the books he is mortally wounded in a fight while he is looking for people to ransom Arya to.  Although he kills his two opponents, his wounds become infected and he begs Arya to kill him, she refuses and leaves him to die. In the show, she also refuses and leaves him to die, but under much different circumstances. Arya seems truly sad to leave him, although she is conflicted as she often is.  Also, as opposed to having infected wounds, the Hound has a broken leg at the hands of Brienne.

3 Cersei Lannister is Sexually Assaulted

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We all remember this scene. After Joffrey dies, Cersei and Jaime are alone. In theory they are mourning. In the book Jaime makes some moves on Cersei, she holds him off for a moment or two, then gives in, and they make love. In the TV show it is a lot darker, and uglier. There really is no other way to put it other than to say that Jaime sexually assaults her.  Although there may be a little bit of consensual action between the two, it wasn't enough to make it not rape. This upset a lot of fans of the show.

2 Joffrey Claws Open His Throat

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While a lot of the things that were changed from the book to the TV show may have some viewers questioning things, some of them we have to be glad they left out. A good example of this is Joffrey clawing open his own throat after being poisoned. In the books, it says “Joffrey began to claw at his throat, his nails tearing bloody gouges in the flesh. Beneath the skin, the muscles stood out hard as stone.” Okay, that is one thing we don't mind they changed, his death scene was plenty gruesome already.

1 Robb Makes Jon Snow A Bastard No More

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Before he dies Robb makes Jon Snow a legitimate son of Ned Stark, taking away forever the title of "bastard" that haunts Snow so much. He does so to make sure that the North isn't taken over by the Lannister's in the case of Robb's death. He does so in a ceremony that is witnessed by a variety of people. Sadly for Jon Snow (almost as sad as his supposed "death" in the TV show) he remains a bastard. The only mention of the notion of legitimizing Snow on the show comes when Robb brings the idea up to his mother Catelyn, who basically says "No way". The subject is dropped and is never brought up on the show again.


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