10 Surprising Things Women Love To Be Complimented On

Have you ever heard of the term fishing for compliments? How about begging for attention? Most people believe that when you give a compliment to someone they should love it no matter what because hey, who is going to turn down a compliment, right? Unfortunately, most people fail to realize that not everyone is going to love the compliments that are given out. They can be sleazy, creepy (depending who is offering it), offensive or just plain weird. Sometimes people are confused about what makes a good and bad compliment, and sometimes they believe that what they are going to compliment on is lame and due to fear of rejection, they shut it down immediately. Well here is some great news, after intense research and personal experience we may have cracked the compliment code. It is as easy as using common sense (which apparently is not that easy but let’s save that for another article); some of the things a significant other believes is too brazen to compliment on is what their partner wants to hear, whether it sounds lame in your head or is not at the top of the norm list in the compliment handbook. A girl puts a lot of time and energy into her daily appearance and personality. So guys, never be afraid to tell her how much you love her voice, her hips, her collarbone or even the shape of her nose; because those could be the very parts of her that she is self conscious about. If you think those are unconventional, read on to see a list of things that you probably did not know girls love to be complimented on.

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10 Lips

Clearly we all know that the lips are one of the most important body parts; you can kiss them or bite them. However, for a girl, lips are mostly important because we have the opportunity to jazz them up with fruity lip glosses and beautifully shaded lip lacquers. Not every girl is into make-up, so guys when your girlfriend, significant other whatever you like to refer to her as, decides to jazz up her lips take notice. There has recently been a craze with lipsticks of all sorts of color that are clearly meant to shock and awe people, so even if she is wearing a bright blue shade that does not quite mesh with her skin tone, tell her you love it.

9 Neckline

Okay, so yes it sounds weird but when you can see a girl’s neckline (in particular her collar bone), it shows a sense of buoyancy; it means she is standing up straight, she has confidence and she can wear just about any necklace possible. It is safe to say that there is a chunk of girls in this world who adore the benefits of a skinny frame; being able to see a collar bone is evidence of that skinny frame. So next time you are looking for a unique compliment to offer up to a girl, maybe say something that includes her neckline. You might be surprised at her reaction.

8 How Much She Can Eat

Okay, so this one sounds crazy but hello! Guys, we love to eat just as much as you do; however, it is almost unacceptable to admit that we can shove an appetizer, main course and dessert down our throats and still be hungry. Compliment a girl on how great her palate is or tell her that you maybe admire the fact that she is not afraid to chow down in front of you. Most men do not realize that we usually pre-eat and post-eat for a date because we do not want him to be turned off that we are licking our plates clean. Maybe even encourage us to finish our dinner. Say something that lets us know that you can handle a girl that likes to eat.

7 Her Voice

Some guys are afraid of a girl with a deep voice; they low-key and ignorantly think she was a man in a previous life. However, there are a few guys who love a husky voice on a girl and it has become way more acceptable to have almost this hoarse tone in a female voice. It is always a benefit to maybe say something along the lines of “you have a sexy voice”, it makes her feel confident and even if she did not think she cared before, she will have a new found love for a trait she didn't realize she had.

6 Their Style

Girls sure like to dress to impress, so a compliment about that cute shirt she got for a bargain or that expensive dress that she broke the bank for, deserves praise. If you are dating a self professed fashionista, then you will definitely get bonus points for noticing how hard she worked on her sweet outfits. Besides the obvious (dressing for herself), she is usually dressing for her man so if you pick up on that and give compliments when they are due, it is a simple way to stay out of the dog house and into her bed. Every girl wants to know that she looks “cute” or "hot" in an outfit.

5 Sex

Both men and women love knowing that they are great in bed. Surprisingly enough, most women are not offended by such a personal comment simply because they know they are receiving validation that they are doing something right. Everyone loves validation and even the hardest of women in this world melt at the whisper of a positive compliment in any way, shape or form. Everyone wants to know what they are doing right and wrong, and complimenting them is one of the best ways possible to let her know that she is not only doing something right, but she is great at it.

4 Eyes

What’s that saying about the eyes being windows to the soul? No wonder every girl loves being complimented on how fabulous her eyes are. However, what they are really being complimented on is how great they did their eye make-up that day and hey, no harm no foul. Whether it is the make-up or the fact that they actually have great eyes, girls love that it was noticed. They also love that you are noticing something on their face and not just their body. Either way she is getting a compliment and soaking up every minute of it.

3 Sense Of Humor

A funny girl will appreciate that a guy appreciates her quick wit. Being funny and having a sense of humor is an asset, especially when there is so much vanity in the world. If a guy can pick up on how funny a girl can be and compliment her on it, he may just land himself a girlfriend. It is important for women to know that there is more to them than looks; granted it is nice to hear a physical compliment every once in a while, but too many compliments on the physical aspect of things can make her feel that the relationship is not genuine and insincere. Knowing that she has a great personality and can crack up with the best of them is priceless to her.

2 The Brain

No matter how ignorant a girl may think she is, she still wants to be told she is oh, so clever or smart or best yet, intelligent. Think about it, if you were honest and told a girl who you thought was dull that she was dull, it clearly would not go over well. Complimenting a girl on her looks is one thing but complimenting her on her intelligence is better. It shows that the guy may not be all about the looks (although they are a bonus) and it shows that he has a little bit of substance to him. It will score a guy brownie points for sure.

1 Her Shape

Every girl wants to feel like she has a great figure; whether it is that coke bottle shape, figure 8 (whatever you would like to call it), she wants to know that you love it. With the popularity of waist trainers, it is slightly easier to come by this shape but one still has to work hard to maintain it. So appreciate that a girl is hitting up the gym and busting her butt doing burpees and squats, because those are the hardcore exercises that give you the opportunity to brag about your chick. At the end of the day, one must give credit where credit is due.

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