10 Super Rich People You Probably Never Heard Of

Celebrities are known for having lots of money. After all, being rich is one of the many perks of being famous, especially if you manage your money properly and make good investments. Famous people who have the “celebrity” status earned this label because they are celebrated (or at least mildly tolerated) by the public. This indicates that everyone who is filthy rich isn’t necessarily a celebrity.

It’s pretty safe to say that, in the long run, being rich is better than being famous. There are more than a few famous people who are known all over the world, but are drowning in debt. So, those who live quiet lives while rolling in their dough are better off when it comes to their financial security and their ability to care for themselves and their families.

A number of the extremely rich people who are not in the spotlight on a regular basis are the masterminds behind some of your favorite brands or products. Some of them are responsible for corporations and programs that you’ve never heard of. Either way, these millionaires and other well-off people don’t seem to mind that their names won’t be in lights any time soon. Here are 10 super rich people you’ve probably never heard of.

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10 Eliodoro Matte


9 Riley Bechtel


8 Americo Amorim


7 John Tu


John Tu, whose wise business practices have earned him an approximate fortune of $4.4 billion, partnered with David Sun, to found Kingston Technology. Tu studied electrical engineering after his family was forced to leave their native China, in 1949. Sun and Tu also formed Camintonn in 1982, which led them to form the even larger Kingston Technology. Tu also sold 80% of Kingston Technology stock to Softbank in 1996, for $1.5 million, but he and Sun ended up buying the stock back just three years later at $450 million. That’s pretty smart investing. John Tu also has an appreciation for music, and plays drums in a band in his spare time.

6 David Sun


5 Reinhold Wurth


4 Sammy Ofer


Although he recently passed away, his name is certainly still worth mentioning. Sammy Ofer was a resident of Tel Aviv, but was born in Romania and based in Monaco. He and his family control a pretty successful global shipping empire, and have sound investments in real estate and banking. Ofer's relatives are the heads of Zim through the umbrella company Israel Corp., a shipping and refineries company, along with Israel Chemicals. Israel Corp’s stock price doubled in 2009, and the company has been growing steadily since then. The Ofer family also has stake in the Royal Caribbean cruise ship line, which pretty much means they always have money. The Ofer empire was taken over by Eyal Ofer, who is currently worth $9.3 billion.

3 Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen


2 Aliko Dangote


1 Jorge Paulo Lemann


Lemann is worth around $26 billion, and is a Brazilian investment banker who became the baron of beer. With two of his former banking partners, Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, who are also billionaires, Lemann shares control of InBev, which is based in Belgium. The men also control Lojas Americanas, which is a retail business in Brazil. He founded Banco Garantia in 1971, which proved to be his first successful investment, and likely served as motivation to become even more successful. He sold the business in 1998 for $675 million. Jorge Paulo Lemann was also a successful tennis player back in the day, and even played at Wimbledon.

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