10 Signs She's Probably Going To Cheat On You

There always seems to be so many recognizable signs that you were going to be cheated on that you completely missed BEFORE someone cheats on you. Annoyingly enough, you are able to recall them after the cheating has taken place and you are able to pinpoint in detail the day you saw the first sign, the time of day it was, and what you were wearing or doing or saying to one another. However, we all know that after the fact, it is already too late to fix it unless you have a time machine and zip back to that day and stop your significant other from ruining the rest of your year. Cheating is normally something that is planned out; it is rare that it “just happens” and it usually stems from a problem(s) that has been brewing for a long time and has caused a great deal of stress on your once happy union. A lot of the times the significant other is not aware that their girlfriend could even fathom the thought of cheating and ruining their blissful relationship; they are comfortably oblivious to anything negative affecting their relationship. The deceitful act of cheating carries harsh consequences and even more so, years worth of pain and anger for the person being cheated on. Just because you were not blessed with the gift of reading someone’s mind does not mean you have to be a sucker to a miserable potentially cheating girlfriend. Here is a list of a few signs you can look out for; who knows, it might save you from all the negative emotions you will be subjected to after she cheats on you.


10 She Accuses You Of Cheating

Oftentimes, the people who accuse other people of cheating are really insecure people or people who are actually cheating and have become increasingly paranoid that they will get caught (so they start pointing the finger before someone points it at them). Cheaters are usually defensive and read way too much into everything, simply to make themselves feel better about what they are doing; they deflect, it is one of the only things they can do to keep the focus off of them. To top it all off, she becomes critical of everything you do, who you are hanging out with and why (How fun? First a cheater and now insecure, great).

9 She Is Lacking In The Bedroom


Well, not necessarily in the sex department because she is clearly getting plenty, more so she is lacking in the department of having sex with you. When you go from having regular sex sessions (good sex sessions) to getting crumbs (if anything at all), then something is seriously wrong; if the other signs were not a heads up (shutting you out, having no time for you, lying about where she is) then this one has to give you all the answers you need.

8 She Keeps Mentioning This "New Friend"

All of a sudden she cannot stop talking about her new friend; she brings him up in every reference as if they are spending a lot of time together; more time than a girl with a boyfriend should spend with a new guy friend she just met a few months ago. What does he have in common with her that you possibly could not? This is not to say that every time she makes a new guy friend she is planning on sleeping with him, but it is slightly inappropriate that she is making these new “friends” and giving her number to random guys when she is out. She may not be looking to cheat at the time, but he is definitely not interested in being her good friend.

7 She Starts Random Fights


Ever fought over where her hair brush is? Or why all of a sudden she is so bothered by the fact that your apartment is messy when she comes over (but she never seemed bothered before)? Chances are she is purposely starting fights with you; looking for a way out of her unhappy situation, or maybe rounding up enough ammunition so when she does cheat on you she can recall all the times you misplaced her things, did not clean up before she came over and turn that into something about not respecting her and her presence and start bringing up the idea that things have “changed” between the two of you.

6 She Wants To Take A Break

Taking a break generally means that she is looking to explore what is out there; why else would anyone want to randomly take a break from a seemingly happy relationship unless they are moving across the country for six months to a year. Taking a break is a great indicator that she plans on exploring a relationship with someone else but refuses to carry any of the guilt or shame that comes with cheating. It is safe to assume that when/if you get back with her after this break there will be a lot of questions that will never be answered because she is not obligated to answer them; you were on a break remember?

5 She Doesn't Always Answer Her Phone In Front Of You


Ring ring, “Are you going to get that?” She looks down at her phone and places it face down. Yes, let us all act like our phone is not ringing and continue on with our life. She never had a problem answering her calls in front of you before and now it seems like every call, text and Facebook message is a secret. More and more she wants to leave the room to answer her phone but she knows how weird that will look and in addition to it looking weird, there is panic in her eyes when she sees who is calling; either this is her high school bully calling to threaten the crap out of her, or her new lover, it is almost a 90% chance that it is the latter.

4 There Is A Slight Change In Her Appearance

She is more concerned with how she looks; she is dressing sexier, maybe wearing more makeup, cut her hair, and got herself some new highlights. She wants to make sure that if she ever runs into him she is at her best or maybe she went to see him before she got to your place. Or, it can be the complete opposite; she looks physically drained, emotionally battered, and exhausted all because she is trying to hide a lurid affair. Cheating is a draining act both physically and mentally, so she can choose to let it beat her down looks and all, or hide it with makeup and some new clothes.


3 She Is Encouraging You To Hang Out With Other People


This is only a sign if she normally wants to spend every waking minute with you, calls you endlessly and always wants to know how you’re doing. When she stops making those motherly calls and even encourages you to spend time with the boys (by the way, this might just be a subtle way for her to say she needs space) this can be worrisome. People do not just jump from wanting to be where you are all the time to suddenly being okay if they do not see you or talk to you for hours or even days at a time.

2 Your Gut Never Lies

Do you ever get the feeling that she is up to no good or something bad is about to happen but you don’t know what to make of that feeling, so you just brush it off and into a little corner to stew? News flash, that is your intuition telling you to either expect something (like her gearing up to cheat on you) or that she is already cheating on you. Your gut is generally never wrong; everyone has some sort of a sixth sense, it all depends on how deep you tap into it. Next time your intuition is giving you a heads up, go with it because you never know what you might find out.

1 She Avoids You


She has no desire to hang out with you because she feels weird about the feelings she is having; Yikes! Avoidance is never a good sign, and if she chooses to avoid you it is because something big is happening in her life that she cannot involve you. This can be a number of things; including her questioning her relationship and potentially cheating on you. This unfortunately can be a bigger sign of your relationship lacking something; maybe she wants more attention, maybe her parents hate you and she feels awkward about telling you, maybe she wants more fun but most likely, she is generally over you as a boyfriend.



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