10 Shady Jobs You Never Want Your Parents To Know You Did

Millions of people around the world take on jobs because they need the money, they have no other choice, they lack ambition, or they want an easy mindless job that requires no real commitment and convenient work hours. This is great if you have no one to answer to, but to some people who actually have parents who expect them to do well, have paid for them to get an education and want to see the benefits reaped from all that money that they have spent, well, it is not so good. There are tons of professions that you can find yourself in especially as someone who has just finished school or is in desperate need of a part time job. Or sometimes you go to school for a great profession but the reality of having to explain what you do to other people can get a little awkward and make for some questionable conversation topics. A shady job consists of something that involves illegal activities, ridiculous tasks, and is embarrassing to explain; and full disclosure, no one wants to have to explain to their parents that they have a job that consists of any kind of illegal activity. No child anywhere wants to disappoint their parents, and having a shady job puts your parents in an unsettling position; while all of their friends are bragging about what their kids have accomplished, they have to sit quietly in the corner and make zero eye contact out of fear that someone will ask them that same question. Here is a list of shady jobs that may be hard to explain to mom and dad.

10 Pathological Lab Assistant

9 Wedding Witness

8 Seat Filler

7 Professional Crier

6 Telemarketer

5 Street Performer

4 Sperm Donor

3 Phone Operator

2 Adult Industry PA

1 Webcam Model

Some webcam models get off lucky, they do not have to do anything weird or even talk. However, some get roped into fetishes that only work if you wear the right costume, say certain things that should probably never cross ones lips, and all the while you are totally exposed. This is one job that you hope your parents never find out you do, well at least not until you have moved out, far away and are old enough so that they cannot scold you like a child. While you will be raking in the big bucks (sometimes), it just makes for an awkward conversation when you have to explain how you found the job.


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10 Shady Jobs You Never Want Your Parents To Know You Did