10 Sexy Things Every Couple Should Try

Who ever said that hanging out with your partner had to involve something sexual and that this act should be considered as your weekly quality time spent? Granted, sex plays a very important role in a relationship and it is great to have a healthy sex life (as the number of studies will tell you); however, sometimes you just want to spend the kind of intimate time with your partner that teases your senses and makes you happy just to have them by your side. Couples sometimes fall into a rut where they lack excitement in their relationship, they forget why they love each other and often they let the stresses of the day ruin their time together at night, or they allow work to step in and take up all of their free time. Making the time to spend an hour or two with your partner can do wonders for your relationship; not only will you re-connect and learn about each other again, but you will realize their value and appreciate the time that each half is putting into making the relationship a successful one. If you are at loss for some fun activities to do with your significant other, keep it simple and just involve them in some of the things that you would normally do by yourself. A simple trip to the grocery store where they can help you plan and pick up food for a meal that you can make together, or a nice walk just to catch up; anything goes. Take a look at some of the ideas below to help jog your creativity.


10 Bike Ride/Workout

Generally couples shy away from working out together; one half may not be into fitness, and one half may like their alone time or they have conflicting schedules. Working out together can make your workout more exciting and it is a great bonding experience. Working out is healthy for the body and mind and the endorphins released from an intense workout is guaranteed to put you in a great mood. Plus it is a great way to sneak in some quality time with your significant other; if you’re not a gym rat then go for a walk or on a relaxing bike ride.

9 Journaling


Okay, yes it sounds boring, but journaling as an individual activity and is a great way to get out your daily thoughts and relax with a glass of wine. When it comes to your spouse, try having a communal journal; take turns and write little notes to each other. Want to spice it up? Write short erotic fiction for your partner to read and add on to, take turns developing a story of your fantasies. If anything it will be a great way to tell each other what you want and crave in the bedroom, or other places. Whatever gets you going.

8 Shopping

Take a friendly trip to the mall and kick it up a notch; instead of doing your regular run of the mill shopping, duck into a sexy lingerie store and try on something sexy for your significant other. Show off your goods and let them pick out what they think looks great on you; when they have a hand in what you are wearing underneath your clothes it gives them an extra boost of confidence. A sexy shopping trip is fun, exciting and a much needed break from your everyday life. Sometimes doing something out of the ordinary is the kick you need to get your groove back.

7 Dance Together


So you know the basic two-step and really, that is all you need to get by in life situations (weddings, clubs, concerts etc.), but doesn’t it sound fun to take a few dancing lessons with your partner? Sign yourselves up for a Latin ballroom dance class or something equally hands on that allows you to explore your partner’s body outside of the bedroom. These lessons can get intimate and sensual, and you can take that momentum home to the bedroom or the kitchen floor depending how far you can make it before you cannot resist keeping your hands off of one another.

6 Cook Together

When she gets that bit of flour on her face it is so cute and endearing; how can you not love cooking with her? Cooking together is a great bonding experience. The atmosphere allows for a relaxing after work activity with a great glass of wine. If you are not the greatest cook this is a way to brush up on a set of skills together and if you still suck and your dinner turns out gross, you get to enjoy a laugh together while you choke down the horrible tasting food or give up and order in something more appetizing while you curl up on the sofa.

5 Couples Massage


What is sexier than a couple’s massage? Especially with some of the more posh spas that are around these days. Even if you have a shoe string budget, you can still afford an amazing spa experience. A day dedicated to pampering you and your partner, being catered to hand and foot; indulging in a great back massage surrounded by candles in a dim room with scents that hit every spot. Or, if you opt to stay home and make your personal space your sanctuary you can take turns giving one another a massage and getting in some much needed couple time.

4 Take A Stay-Cation

No vacation days left but you need a break to re-connect with your partner? Take a stay-cation. A mini vacation that is driving distance from your house; maybe go to a cottage for a weekend, a retreat or keep it simple and rent a hotel room for few days away from the distractions of your everyday life. If you have kids this is a great idea; you guys get a break to do whatever your heart desires; sleeping in, eating junk food while you “chill and watch Netflix”, or better yet have sex as loud as you want because there are no kids knocking at your door asking what you are doing.


3 Role Play


Not that you need to spice up your love life but if you did or you just want to try something new, why not role play. Instead of keeping it in the bedroom, take it to the streets (kinky right?). Here is a better explanation; start the role play at a local place you guys like to hang out at, hit on one another like you have never met before and see where things escalate to. Lead it back to your place and enjoy the effects of the excitement you stirred up earlier. If you like that, then try it again, always in a different setting and always adding something new to the mix.

2 Phone Sex

It is easier to say something taboo over the phone than to someone’s face; phone sex is a great way to tell someone what you want without having to deal with the embarrassing emotions you experience when saying it to their face. Or, if you have to take extended time away from your partner, it is a great way to stay sexually connected and satisfied until you can physically be together again. It says a lot about your connection with your partner when you can stimulate their mind and body without the added distractions or marital aids. All you need is an imagination and a phone.

1 Shower Together


After a long, hard work day, set up a steamy shower or if your bath tub fits two, fill it with bubbles and lavender; relax and talk about your day. Bathing together is both sensual and a great way to unwind; you can play catch up as you discuss your day or clean each other and sit in silence sharing a tempting gaze. Yes, a bath is equally as relaxing alone and granted you have more space in the tub, but sharing this time with your partner just makes it that more special. Besides, do you really need an excuse to spend some naked, alone time with your significant other?



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