10 Restaurants You're Most Likely To Run Into A Celebrity

When it comes to cool life experiences, meeting a celebrity may be one of the coolest. Yet believe it or not, there are many ways for a person to spot a celebrity without downloading an app, paying expensive VIP concert tickets or becoming the paparazzi! If you live on the right side of town, a celebrity sighting can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time.

One of my most unforgettable life experiences was noticing IMG fashion model Yasmin Warsame while walking in downtown Toronto. Not to mention crossing paths with the previous MTV News host Sway in Los Angeles, or seeing Jessica Simpson's mother on Collins Avenue during the 2005 MTV Awards in South Beach. While some celebrities try and hide, I was still able to notice celebs such as R&B singer Musiq Soulchild in Atlanta while he was wearing a hat and a dark pair of sunglasses. It can be awful if you run into a celebrity, but it's in an awkward environment or one that is crunched for time. I saw Michael Ealy near Central Park in New York City but I was on a bus! That’s what I call being at the right place at the wrong time.

One thing that is true of any celebrity, is that they like to eat. As a result, there are many restaurants that are known to be popular among the rich and famous. So whether you are a die-hard foodie or enjoy trying out new restaurants while traveling, here are the top 10 most reputable restaurants you are most like to see a celebrity.

10 Soho House (Toronto, Ontario)

Via SohoHouse Toronto

9 Fring's (Toronto, Ontario)


Drake is from Toronto, so it should not be shocking that his first Canadian restaurant (Fring's) is located in Toronto.  It may have been opened last October but has already attracted a few California natives such as Serena Williams, Will and Jaden Smith. The fashion stylist Jenna Bitove has also been seen around Drake in the past as well.

8 Casa Tua  (Miami Beach, Florida)

Via Bonchicblog

7 Café Martorano  (Miami Beach, Florida)

Via MiamiHerald

6 Hakkasan Restaurant  (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Via MGMGrandHotel

5 Giada  (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Via Eater Giada

4 Gemma Restaurant  (New York City, New York)

Via Vogue

Gemma Restaurant is a well-known pizzeria that uses authentic New York City products that are found at the local Talon Market. Name it and Gemma restaurant has it! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a weekend brunch and  there is even a 24 hour room service at the Bowery Hotel which is located above the restaurant. If you are feeling determined, why not spend a week in the upstairs hotel for a great chance at seeing a celebrity? The camera lenses of many paparazzi and unexpected fans have seen Emma Stone, Isla Fisher, Selena Gomez and snowboarder Shaun White enjoying a delicious meal here. Aside from the menu, another reason why celebrities like this spot is because it is close to numerous bars, Art museums and theatres.

3 Bar Pitti (New York City, New York)

Via DoubleDippingBlog

2 Chateau Marmont (Hollywood, California)


1 Ceconni’s  (Hollywood, California)

Via Cecconiswesthollywood

Ceconni’s restaurant can be found around the globe with locations in London, Miami Beach and Istanbul, but nothing tops the location in West Hollywood, California. The restaurant is most notable for hosting celebrity birthday parties, industry events and not to mention, a delicious plate of handmade North Italian dishes. When you add Kate Bosworth, Drake, Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Biel, Selena Gomez, Jay Z and Beyonce what do you get? A restaurant that creates lasting memories for celebrities and guests that rub shoulders with these A lister’s. When you get a glimpse of the inside of this place, you will understand why it is a popular place to eat.

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10 Restaurants You're Most Likely To Run Into A Celebrity