10 Reasons You NEED To Read This List NOW

So what’s the big deal? What is it about this list that you need to read it right now? Well, we’re not going to tell you in this introduction because then you probably wouldn’t read the list. Most of the lists you read around here are very straight forward: Top 10 Coolest Cars or Top 10 Wrestlers with Big Heads or whatever it happens to be at the moment, but this list is different - this list is special.

There was some debate on what to call this list, but instead of getting into the details, we knew that we needed you to read it and we should just cut to the chase. We weren’t going to sell it with sex or popularity or whatever may get you to click on other lists. This list is important, so we’ll just come out and tell you we need you to read this list now.

We limited it to 10 reasons, but by the time it’s done, you’re going to realize that we could have done a much longer list. However, with the kind of information we’re going to provide, it just seems to make more sense not to overload you. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll do a second list, but for now, focus on the 10 things you’re about to read.

Please, read to the end. As the title says, there are 10 reasons, not 4, not 8, not 5. There are 10. We’re holding you up. We’re sorry. It’s time to take a look at 10 reasons you NEED to read this list NOW. Thank you.

10 You wonder what could possibly happen if you don’t have the information

9 It sounds urgent

8 Despite your better intuition, you will anyway

7 You can’t believe there would be a list like this

6 You’re starting to suspect it’s a hoax, but need to be sure

5 You’re halfway there

4 You take direction well

3 You’ve gone this far, might as well finish

2 You just have to find out what Number One is

1 Congratulations! You reached Number One

The question really is what does it say that you went all the way. It’s impressive because you knew that the only prize was reaching Number One in and of itself and nothing written here would be worthy of a prize. You can say you did it. You got through the entire list that you were told to read immediately and despite inane entry after inane entry, you stuck to it. You can either feel good about yourself that you made it or you could feel like the world’s biggest sucker. It’s up to you. What is this list about? It’s about free will. How do you feel about yours?

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10 Reasons You NEED To Read This List NOW