10 Reasons Why We Don’t Want Barbie To Resemble Actual People

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a teacher, a rock star, or a marine biologist. I even thought about joining the Air Force or becoming a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. I seriously had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, and to be honest; I still really don’t know. Barbie had absolutely nothing to do with my choices. Going to friend’s houses as a child, I would see her dream houses and beautiful cars, and sometimes wish to own one for Barbie to play in, but I don’t remember ever wanting to actually look like her or be her.

Barbie has been around for decades, and there has been a few, minor changes throughout the times, but she has not had a major transformation since she was first introduced. Sure, everything is bound to change throughout the years; and in the beginning of the Barbie era, women were still being forced to stay at home and there were advertisements that were demeaning to women and would never be allowed to air today; but Barbie was one of those things that has been consistent throughout the years, even changing some of the views that people saw back then. Barbie was an independent woman, and that’s what I saw in her. She had her own car, her own mansion, and the only man in her life was Ken. He didn’t have many clothes and appeared to hang out at the beach all the time, but Barbie was one of the dolls that taught us that girls can do more than just stay at home raising children.

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10 Her Clothes Won’t Fit Her Anymore


When Barbie was first designed, Mattel created her clothes so that they could be put on and removed easily. Her weird-shaped feet were made for high heels, and the shoes fit just the same. Little girls (and some boys) like to play dress-up when they are young, and Barbie dolls give them the opportunity to do just that; without having to try the clothes on themselves. People should not have to worry if the cute dress would fit Barbie; the clothes are all the same size. If they were to change her size, the kids who already have all of her fantastic fashions would have to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe to fit the dolls.

9 Barbies Were Not Designed For Girls to Look Like Them


As said in the previous statements, children like to play dress-up and it is a lot of fun when you have a doll to use. Especially a doll that is undeviating in size and all of the clothes are designed specifically for that particular doll. If Barbie were to be changed to look like someone, how would they know exactly who to model her after? Would they make her look like a five year old girl who is short and plump, or would she be designed for a taller, skinnier teenager who isn’t quite filling her body yet? Wouldn’t we be offending just about anyone and everyone who doesn’t fit into the specific categories that Barbie covers? Just how many Barbies would Mattel have to manufacture to make everyone happy?

8 Mattel Would Have to Create All Barbies to Look Like Everyone, to Be Fair

Okay, so maybe the manufacturer could go ahead and create a Barbie that resembles real people, but where exactly would it end? Would she also have stretch marks from gaining and losing weight? Would they have to add in freckles, or perhaps acne for those awkward teenage years, or scars from when she got surgery from an appendectomy? It seems like Barbie would also be susceptible to broken bones, so a cast would have to be thrown in as well. Would we also have to do the same for her animals? Would her dog have to gain weight to fit into Barbie’s lifestyle? Wouldn’t this fit in to the “animal cruelty” category, if that was done? And what about the children who are disabled, would we want to go that far? Would it be discrimination to put a Barbie in a wheelchair or Ken with missing arms?

7 Very Few Girls Want to Actually Look Like Barbie


There are very few girls in the world who see a Barbie doll and think to themselves, “I think I want to look exactly like this piece of plastic with synthetic, stringy hair.” Who would they actually model Barbie after, if they were to change her looks? Exactly who is she going to be modeled after? Tall people? Short people? Overweight people? We can’t make everyone happy. She will eventually upset or offend someone, leading to the probable end of Barbies altogether. They may even have to add tattoos, just so the people who believe in body art wouldn’t get offended, either. Or even pierce her belly button and adding nose rings would be an addition, too.

6 Who Will Wear Her Clothes and Drive Barbie’s Cars?


Barbie has been around for over five decades. She was created in 1959, and was made to resemble an adult. The dolls made previous to Barbie were similar to babies, and children thought it was more fun to play with dolls that had jobs and could do things that children couldn’t really do. Barbie is able to drive a car, hold a job, and even has her own house. If she were to be redesigned, her size would be different and she may not be able to fit in her car. She might not even be able to squeeze into her bed, either. What will kids do with Barbie’s clothes that don’t fit and her car that she can’t drive?

5 The Real-Life Barbies Will Have Nothing to Model After


Although the majority of women don’t want to look like Barbie, there are a small number of people in the world who would like to become living dolls. Russian-born Valeria Lukyanova, has been dubbed “the human Barbie” and Justin Jedlica, the man who has had over 140 cosmetic surgeries to make himself look more plastic, are the exceptions to the rule. Valeria claims that the only operations that she has had done is a breast augmentation. It is; however, difficult to believe that there is no plastic surgery that’s been done, since her waist is so incredibly minuscule and her eyes are so large and cartoon-like. It may be the makeup that she uses to make her appear so Barbie-like, but she is definitely unique when it comes to her exterior. Justin does not seem to like Barbie too well; he calls her an “illusionist,” which is odd for someone who is merely an over-sized Ken doll. According to Daily Mail, Justin has spent $220,000 to have himself look like Ken, including removing veins in his forehead that was considered to be an extremely dangerous surgery. He could have lost his eyesight if anything would have gone wrong while getting the procedure done, so it was exceedingly risky.

4 The Dimensions Would be Completely Off, Making Barbie Look Strange


The real Barbie doll that Mattel sells in the department stores, toy stores, big box stores, and pretty much every flea market in the United States is made unvarying. She is 11 ½ inches tall, has a five inch bust and her waist is an unbelievably petite 3 ½ inches around. To make this into an actual scale to a life-sized model, we would make her around 5’10” tall. This sounds pretty normal, right? How about a bust that is equivalent to 30 inches around? The average woman is anywhere between 36 and 40 inches around their chest. As a matter of fact, brassieres designed for pre-teens don’t yet begin until size 32 in most areas. The waist would be 21 inches around, which is impossible if a girl wants to keep all of her bodily organs intact. Her head is also a lot larger than a normal size crown, and the neck is a lot longer and thinner, so chances are that a real person with Barbie’s dimensions would not have a cranium, it would fall right off of their skinny little neck. But it would fit right along with her teeny-tiny feet that nobody would even be able to walk around on since they are too small.

The point is; if we were to take those dimensions of real people and turn them into a Barbie using those same measurements, she would look really funny. Her feet would be too big for her shoes, we wouldn't be able to button her jeans and those beautiful dresses that parents have spent fortunes on would no longer be able to fit over her over-sized hips.

3 Short Barbie Won’t be Able to Reach the Pedals in Her Dream Car


If we are going to be creating Barbies designed after the actual sizes of people, then we have to include the shorter girls as well. Her dream car was created for that 11 ½ doll and her microscopic feet to reach the floor and drive to her castle at the beach. Or her dream house. Or that dream date with Ken. Who is going to drive if she can’t reach the pedals? Now, isn't that a bit unfair, and a little offensive to short people? And if we make Barbie taller, then the opposite is true for those who are of the more elevated persuasion.

2 Ken Will Need A Makeover, As Well



If we are going to give Barbie a completely altered look, then we should probably do the same for Ken, shouldn't we? It only seems fair, since we don’t want Ken to feel left out. The only problem with this is that Ken might be shorter than Barbie if that happens. It all depends on how Barbie will be formed. Will his six-pack abs disappear? There are very few men that work out religiously to be toned and well defined; and who look like Ken, so why wouldn't we want to re-create him, as well? Are boys having body issues because of the way Barbie’s boyfriend looks? Do we really want to see a Ken doll that looks like the average, every-day man? Are we going to have to make beer cans and television sets, and have Ken with a large belly, that his jeans won’t fit over? Do we really want our dolls to look like real humans?

1 They Would Have to Change All of the Other Barbie-Type Dolls That Are On the Market


Barbie isn't the only doll on the market with unbelievable curves and disproportionate body-types. The Monster High dolls, created in 2010, are a similar brand to Barbie that were also created by Mattel to bring about a little bit of uniqueness to the ones who will be playing with them. They have limbs that detach (including their heads) and feet that are inside their shoes, so you change their entire foot instead of just the sneakers that they may be wearing. Their heads are huge, their waists are tiny and the dolls are made to look like creatures instead of little girls. There are werewolves, vampires and mummies; just to name a few. There are also the Bratz dolls, which are also very similar to the Barbie and Monster High dolls; but these are even a bit more controversial; the dolls are sold with cropped tops and even skinnier waists than the previously mentioned plastics. They also have large, full lips that appear to have had collagen injections; but nobody is complaining about that.

No one appears to be protesting about making a Bratz doll look like a normal 19-year old. There aren't any articles written by people saying that the Monster High dolls need to keep their limbs attached, either. So why Barbie? Can’t we just let her be?

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