10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Won't Score On The First Date

They say nice guys always finish last, but some nice guys don’t finish at all. Sadly, some nice guys never even start. Nice guys are often shy and have a hard time being forthcoming about their feelings. Some guys fantasize so much about the “perfect girl” that they have no real idea how to talk to women or have a meaningful relationship, let alone a one-night stand. By the way, it’s important to realize that nice guys are still guys, and if they had the opportunity to score on the first date, many of them would. However, what happens after that first date?

After the date comes a relationship and possibly marriage. After all, there comes a time in a woman’s life when she wants a nice guy. She wants someone she can bring home to meet her parents. She wants a man who has a respectable career and a desire for a family. She wants a man who respects her and values her feelings and opinions. However, even the nice guy that she chooses has to have some type of edge and excitement to him. Otherwise, he’ll end up alone again after his wife feels that the “magic” is gone. Don’t be that guy. Here are 10 reasons nice guys are not likely to score on a first date.


10 Nice Guys Don’t Understand Women

Some men in the “nice guy” category have no idea how a woman’s mind works. These guys also think that being in the friend zone is some type of punishment. Actually a nice guy in the friend zone can work his way to “dateable” status by doing his best friend thing to understand the opposite sex. Instead of being so obsessed with having a girlfriend or sexual conquest, nice guys should be more concerned with enjoying the company of a woman and learning how to be a great friend by being trustworthy and having a sense of humor. This is one of the most effective ways for friendships to turn into dates, and for dates to turn into…something more.

9 Nice Guys Are Doormats


Even though a girl may say that a guy is really nice, she won’t respect him if he’s a doormat. Nice guys tend to agree to things they are not comfortable with, and will do anything to please a woman they are attracted to. Some nice guys don’t even think about their own feelings and preferences when it looks like they actually have a chance with a girl they like. This is one of the quickest ways NOT to have a one-night stand. Yes, women like it when you take their needs into consideration and show that you care. They are also attracted to men who aren’t afraid to speak up when they are being taken advantage of. Don’t be a doormat.

8 Nice Guys Forget That Women Like Sex

One main reason nice guys don’t score on the first date is because they forget that women are sexual creatures. Some nice guys haven’t mastered the fine art of being both respectful and alluring. Nice guys tend to negate the fact that being attractive is important for men. After all, nice guys are attracted to women who are super hot. Putting some effort into flirty conversations and buying clothing that screams sex appeal is just as important for men as it is for women. Guys who have a lot of one-night stands understand this, and implement these principles often.

7 Nice Guys Have A Type


Nice guys have a really annoying habit of going for the girls who are way out of their league. They want the women who are the envy of all the other women around them. Nice guys want to date the most beautiful woman on campus or in the workplace. These guys are also simultaneously angry with very hot women for not giving them the time of day in most cases. So, basically, nice guys don’t go for nice girls. Sure, they date nice girls and even introduce these nice girls to their families. However, they are secretly waiting for the day when they can score with the women of their dreams. Nice guys should be realistic and go for the girl who is actually going to show them some respect and interest on the first date. This will likely be more successful than holding out for a “dream girl.”

6 Nice Guys Are Afraid To Be Real

It’s not uncommon to meet a nice guy who acts like everything is great all the time. This can be really unattractive, and will likely keep him from getting another date. Women need to know that men have a sense of control about themselves, but are still honest enough to admit when they’re having a bad day. Nice guys also tend to overlook the fact that they’ve made mistakes in life, just like everyone else. Most guys who are classified as “nice” think that the world is against them, which makes them unable to relate to others in a healthy and realistic way.

5 Nice Guys Are More Concerned With Their Image Than Their Date


Most nice guys haven’t been on many dates in their lives. So, when a girl finally decides to go out with them, they want to make the most of it. The guy may take lots of pictures while on the date, or post his location on social media. This isn’t because he’s so into his date that he wants the world to know that the two of them are having a great time. He’s appearing to be chivalrous because he wants to attract all the women he can. He wants every girl to think he’s a nice guy with the skills to charm hot women. This is a mindset that should stay in seventh grade, where it belongs. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

4 Nice Guys Are Probably Not Great In Bed

It’s sad, but true. Nice guys usually aren’t very good in bed. So, what’s the point of trying to “score” when the experience is just going to be unfulfilling and disappointing for both parties? In most cases, nice guys don’t have the sexual experience to ensure that a woman is satisfied. This can make an awkward date downright terrible. One of the ways to fix this problem is to develop more confidence. When a nice guy becomes a decent man with a tastefully aggressive side, he’ll display the mixture of self-assurance and sensitivity that most women find very hard to resist.


3 Nice Guys Are Often Desperate


Desperation is not attractive to women at all. This especially applies to women who are going on dates with the hopes to get into a serious relationship. To be honest, desperation is also unappealing to women who are fine with having a one-night stand. Nice guys tend to make it known that they haven’t been on a date in a while, and that they’re happy someone wants to spend time with them. This tells a woman that he has no confidence, and who would be sexually attracted to a guy with no confidence? No one, that’s who. Nice guys who are way too desperate in their approach will either not get a date to begin with, or get a pity date with a girl who can’t wait to go home (alone) after dinner.

2 Nice Guys Sometimes Make Excuses

Sometimes, guys who are quiet and easy going have lots of explanations for why they don’t have what they want. These guys will take a girl out on a date, but get frustrated when the date doesn’t end in sex. After all, it is up to the girl to decide if that’s where she wants things to go, and most times, nice guys don’t make it obvious that they are comfortable with intimacy. They then make the excuse that all girls are needy and superficial, which is why they can’t find a decent woman to be in a relationship with. However, this is just a sophisticated way of whining and not taking control.

1 Nice Guys Tend To Be Passive Aggressive


Guys who are reserved in nature and are intimidated by women probably won’t score on the first date because they tend to be passive aggressive. A nice guy sometimes assumes that a woman should know what he’s thinking. So, he doesn’t speak up when he feels he’s being used for fancy dinners and expensive trips. He doesn’t let the woman know that he’s attracted to her, for fear that he’ll be rejected. So, when the woman he’s interested in moves on, he gets angry. This, of course, isn’t completely the woman’s fault. Women are more likely to go for the guy who is direct in his approach. This isn’t because women enjoy being taken advantage of. Rather, women appreciate a guy who isn’t afraid to take charge, because it shows that he’ll likely be a source of protection and stability in a relationship.


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