10 Reasons Why Kendall Is The Only Kardashian We Love

I'm not gonna lie. I am one of those people who has been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians from the very beginning. At first, I wouldn't admit to tuning in and now my friends tag me every single time a Kardashian-related meme pops up on Instagram and I only have a minimal amount of shame about it. With that said, I do get how the reality TV queens can be rather polarizing. And on some level I can see the points that the haters are trying to make with some valid criticisms. Still, there's one person that I don't think any of that negativity applies to and that is Kendall Jenner. She just has a different way of carrying herself when compared to the rest of her famous family and stands out on her own in an ironically subtle way. In my opinion, Kendall Jenner is the best member of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

Again, I want to make it clear that I am not hating on the reality TV dynasty. I follow them all on social media and I'm ashamed to say that I make an effort to "keep up" with all of the latest family news. I actually am a fan. But still, I do understand the gripe people have with them. It can be hard to tell where having a personal life ends a PR stunt begins and there is something about that which can seem off-putting and opportunistic. But my girl Kendall is not like that at all. She is the only one who treasures her privacy and doesn't rest on the family name for support. Sure, her last name got her in the door, but she is really making a great career for herself with a positive reputation as a hard worker and conscientious person.

There is just something special about Kendall Jenner. So before you start hating and dismiss this as a Kardashian-praising article that you kan't stand (I couldn't resist exploiting the wordplay there), just hear me out and you'll see what I'm saying. Check out these 10 reasons that prove Kendall Jenner is the best member of her uber famous family.


10 She Is All About The Natural Look

To be honest, Kendall and the Kardashian sisters do look hot, but everyone knows that it takes a lot of work. It's an effort that I appreciate and one that I've even tried to emulate in the past, but it's clearly contrived. Kendall is all about that natural look though. She has no shame when it comes to being photographed without makeup. Even when she does have makeup on, which she has to do sometimes since she's a super model, Kendall goes for a more subtle look instead of hardcore contouring. Also, Kendall hasn't had any plastic surgery or fillers, unlike some other family members. She is proud of her God given face and body.

9 She Doesn't Spell Everything With A "K"


Say what you want about the Kardashians, but their empire is objectively impressive.  Even so, Kendall is not following their career blueprint and is making some power moves on her own. She is just more low key about it all. She doesn't go overboard with the branding and just lets things come together naturally. She doesn't slap her name on every product imaginable and misspell words with the letter "k" just to be catchy. She takes a more organic approach when it comes to shaping her public image and this makes her stand out from the rest of her family.

8 She Has A Legitimate Career

Don't get me wrong, if I could be famous for being myself and find a way to parlay that into a lifestyle brand, I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat. Real talk, I'm a little jealous of Kim, Kylie, Khloe, and Kourtney when it comes to this. Nevertheless, I have so much respect for Kendall because she's hustling on her own. Yes, her last name helped get her started when she got into modeling, but there's no chance in hell that the top designers in the world would keep inviting her back to pose for campaigns and walk in fashion shows if she wasn't delivering. On top of that, every single designer and her fellow models always give her glowing reviews for her work ethic and demeanor.

7 She Doesn't Endorse Useless Products On Instagram For Money


Every other day, I see her sisters posing with teeth whitening products, waist trainers, or a miracle weight loss tea with captions that encourage followers to buy these random things. I respect their hustle and I don't blame them for chasing those dollars, but there's just something inherently tacky about that. Kendall never does this. She only posts fun pics and videos of her life. Yes, she posts photos from her ad campaigns, but she's not pushing her followers to buy something so she can get a piece of the sales with some Kendall Jenner promotional code. Plus, her photos are more artistic than anything so I don't blame her for sharing.

6 We Don't Know Every Single Thing About Her

No matter what Kendall decided to do with her life, she was going to be famous for being born. That's just the hand she's been dealt. Her sisters keep this fame going because they are constantly in the press saying everything that's on their mind and they always dominate the tabloids. In contrast, Kendall does just enough to keep the intrigue going,  but doesn't let us know about every aspect of her life. She has really struck the perfect balance when it comes to exposure: the fans are curious enough to have questions about her life while they're also okay with her keeping some things private and very rarely answering those questions.

5 She Is Humble


Kendall is stunning and very successful. She has also been very well off for her entire life. It is pretty likely that she would let all of that go to her head, but that's just not the way she is. My girl is very humble. She does not brag about her achievements or have a reputation as a diva with a stuck up attitude. She is very gracious and always expresses how thankful she is for what she has in life. Yes, she knows and has acknowledged that she has obviously benefited from nepotism, but she makes a conscious effort to be as unpretentious as possible even though she is very fortunate.

4 She Doesn't Need To Be The Center Of Attention

Everyone in that gene pool is stunning. As much as everyone likes to hate on the Kardashians for the contouring and injections, they really do it right and it looks so damn good. So I get that they show off their perfectly coiffed looks and smoking hot bodies. That took a lot of effort, so I do not blame them at all. Kendall just isn't like that though. She doesn't post a million photos on Instagram and she's not letting her cleavage hang out on every red carpet. The girl is stunning and knows that she doesn't need to do anything extra to get that point across so she just doesn't bother. The girl slays in a t-shirt and jeans.


3 She Doesn't Exploit Her Relationships


I understand being proud of your boyfriend and loving your relationship, but it's kind of crazy how much romance plays into the celebrity personas of the women in Kendall's family. They are all dominating the media for their latest love interests and relationship milestones. Every Instagram photo or SnapChat story with their boyfriends becomes headline-making news. Kendall does not put her relationships out there for social fodder. She doesn't need attention for anything other than her work and it is very refreshing.

2 She Is Scandal Free

No one ever has anything bad to say about Kendall Jenner. Sure, some people have accused her of capitalizing on her famous last name to get in the modeling game, but that chatter has simmered down now that she has more than proved herself as a model. Kendall is a workhorse who has no time for nonsense. She's not the type to break laws, get in feuds, or say offensive things. Kendall is all about being a class act and is an excellent role model.

1 She Is Not Afraid To Be Silly


I keep going on and on about how she's the klassy one who likes to do things differently and that's all true, but with that said Kendall Jenner is no one-note and she is far from boring. She has no qualms about getting silly or embarrassing herself in a playful manner. Just because she is a supermodel, it doesn't mean that she has to be super composed all the time. She has a fun side to her and likes to make her fans and friends laugh.

If I didn't love Kendall Jenner so much, I would hate her because she is just so flawless. She has struck the perfect balance between being a famous celebrity and regular human being. She is the one in the family that we should all strive to "keep up with."


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