10 Reasons Why Kendall Is The Only Kardashian We Love

I'm not gonna lie. I am one of those people who has been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians from the very beginning. At first, I wouldn't admit to tuning in and now my friends tag me every single time a Kardashian-related meme pops up on Instagram and I only have a minimal amount of shame about it. With that said, I do get how the reality TV queens can be rather polarizing. And on some level I can see the points that the haters are trying to make with some valid criticisms. Still, there's one person that I don't think any of that negativity applies to and that is Kendall Jenner. She just has a different way of carrying herself when compared to the rest of her famous family and stands out on her own in an ironically subtle way. In my opinion, Kendall Jenner is the best member of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

Again, I want to make it clear that I am not hating on the reality TV dynasty. I follow them all on social media and I'm ashamed to say that I make an effort to "keep up" with all of the latest family news. I actually am a fan. But still, I do understand the gripe people have with them. It can be hard to tell where having a personal life ends a PR stunt begins and there is something about that which can seem off-putting and opportunistic. But my girl Kendall is not like that at all. She is the only one who treasures her privacy and doesn't rest on the family name for support. Sure, her last name got her in the door, but she is really making a great career for herself with a positive reputation as a hard worker and conscientious person.

There is just something special about Kendall Jenner. So before you start hating and dismiss this as a Kardashian-praising article that you kan't stand (I couldn't resist exploiting the wordplay there), just hear me out and you'll see what I'm saying. Check out these 10 reasons that prove Kendall Jenner is the best member of her uber famous family.

10 She Is All About The Natural Look

9 She Doesn't Spell Everything With A "K"

8 She Has A Legitimate Career

7 She Doesn't Endorse Useless Products On Instagram For Money

6 We Don't Know Every Single Thing About Her

5 She Is Humble

4 She Doesn't Need To Be The Center Of Attention

3 She Doesn't Exploit Her Relationships

2 She Is Scandal Free

1 She Is Not Afraid To Be Silly

I keep going on and on about how she's the klassy one who likes to do things differently and that's all true, but with that said Kendall Jenner is no one-note and she is far from boring. She has no qualms about getting silly or embarrassing herself in a playful manner. Just because she is a supermodel, it doesn't mean that she has to be super composed all the time. She has a fun side to her and likes to make her fans and friends laugh.

If I didn't love Kendall Jenner so much, I would hate her because she is just so flawless. She has struck the perfect balance between being a famous celebrity and regular human being. She is the one in the family that we should all strive to "keep up with."


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10 Reasons Why Kendall Is The Only Kardashian We Love