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10 Reasons Why Being Barack Obama Actually Sucks

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10 Reasons Why Being Barack Obama Actually Sucks


At first glance, it seems like being President of the United States is a pretty sweet gig, but there are definitely plenty of disadvantages that come with the role. Plus there are plenty of downsides to being pretty much any human being in the most general sense. There are actually a lot of reasons why it sucks to be Barack Obama. Aside from the president being an extremely demanding job, it is also a very public one so the man is criticized multiple times on daily basis. I imagine that being president is a role that is much more scrutinized ever since the introduction of the internet and social media. Everyone considers themselves to be a political expert with their anonymous Twitter handles and such. Barack Obama receives so many critiques on a daily basis.

And on top of that he’s on the way out which means that every person running for president is not only trying to prove that they are the best candidate in their party, but also that they have the potential to be better than Obama. Pretty much everything that Obama does, whether it is work related or not is a public story. Everything from the dude’s policies to his jeans to his hairstyles becomes a news story, a top trending topic, and the inspiration for countless memes and parodies.

Although it has to be pretty great to be the ruler of the free world, but there are some definite downsides. Here are ten reasons why being Barack Obama actually sucks.

10. He Is Aging Quickly



It is obvious that being President of the United States is a pretty stressful job to have and apparently the pressures of the job are getting to Barry (if I can even call him that). Barack Obama went from being a fresh faced and youthful president to looking pretty old and grey. It definitely looks like he has been president for a lot longer than eight years. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to hate on the dude by any means and say that he looks bad, but the presidency has definitely taken a toll on Barack Obama’s appearance.

9. He Has Senioritis


I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s safe for me to diagnose Barack Obama with “senioritism” except that he is way past being a senior since he’s in his second term. He’s the equivalent to that old dude who’s still on campus because he’s doing extra semesters. He ditched Nancy Reagan’s funeral to attend the South by Southwest music festival. And the dude is just getting ripped to shreds by the presidential candidates. He is on his way out and I would not be shocked if he was walking around the White House in sweatpants just waiting for this term to end. Well, I could never picture him actually wearing sweatpants like a college senior during finals weeks, but I bet that he wants to.

8. He Is The Father Of Two Teenage Girls



I’m sure that Sasha and Malia are great daughters. In fact, they really do seem to be smart, well-rounded girls. The thing is that it’s a problem to have a teenage daughter who has it together just as much as it is to have a daughter who is a hot mess. When your daughters are perfect and well known for being the daughters of the president, there are bound to be boys and unfavorable friends trying to corrupt them. And on top of the typical worries that come with having a teenage daughter, Barack has two of them, so good luck with that.

7. Super Hot Wife Is Better Looking Than He Is



In all honesty, having a wife who is way hotter than him is a definite benefit of being Barack Obama, but at the same time it has to suck a little bit to realize that she is way out of his league. Sure, he is the President of the United States and that’s a great accomplishment, but I’m only talking about hotness here. Michelle Obama has those legendary strong arms, gorgeous hair, a beautiful face, and amazing style. She really has it all going on and then Barack Obama is just chilling there in his dad jeans. I’m sure he has some swag and he is the president so that’s pretty appealing, but still, she is definitely a lot hotter.

6. He Can’t Dance



Pretty much every time Barack Obama has been caught dancing on camera, it has become an instant internet sensation. There have been so many memes, gifs, vines, and tweets, about the prez’s lack of dancing abilities. The dude just can’t dance, but God bless him for trying. He is super enthusiastic and he always has a fun time with an optimistic attitude. The man just does not have rhythm. Thankfully, he has a lot of other talents that he can fall back on, to say the least. At least he’s having fun while he does it and that’s really all that matters.

5. He Is The Subject Of Countless Memes

meme obama


It has to be so hard living in the spotlight; I mean unimportant people like me write articles about the president for the most mundane reasons. He is always being made fun of. Sometimes he is in on the joke and other times the internet is just mean, but there are so many Barack Obama memes popping up every single day. Every single move he makes is being watched and worked into a some sort of clever graphic for Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. That poor dude. Hopefully he doesn’t type his own name into search engines too often or have any Google Alerts because I feel like that would be going off way too much.

4. He Wears Dad Jeans



Barack Obama’s dad jeans made so many headlines. You figured that people would be happy seeing him wearing something other than the standard suit and tie outfit, but no, people went crazy over the dad jeans that Barack chose to rock in his leisure time. Everyone hates on Obama for his dad jeans, but personally I find them to be kind of endearing. It’s nice to see that one of the most powerful men in the world is just a goofy dad when it comes down to it, at least in my opinion. But apparently a lot of people are giving the president flack for his denim selection.

3. His Middle Name


I’m sure that his parents thought that Barack Hussein Obama had a nice flow to it, but now I feel like the middle name Hussein is heavily associated with Saddam Hussein, the former leader of Iraq who was ousted from power before being executed. It’s just not an association that anyone wants to have, let alone the President of the United States. Who cares, though, middles are overrated anyway.

2. He Is Not A Good Basketball Player



Every time Barack Obama has picked up a basketball, the memes have immediately followed. The man is good at so many things, but basketball is just not one of them. Thankfully, he is an intelligent man who does not have to rely on his physical abilities for success. It just sucks that someone who is so into the sport really does dreadfully suck at it. But whatever, like everything else on this list, it really all just pales in comparison to all of the positive things that Barack has going for himself. I’m sure the man will be just fine.

1. He Is Always Being Questioned About His Religion


This is the one serious item on this list and it is something I definitely feel bad about. Everyone is constantly questioning and criticizing Barack Obama’s religion. I get that the man’s life is up for public consumption, but the questions about religion have been pretty much evaded. I am not a religious person, but I feel like a person would be proud to share their religious affiliation with the world. Nevertheless, it’s his prerogative to keep things private if he wants, but it’s just got to be annoying to be constantly asked about his religion over and over again.

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