10 Celebrities Who Are Terrible Role Models For Young Girls

“With great power comes great responsibility.” There is no denying that with fame comes a certain obligation that some celebrities just don’t own up to. Being a public figure means that to some extent

“With great power comes great responsibility.” There is no denying that with fame comes a certain obligation that some celebrities just don’t own up to. Being a public figure means that to some extent you are viewed as a role model. We live in a society that celebrates being famous for the wrong things, which is partly why this generation is so screwed up. Teenage girls are probably the most influenced demographic because they are at a stage where they are trying to discover themselves, and unfortunately our society glorifies the wrong kind of woman. Many young girls view their favorite celebrities as people they aspire to be like and I don’t think those under the spotlight realize how much power they truly have.

Although it must be hard having paparazzi chase you around, it is the job you signed up for, which is why it should not be an excuse. The following ten women are probably the ten last people you would ever want your child turning out like. Between arrests and drug abuse, these ten celebrities have been less than upstanding citizens of society and have most likely influenced many young girls to act in an unfit way. These ten celebs have no shame in their game and most of them would most likely sell their soul to increase their fame, which is nothing to be proud of.

10 Courtney Love 

If you want to put it delicately, Courtney Love is a hot mess. Although it must have been hard being a widow with a young child, Love could have definitely handled herself better throughout the years. She was so out of control, her daughter, Frances Bean, doesn’t remember a time when her mother was not using drugs. Love and her daughter allegedly got into a physical altercation resulting in a restraining order on Cobain’s behalf. Although Frances Bean and Courtney Love have made amends somewhat, Love is not someone anyone should be looking up to, especially your daughter.

9 Pamela Anderson 

Pamela Anderson is one of the original celebrities who pioneered the "whorish" movement. Although she may not be in the limelight as much anymore, Pam Anderson was the one who began the “private video” trend. I kind of blame Anderson for people like Kim Kardashian being famous, but who could have predicted leaking a sex tape would lead to superstardom? Pam Anderson will always be that woman that men love and women love to hate, and although she has calmed down in her older age she will never be someone anyone should want their daughter to be like.

8 Amber Rose 

Amber Rose really has no business being famous; she is literally famous for dating rappers. That’s it. She received a lot of attention when she dated Kanye West and since then she has just gone downhill. Her unimpressive resume includes a few music videos and reality show appearances. In 2013, she married Wiz Khalifa and the couple had a beautiful son together. The marriage of course did not last and since then she has been searching the hip hop world, looking for the next rapper to take her in. Absolutely not anyone to look up to.

7 Heidi Montag 

Once upon a time, Heidi Montag was a sweet and simple girl who appeared on the television show The Hills alongside her ex-bestie Lauren Conrad. The once all-American girl next door no longer looks like that sweet and simple girl that America got to know and love. Montag has undergone over ten reconstructive surgeries, changing everything from her breasts to her face. She has had so much work done that she is almost unrecognizable. She has lost a lot of her adorable charm and projects a negative image for young girls. Heidi Montag demonstrates how natural usually looks better.

6 Lindsay Lohan 

For almost ten years, Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of trouble with both the press and the law. She has spent a good chunk of her life on probation, has been in and out of rehab and has been arrested for driving under the influence. Lohan has even lost movie roles due to her reputation and inability to control her excessive partying and substance abuse. Lindsay Lohan has no regard for others as well as herself; she missed a mandatory court hearing date which got her into even more trouble in the end. Her sad attempts at reviving her career have gotten her nowhere. She is the definition of a wasted talent and her behavior throughout the years is less than admirable which is why she earned a spot on this list.

5 Farrah Abraham 

Farrah Abraham is not on this list because she was a teen mother, she is on this list because of the kind of mother she has become. Abraham used her pregnancy as a way to cash in and after starring on the show Teen Mom; she made some obviously dubious choices. This irresponsible mother has not only been arrested for a DUI but has starred in her own sex tape, which was titled Back Door Teen Mom. Farrah was not ashamed of her film and brokered the deal for the tape's release. Farrah is a bad mother with a bad attitude who should have never been put on television in the first place.

4 Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus, who was once known as Hannah Montana, has been the subject of controversy in the past few years. There has been more than just rumors when it comes to her drug use and alcohol abuse as well as her family issues. Not only does she have those personal problems, she allows them to interfere with her career. She has cancelled numerous tour dates and has shown little remorse for disappointing her fans. Miley is very open about being a mess and having problems and although she is crazy talented, I am not sure she is the kind of girl I want my teenage daughter looking up to anymore.

3 Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian is really a sad example for anyone to look up to. After her famous sex tape with then boyfriend Ray J surfaced she was offered her own reality television series. Kim really has no talent and has pretty much done everything possible to stay famous. She has stripped for Playboy, been married for 72 days, is already twice divorced and has made some comments that have made the world cringe. Kim Kardashian is uneducated, not well read and kind of slutty, and she is definitely not someone you would want your daughter to admire.

2 Amanda Bynes 

This one time all-American sweetheart has officially began to look like all-American white trash. There was a time when Amanda Bynes was the cutest actress on television and then she moved her talent to the big screen and fans loved her. Bynes always seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders but in the past little while she has really gone off the deep end. Her provocative photos, obscene tweets and colorful wigs are not making her look so good. Although there was a time when she was the perfect role model for girls, now she is one of the worst and is not someone I would ever want my child admiring.

1 Kylie Jenner 

Kylie Jenner is the most viewed person on Snapchat and as of now is one of the main celebrities young girls look up to. Boys want to date her and girls want to be her, however she is by far the worst role model for our youth. Kylie Jenner does not act her age, nor does she look it. She loves posting provocative videos and has caused a lot of controversy for her numerous cosmetic surgeries. Kylie has also been in the spotlight for dating Tyga who is much older than her. If Kylie wants to truly be a role model for girls, she needs to clean her act up and start putting her focus on energy into something the world can look up to.

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10 Celebrities Who Are Terrible Role Models For Young Girls