10 Of The World's Most Epic Photobombs

"Photobomb" was named the Word of the Year in 2014 by the Collins English Dictionary, and is defined as "to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject's knowledge." The word is fairly new to the English language and has received much attention due to both the wide use of smart phone photography and also due to the ease with which photos can now be shared on the internet. Since, entire sections of websites, if not whole websites themselves, have been dedicated in uploading and sharing photos featuring hilarious and strange photobombs. You've no doubt experienced it yourself: you're about to take a great photo and are busy planning, organizing, and timing it just right, when someone jumps in and ruins (or improves) your picture. Or maybe you've been the photobomber, jumping into photos? Regardless of which side of photo you're on, here are some of the most easily recognizable, hilarious, and iconic photobombs found on the internet -  from our favorite animal photobombs to our favorite celebrity photobombs, and all the strangeness in between.


11 The Photobomb Gone Wrong

Sometimes photobombs go so well they can improve the results of a photo. Other times however, they don't go so well. As in the photo above, it appears the man trying to photobomb the group of girls had some unpleasant results - namely, a drink being spilled on him. We don't know whether he was trying to join the photo and accidentally spilled the drink on himself, or he was trying to photobomb the girls and had the drink spilled on him in anger. All we know is photobombers beware - avoid situations that could have negative results, such as having drinks spilled on you.

10 The Prairie Dog Photobomb

This happy couple were taking a trip through the Canadian Rockies when they decided to take a photo to remember their trip by (you know, the normal thing). Using their self-timer, they set up the picture and waited for the timer to count down, when all of a sudden, a little prairie dog decided he wanted to be part of the photo, too. This was not the photo the couple expected, but it sure is a memorable one!

9 The Red Carpet Photobomb

The past few years must have been the years of the celebrity photobomb. While Jennifer Lawrence was doing an interview with ABC's Good Morning America, Jack Nicholson appeared in view, photobombing (or videobombing) her video. Being the easy-going girl we all know and love, Jennifer Lawrence took this as a lesson, and at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, she made it a point to photobomb other celebrities. While Taylor Swift was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lawrence snuck up behind her and tried to push her down the stairs. Many photos have since surfaced, showing Jennifer Lawrence and her attempts at photobombing other well known celebrities.

8 The Fashionista Photobomb


Celebrities like Ryan Phillippe are no doubt used to be being photographed by the paparazzi while they're out and about, and they're also quite used to posing for the camera with their fans. What makes this photo unique is that the celebrity is not the focus of the photo at all, but instead, the star is a fabulous lady wearing a poncho and posing confidently for the camera. We don't know who she is or what she's doing there, but her confidence has not only made this photo awesome, but has helped her achieved internet celebrity status.

7 The Wedding Photobomb

Photographer Sascha Reinking was taking wedding photos of a German couple who wanted to reenact their wedding while in New York. The photos turned out beautifully but there was a surprise that both the couple and the photographer had missed while the photos were taken - while scanning the photos, the photographer noticed a famous face peering at the camera. It turned out, this was Zach Braff, who happened to walk by and decided to make himself known. He later re-Tweeted the image with the following message: "This is one of my best photobombs ever."

6 The "Artistic" Photobomb

Rapper Tyler the Creator has become quite well known for his pranks, including the famous prank calls to the L.A. News Network KTLA and the band the Wanted. He's made our photobombing list because of his antics, this time involving Donald Trump. While Donald was taking a photo with Taco of Odd Future (Tyler's band member), Tyler was in the background lifting his shirt and sticking out his tongue. What's more, he uploaded the photo to his Instagram to show the world his joke on Donald.

5 The Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Photobomb

Alice Bamford, the heiress to the JCB farm-equipment brand, and her daughter Lilou were having a nice lunch on the patio at Nobu in Malibu, when Alice decided to Instagram a picture of their lunch. What she didn't realize was that there was another baby right next to her, a baby so famous that the paparazzi have been trying to snap pictures of her from the time she was born - the baby is none other than North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter. While Alice was taking her picture, Kim and Kanye decided to photobomb Alice's picture. It appears Alice was completely unaware of the famous couple's presence in her photo, but since the photo has gone viral, we're sure she'll figure it out soon enough.


4 The Photobombing Sloth

Sloths are not particularly known for their agility, otherwise we assume they would not be called sloths, but this one particular sloth showed his hastiness at just the perfect time. While a group of international volunteers in Costa Rica were posing for a picture, the little guy dropped down in front of the camera just at the right moment to create one of the cutest photobombs around. Whether he was attracted by the flash of the camera or he just wanted to be part of their group is yet to be known, but the volunteers sure got a great photo to remember their trip by!

3 Gavin, The Photobombing Fish

Off of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, near Green Island, lives a parrot fish who seemingly loves nothing more than accepting treats from divers and snorkelers, and posing with them for pictures (so awesome). Gavin is quite well known in the area and has been photographed with many tourists. It appears he really enjoys the attention of posing for photos - or maybe he just enjoys getting the snacks that come along?

2 The Royal Photobomb

While participating at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, two members of the female hockey team, Australia Hockeyroos, decided to take a selfie, only to discover they were not the only faces in the picture, they had actually been royally photobombed - by none other than true royalty, the Queen herself, Elizabeth the second. The queen can be seen behind the net, wearing her iconic suit and smiling.

1 The Friendly Stringray Photobomb

Perhaps one of the most famous photobombs of all time (and the photo that likely created the word "photobomb") features a group of girls who appear to be taken by surprise by a friendly stingray. The girls were visiting Stingray City in the Cayman Islands, a popular tourist destination for snorkeling with and feeding stingrays, when they were surprised by a stingray at just the right moment - right when they were taking a photo! If you look closely at the photo, you can see someone's hairline peaking out from behind the stingray, which was probably a friend playing a trick on the unsuspecting girls. Although they seem perfectly horrified, the results of this joke have gone viral, making it one of the most famous photobombs out there.



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