10 Of The Stupidest Things People Do To Appear Rich

The grass is always greener on the other side. Keeping up with the Joneses. We have all heard these before, yet some people still don’t truly understand what they mean. While the moral of those particular cliches are to stop people from wanting what others have, many people choose to instead embrace their materialism and jealousy when it comes to getting the bigger TV, car or house, even if they do not have the money or need for it. But can we really blame them? It always looks as if the rich have it easier (and in many ways, they do), and while we really don’t know for sure, us “normals” want a chance to at least look that glamorous.

We aren’t talking about people who search for articles for how to look rich on a budget. No, these are the people who do whatever it takes to keep up appearances, even if it means skipping a mortgage payment or two or secretly eating ramen everyday behind closed doors. Here is a look at ten stupid things that people to do to appear rich, even when they aren’t.


10 Buy Expensively Ludicrous Items

The most obvious of course is the purchasing of expensive items. But we aren’t talking about just splurging on some Nike’s or getting the largest, most expensive coffee at Starbucks. No, these people go for the ultimate in status symbol items; the fur vests, fast luxury cars, watches with diamonds right on them (real ones too), no matter the cost, they want it and won’t stop until they have it. But that is all just surface. Not every rich person wears those type of things, and the ones that do aren’t exactly the ones that are seen as having good taste. So if you think that getting any of these status symbol items will make you a more respected individual, then you are only fooling yourself.

9 Buying Fakes and Passing Them Off as Originals

Some who try to get the rich look have an even better idea; they will simply buy a knockoff and pretend that it is the real thing. Besides, would their friends who can’t afford the latest 15,000 dollar handbag really know the different between a Michael Kors bag and a Hello Kitty bag? Well, that’s not always the case. Savvy shoppers both rich and poor know what to look for when it comes to specialized items, so they can probably spot a fake faster than Superman outruns a bullet. But even if you don’t have a fashion obsessed friend, more than likely your friends and co-workers are aware of how much you make, so unless you have a sugar-mommy or daddy in the background, you are bound to get caught.

8 It’s All About the Attitude

It seems so simple; if you want people to think you are rich, then you need to act rich, right? It’s the basic fake it until you make it mentality. But what exactly is acting rich? To some, that means using big words, talking about stocks, and pretending that you have a beach house somewhere that people cannot visit because it’s always being renovated. To others, it’s about knowing which fork to use for your salad, having good manners, and always knowing what’s in style. But then there are the others who think it’s simply bragging about how much you have and what you just bought and forgetting what the word humble means. Just like buying fakes, if you try too hard, people will know, and your cover will be blown.

7 Social Media Fake-Outs

If you are rich, then you probably live a fun and fabulous life. Or, at least that is what it seems on the surface. In this day and age of social media, we can peek into the lives of the rich and famous as they travel to exotic locales and party at the best clubs in the world. Some people like looking at those pics so much that they try and make the world think that they too are traveling in the same circles. They’ll post picture after picture of themselves doing things that others wish they could (or at least what they think will make people jealous), and then pat themselves on the back for not appearing too desperate. Of course, we all know what the truth is.

6 Comments, Anyone?

Speaking of social media overkill, people who try to look rich are always on the hunt for some sort of validation for their acts. After all, they wouldn’t be doing half of what they do if they didn’t want people to post how fantastic it all looks. Plus, if they don’t get the response they want, then they will start constructing their posts to get the discussions going. For example, they might put something like “Isn’t this place paradise? Can you believe that I got to go here?” or even, “Don’t you wish you were here too?” Why would they go through so much trouble you ask? Well, they need confirmation that what they are doing is okay, and if people comment on how wonderful their life is, then they have validation for everything.

5 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

One way that you can spot someone who is trying to be “fake-rich” is to see how they interact with others. If they are constantly trying to point out how much better their care is, how much bigger their home is, or how much more they spent on their birthday party, then you might be in the presence of someone who is trying too hard to look wealthy. One way you can catch them is to actually ask in-depth questions about cost and other related topics. If they can’t answer you or try to blow you off, then you know what you are dealing with. Of course, you could just be dealing with a jerk in the first place.

4 Savings? What Savings?

While there are a lot of things you can see in regards to someone who is trying to look rich, there are also a lot of little aspects that you won’t see first-hand. One such example is the lack of a savings account. Most people who own fabulous things beyond their means won’t have a savings. Why? Because they are too busy spending money to actually build one. Does this mean that everyone who doesn’t have a savings or retirement account is trying to fake their way to wealth? No, not all. Sometimes people have to live paycheck to paycheck because circumstances don’t permit anything else. However, when it comes to the fake rich, it isn’t that they can’t; it’s just that they are so busy spending their money that they don't even bother to set anything else aside.


3 Keeping Things Before They Are Taken Away

So when you have to keep up appearances, you probably try to get things that look a certain way. We already talked about buying an incredibly expensive car, but what we haven’t covered what happens after the purchase. Some people forget that you eventually have to pay for this stuff. So if you are stretched beyond your max, you probably won’t be able to keep that car for very long. But you will hold onto it for dear life until the very bitter end. Which leads us to our next little point…..

2 Ruin Their Credit

Of all the stupid things that people do to appear rich, the worst possible thing that they do to themselves is to ruin their credit. While sometimes we cannot control what happens, people who purposely try to live within their means often have to skip payments and like we mentioned before, end up getting their stuff repossessed. This means that if ever they find themselves in a better position, they may not be able to get the things they want simply because they sank their credit rating lower than the Titanic. What they will find are higher payments, higher interest rates, and a whole lot of rejection.

1 They Forget How To Actually Live A Good Life

If you are too worried about having people think you are living a good life, you probably aren’t making sure you are actually living one. Think about it. It must be so exhausting to have to find the best clothes, post all those well planned photos on social media and make sure to work your new watch into every single conversation. So instead of trying to fake it, why not do things that actually help you achieve your dreams? It won’t be easy, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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