10 Of The Most Popular Topless Beaches Around The World

Let’s face it; we've probably all had that dream, or daydream, where we wandered onto a topless beach. Just the idea of being able to wander topless, or even nude, on some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and not even care about the people around us or who can see us, has probably excited us at some point. But have you actually ever considered making that a reality?

Some ‘nude beaches’ aren't even nude beaches at all, but rather topless beaches. Some beaches allow people to be fully nude, while others only allow people to be topless. In this article, we’ll discover the most exclusive beaches in the entire world where you can be topless. Some of these are topless only, while others are fully nude.

Today, most topless beaches across Europe and especially in the United States are outlawed, with only a few strands of beach here and there, reserved for those who want to strip their tops off. But in recent years, the laws regarding topless beaches have eased up, especially in Europe. But in North America and the various islands of the Caribbean Sea, the laws have also been easing up in recent years.

At a topless beach, you get to run topless or fully naked in the sand and swim in the warm waves of the ocean. You’ll likely never enjoy as good a sense of freedom as you will on a nude beach. The most popular nude beaches are actually very nice and well kept beaches, and they are found over North America, the Caribbean Sea and in Europe. But as most of us can assume, being at a nude beach definitely isn't for everybody. Here are the ten most exclusive topless beaches:

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10 Corniglia Beach, Italy

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Corniglia Beach in Italy is located only a few miles away from some of the most popular non-nudist beaches in the country. However, it’s quite the journey to get to this beach, as you’ll have to hike up some hills and pass through a tunnel (so bring a flashlight in addition to your sunscreen!) and you’ll find yourself in one of the most popular nude beaches in Italy. The unique aspect about Corniglia is that it has very few tourists here, and most of the topless people on the beach are Italians.

9 Bellevue Beach, Denmark

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You may be wary about going to Scandinavia for a topless beach, especially considering that the area is noted worldwide, for its extremely cold temperatures. But in the summer time, the temperature is much more moderate. The seven hundred yards length of beach at Bellevue makes this beach in Denmark, one of the most popular nude beaches in the country, and also has lifeguards to ensure the swimmers’ protection.

8 Valalta Beach, Croatia


Valalta Beach in Croatia is widely regarded as one of the finest nude beaches in Europe.  The beach is nearly two miles long and consists of fine sand, coves and a resort town not too far away. If you really want to enjoy yourself topless at a beach in Europe, you should definitely consider Valalta. It’s also a good option for anyone looking to get on a romantic getaway with their spouse or partner.

7 Moorea Beach, Nevada


Number 7 differs from the other entries on this list because it is part of a hotel and involves a beach. Unlike some of the beaches we've looked at thus far, Moorea Beach in Las Vegas is a topless only beach. Additionally, there’s a resort and casino (after all, it is Las Vegas) nearby, that is for adults only but also allows you to be topless inside the resort and at the pool.

6 Whale Beach, Nevada


Whale Beach in Nevada is an example of a beach that isn't officially classified as a nude or topless-only beach. The beach, located along Lake Tahoe, is very beautiful and holds many small caves and beautiful oases along the sand, but part of the beach allows for fully nude people, while other parts only allow for topless nudity. When you arrive at the beach, make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into.

5 Leucate Beach, France


You might have guessed that a beach from France would have to appear on a list of the most exclusive topless beaches of the world, and if you did guess so, then you guessed right. The Leucate Beach in France has some of the finest sand of any beach in the country, and is also regarded by some as one of the best nude beaches in the entire world. Located nicely along the Mediterranean Sea, there are also quite a few fancy resorts just outside of the beach as well. Plus, there is a lot of space on this beach, more so than on other topless beaches. If you’re cautious about getting naked publicly or seeing other people topless, then this is a good option for you.

4 Wreck Beach, British Columbia

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Considering that much of British Columbia is a part of the Pacific Northwest in North America, you may not consider going to a beach in a cooler part of the world. Nonetheless, during the summer, the temperature is excellent here in British Columbia, and Wreck Beach is the most popular beach in the province and one of the most popular in Canada. Wreck Beach is not accessible by road, so you’ll have to park your car and then walk (possibly naked) over to the beach from a distance. The beach is notable for having numerous vendors selling beverages and T-shirts…only the vendors themselves are topless as well.

3 Cap d’Agde, France

via en.wikipedia.org

Cap d’Agde has been called the capital of nudism before. Part of that is because the town is not the only part for nudists; the entire town is full with nudists as well. That’s right, you’ll find people eating at restaurants naked, shopping naked, visiting old shops naked and doing their finances at the bank naked. While nudity is optional on the town, it is mandatory on the beach. Cap d’Agde is also just five hours away from Paris, so you’ll be able to visit one of the most famous cities in the world in just one drive. Overall, Cap d’Agde is one of the most popular nudist destinations in the world, with tens of thousands of nudist people coming here annually. If you want to strip off your top and do, literally everything you can topless, then you’ll have to include Cap d’Agde as an interesting choice of destination.

2 Montalivet Beach, France

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Perhaps the most popular topless beach in France is Montalivet Beach. This beach is considered to be the birthplace of nude beaches, having opened all the way back in 1950, and still more popular today than ever. There are also two sections to this beach; one is family friendly (one would think how a nude beach could be family friendly), and another side that’s not exactly so. Nonetheless, both sections to the beach will allow you to sprawl out on the warm sand and get a body tan or give you easy access to the luxurious resorts.

1 Haulover Beach, Florida

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Haulover Beach is simply the most popular nudist (and topless) beach in America, and one of the most popular in the world. Hundreds of thousands of nudists converge here each year.  Located in northern Miami, the climate is very warm and temperature and the beach is one of the finest in North America. At over eight hundred yards long, everything you would want in a topless beach is right here in Haulover. Miami isn't too far away either, so there’ s more to do than just hang out on a nude beach.

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