10 Of The Most Popular Pet Psychics In The U.S

Ever wonder what your favorite animal is trying to communicate to you? Sure it is easy when they are smiling, but just like with babies, it is sometimes frustrating when you can't figure out how to help them. After all, animals have good days and bad and just like people, they can get a little crabby when they're not feeling well.

If we lived in Narnia, there would be no issues, but until they start talking directly to us, using a pet communicator is often the next best thing. Some psychics claim they can read both people and animals, while others specialize in and only have the extrasensory talent for hearing the thoughts and images that animals send out.

We believed Dr. Dolittle could do it, so why not others? Here is our list of ten of the top animal communicators in the country and although there are others, this group is heralded by their clients and the media. See what you think and if you have others we should know about, add them to the comments section. After all, we have to do our research the hard way because we're not psychic list-makers.

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10 Lorrie the Pet Psychic

Via: lorriethepetpsychic.com

Lorrie has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, among other popular media shows. She is a third-generation medium and started communicating with animals at a very early age, although has only been doing it for a living for the past 19 or so years. Her most publicized experience was when she helped find Tinkerbell, a little Chihuahua who was carried away during a storm.

Lorrie is capable of performing readings over the phone, house calls or video chat and prices vary depending on session length ($52 - 15 minutes, $104 - 30 minutes, $208 - 60 minutes). She works with all types of pets and uses her sixth sense with people too.

9 Pet Psychic Marla Steele

Via: vividlife.me

Marla grew up in a family that reinforced skills, such as being guided by her dreams, listening to her inner voice and gut feelings. As she grew older, she was aware of relatives who had passed. Her very ill grandmother sent her favorite Arabian horse to Marla which arrived within minutes of her grandmother's passing. The Arabian, Steele, and Marla became instantly bonded and began communicating whether they were in the same proximity or not. She felt it was a sign from her grandmother.

Marla has been a professional animal communicator for close to 15 years and is a celebrity in her own right. She has been on numerous radio and television talk shows and continues to offer private readings, classes and other services. Her prices include $75 for 15-minutes and one-hour sessions for $150.

8 Val Heart, MBA, PaCBP

Via: plus.google.com

Val Heart is in-tune with animals and believes they offer a large contribution to our world. In her words, "Animals know us better than almost any other being on the planet. They see what's in our mind's eye, they feel what we're feeling, and they can get closer to our hearts than anyone else because they get under our defense mechanisms."

Val specializes in the human animal body-mind connection and helps animal owners understand changes in their pet's behaviors, maladies and attitudes. Reviews of her work are consistently excellent. Prices for her services are not posted.

7 Ursula Rabe, Animal Communicator

Via: www.cochraneeagle.com

Ursula is both an animal communicator and a lost pet psychic who knew at an early age that she had the ability to sense animal's thoughts. She is an animal welfare activist, after years of understanding and empathizing the various feelings the animals were communicating.

Ursela continues to give one-on-one animal consultations and you can book an appointment along with your pet, a photo of your pet or nothing at all. She has worked with many species and different types of situations and professes that "no animal is too small or too insignificant to be listened to." Session prices are not posted.

6 Laura Stinchfield - Animal Communicator, Pet Psychic

Via: thepetpsychic.com

Laura's talents include working with people (even babies), as well as animals. She has been featured in the media for her work and is a weekly columnist and internet radio show co-host. For those of you with interest, Laura takes calls on her live show that airs every Thursday at 12pm PST. The call-in phone number for "The Pet Psychic Radio Show" is posted on her website and she will talk to your animal if you are one of the lucky callers.

She is dedicated to helping people and animals communicate with one another. Laura is still actively taking on new clients and although her prices are not posted, there are many ways to contact her with specific needs.

5 Asia Voight - Animal Communicator

Via: www.oneresourceforauthors.com

Asia Voight, like many of the others, has been communicating with animals since early on. In fact, she was a natural and began talking with a neighborhood Golden Retriever. Asia reminds us that animals speak more of our language than we do of theirs and it is her intent to bring people and their animals closer together.

She can help communicate with pets who have passed over, in addition to behavioral issues and encourages owners to "increase their intuition, save on veterinary bills, lengthen the life of your animal companions and create health and well-being for your entire family". Her fees range from $160 to $350, depending on how many animals are being scheduled within the session.

4 Heidi Wright - Animal Psychic

Via: www.salon.com

Author, television personality and animal communicator, Heidi speaks with animals of all kinds, including ducks. She has been invited to other countries to star on shows such as Japan's Genius! Mr. Shimura's Animal Land and Korea's Animal Farm.

One of her strengths is to be able to communicate how an animal is physically feeling, which helps vets pinpoint specific health issues. Her mission is to help people and animals connect and to expand consciousness of what is possible. Fees start at $175 for the first animal and $150 for each additional animal when grouped into one session.

3 Joan Ranquet - Animal Communicator

Via: joanranquet.com

Joan has been in the media many times over the years and animal communicating is a passion. She believes that all people are animal communicators and it is a skill that can be further developed. Therefore she holds workshops, webinars and events to help students increase their capacity to engage on deeper levels with all animals, especially their own. Joan has also taken students on dolphin trips and to Kenya, for more exotic, first-hand experiences.

She offers private and group sessions at fees that start at $45 for 15 minutes and up to $150 for an hour.

2 Lydia Hiby - Animal Communicator 

Via: www.youtube.com

Lydia discusses her technique as "picture talking" and has worked with over 60,000 clients over her 20 years in the animal communications business. She says she has no fear of skeptics as her work speaks for itself and those same people end up referring others, as they become believers.

She has been featured in local, regional and national media and has been a guest on 48 Hours, Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and more. Lydia's fees are similar to many others with $40 for a 15-minute consultation, during which time she will ask questions and do a body scan on the animal to see if there is any valuable health information.

1 Sonia Fitzpatrick

Via: www.sfgate.com

Touted as the most experienced and trusted animal communicator in the world, Sonia is amazing. If you have seen her on television you will undoubtedly agree. A few years ago, Sonia was featured on a show of her own on the Animal Planet network called The Pet Psychic, which first opened people's minds to the possibility of an intuitive who could communicate with pets. On the show, she solved issue after issue and wowed audiences everywhere. Currently, she can be heard on Animal Intuition on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Sonia is available for personal readings, workshops and seminars and is gifted in finding lost animals, speaking to animals who have passed and particularly helping owners understand unusual behaviors and tendencies. Currently, she lives in Texas with her 17 animals (three are frogs).

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