10 Of The Most Expensive Virtual Items In Video Games

Online gaming has grown over the past twenty years to become a huge phenomenon that sees millions of players battling, trading and questing together, as they look to improve their characters and impro

10 The Blue Party Hat in Runescape - $1,680

9 Diablo 3 Manticore Crossbow - $3,500

8 World of Warcraft Character - $9,000

7 Eve Online Revenant Super Carrier - $9,000

6 Echoing Fury Mace from Diablo 3 – $14,000

5 Age of Wulin Sword - $16,000

4 Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog in Dota 2 - $38,000

3 Amsterdam from Second Life - $50,000

2 Crystal Palace from Entropia Universe - $330,000

1 Club Neverdie in Entropia Universe – $635,000

We've already spoken about Entropia Universe earlier in the article, as it is well known for its high selling items. However, this particular sale eclipses every other in-game item that has ever sold in a video game. After owning Club Neverdie for several years, Jon Jacobs decided to sell the asteroid space resort in 2010. He sold each section of the location separately, bringing in a total of $635,000. The biggest individual sale was the main section of the asteroid that went for a record $335,000. Jacobs had originally bought the resort in 2008, for $100,000 and made his money back on the investment after just one year of trading.

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10 Of The Most Expensive Virtual Items In Video Games