10 Of The Most Embarrassing Live TV Mishaps

We are all lovers and slaves to the big square that takes up a large corner of our room. It dominated family time and whittled down our leisurely hours as we absentmindedly stared at it for decades. L

We are all lovers and slaves to the big square that takes up a large corner of our room. It dominated family time and whittled down our leisurely hours as we absentmindedly stared at it for decades. Live TV is one of the benchmarks of broadcasting and has shared some iconic moments with us. It has had a profound and unifying effect on humanity in sharing a myriad of spectacles with us, such as the Moon Landing, The Fall of the Berlin Wall and other such seminal incidents in 20th century history and up to this modern day.

However, a live TV broadcast is being shown to viewers as it happens. There is no safety net for slip ups and accidents. Therefore, if something ends up going wrong, presenter and camera operator have only their wits to see them through (how suspenseful!). An embarrassment is recorded for an audience of potentially thousands to millions to gawp and laugh at. What’s more, there’s always the constant risk if one is filming in public of the general public, passers by who are as unpredictable as the fate of a hapless reporter/presenter.  These are photo bombers, rowdy drunken revelers, or just an awkward individual who will refuse to get out of shot. Live TV is not a thing to be undertaken lightly; here is a list of those who have fallen afoul of its whimsical curse.

10 Harry Belafonte Snoozing On Air

9 Grape Lady

8 Man Drops Brand New iPhone on the Floor

Whenever a new Apple product comes out, there is pandemonium of epic proportions. The frenzied grab for the latest bit of Apple’s technology is often newsworthy for shock and amusement value alike, none more so than Jack Cooksey’s mishap!

The unfortunate resident of Perth, Western Australia, no doubt along with his iPhone loving peers, had queued up outside the store in his city to have the rather honor of owning one of the first iPhones in that part of the world. A reporter for morning TV was on hand to record the fact that he was overjoyed with his new, wonderful smart phone, only to proceed to do something really dumb in front of his whole nation.

7 Kanye West & Taylor Swift

It is almost a certainty nowadays that any compilation or list running down silly or embarrassing incidents will include Kanye West at least once! This instance is generally regarded as the piece de resistance of his ludicrous outbursts.

6 Adult Toy Photo Bomb

Photo bombs are an inevitability of live TV on location shoots. One day that is a gauntlet of irritation for a news reporter is the Premier League’s transfer window deadline day in the UK. The day indicates the last day soccer teams can sell players in between clubs and it is a hectic day of sports reporting. Cue a legion of presenters outside stadiums clogged with rowdy fans and things are definitely set to get funnily awkward!

5 Sue Simmons, NBC

4 Fox News Fails


The cornerstone of journalism is supposed to be tirelessly researched and well documented and referenced information. This information is then faithfully and honestly relayed to the public who should be satisfied that their media sources are delivering concise and honest news directly to print or TV screen.

Yet the Murdoch brand of news offers a different slant, cheap sensationalism, political pandering and often, downright lunacy. Their live rolling news broadcasts have been and continue to be baffling to anyone with half a brain and a modicum of desire for the truth. One minute their maps remove geographical features entirely (such as the River Nile, how the largest river in the world is lost is a mystery), to confusing a congressman with a congresswoman and even describing a guest being interviewed as a string of ineligible letters on the banner underneath.

3 Reporter Swallows Her Own Snot Live On Air

The only controversy was supposed to be the lurid on stage performances of singer Miley Cyrus. The outrage was set to the appropriate level and the reporter was ready to fan the flames with her clucking tongue of disapproval at the salacious gyrating of the young popstar, to be broadcast over the Oakland region in collective conservative outrage… yet a nasal malfunction stole the show.

2 George Galloway

1 Streakers!

A weather channel forecasting Hurricane Irene meets another storm instead, in the form of a tempestuous bunch of streakers thundering past the camera, as if being weather beaten was not bad enough! These insane guys are not only running amok in a hurricane, but are doing so naked and the full frontal eye of their streaking storm is caught directly on camera!



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10 Of The Most Embarrassing Live TV Mishaps