10 Of The Most Current Popular Drugs

It never really matters how bad drugs are for you; either you are too far gone to care or just like to “let loose” every once in a while and assume that these drugs in small doses will never be able to hurt you. Drugs will always play a major role in society due to a number of reasons; we are prescribed them, we fall into them after horrific experiences, and it becomes a coping mechanism. This is not an article that is going to encourage the use of drugs or make them sound cool in any way, shape or form; however, this is an article that is going to get candid on the popular ones that are used heavily in society as we speak. We are surrounded by drug culture; television, major media outlets, peer pressure, etc. The list could go on and on, and the drugs will keep on flowing. The popularity of drugs normally gets blamed on Hollywood and these so called role models who are just bad influences as so many parents of the world believe. The fact is having an addictive personality is usually a genetic trait passed down from a parent if not both and circumstances in life usually lead to drug abuse. What we should be questioning is why drugs are so popular and what makes an individual’s drug of choice appealing to them. The euphoric high, the almost comatose state, or maybe it is the instantaneous relief of whatever pain, physically or mentally, one is in.


10 Amphetamines

This is not just one drug, it is a group of stimulant drugs that really messes with the serotonin in your brain. It heightens your sense of focus, you experience euphoria, and enables you to stay up late at night; these are just a few of the symptoms. These drugs have street names like speed, Adderall and Dexedrine, and they are used for all kinds of highs and even in some cases for weight loss. These are popular among all groups especially university students, mostly because they give you that added benefit of staying up for days at a time to party, study, or do more drugs. Unfortunately, long term effects include your brain being fried from lack of sleep and so many more unnecessary problems.

9 Cocaine


Yes, cocaine is still a super popular drug; simply because horror stories from Rick James' life was not scary enough to put us off the white powdery substance. So yes, cocaine is made from the beloved coco plant (hence, the highly addictive chocolate habits of many) and in the Victorian era it was used for pain management. However, society has smartened up (thank god) and now it is only popular with people chasing a high or looking to have a “really fun night” every once in a while. Cocaine is a Hollywood party drug for sure and it usually ends up being mixed with molly.

8 Fentanyl Patches

This tiny little square patch is another prescription drug that is normally used for pain management when used properly (i.e. placed somewhere on the body preferably the arm), as it is supposed to release small doses over a course of time. Unfortunately, people have found a way to misuse this drug as well; they chew it, swallow it whole, inject it and get it into their system in any way that it will allow to alter their state. Like every other drug, people believe it is all fun and games but realistically when abused this drug can cause death, respiratory issues and brain damage among other things (because death is not scary enough). Did anyone else see that episode of Intervention of the girl who was addicted to fentanyl? Enough said.

7 Dust-Off/Dusters


Dust-Off is actually a brand of computer cleaner; it is literally a can of chemicals used to clean your dusty computer, except this time people are inhaling the chemicals out of the can and receiving an instant high. This one is popular among teens for the obvious reasons, but it is not that easy to kick as you get addicted quickly and abuse it right into adulthood. It is also known as huffing and is not limited to duster cans. You can huff a bag soaked in gasoline as long as it is held to the face or in some cases, even stuffed in the mouth. Sounds gross.

6 Spice

Spice or K2 is a synthetic form of marijuana that is laced with cannabinoids (cannabinoids are essentially a couple of related compounds placed together to give an altered affect). Spice is popular simply because it is legal; so all those people who like to walk down the street and show off their drug use are free to do so. The extreme downside to Spice is the substances that it is made out of are highly unsafe. So as much as people like to associate it to weed, they should associate it more with weed that is laced with a lethal drug because spice is connected with many sudden death reports.

5 Bath Salts

It looks as though seeing a guy eat someone’s face off of their conscious live body is not warning enough to stay away from this super unregulated drug. Now if you are wondering what bath salts are, they are the same ones that you place in your grimy bath tub for a soothing 30 minutes of relaxation. It turns out crushing the crystals up and snorting them makes you go absolutely crazy. The craziness around bath salts has made this drug quite popular among daredevils who are seeking a thrill. Too bad it has MDVP, a crazy stimulant that is not legal and obviously turns you into a maniacal cannibal.

4 Ecstasy

More popularly known as MDMA thanks to admired teen mentors such as Miley Cyrus and Lil’ Wayne, MDMA is known for producing feelings of euphoria and well being. On the down side it makes you feel like you have no fear in the world, like say maybe you can fly or you’re fire retardant. This drug is popular among musicians right now; they rap about it, sing about and even boldly shoot videos where they show themselves taking a hit of the popular pill. Because of all the hype around this drug, it has become one of the more famous party favors.


3 Prescription Pills


Something that was meant to help someone in pain is being brutally abused by teens and adults alike. It is as simple as walking into your doctor’s office and complaining about being in severe pain somewhere on your body, and if you have a good, caring doctor, they will probably find you some great alternatives to doping you up. However, if you have a doctor who is known to be a pill pusher (because they get an incentive every time they prescribe a certain pill), then you can have easy access to all the popular pills that are readily available.

2 Alcohol

The original “gateway drug” is popular amongst adolescents who are looking to rebel but in a cutesy way. Although alcohol is more socially accepted than say meth, it is still just as dangerous not only for yourself and your body, but for those around you when you are lit. It is the most accessible body altering vice you can find out there without having to walk down a shady ally or show up at some random dude’s house. Alcohol is quite popular at music festivals and house parties alike, and because it is so accessible it makes it even more appealing unfortunately.

1 Marijuana


Forever and always marijuana, reefer, pot, weed, Mary Jane, buds, joint and any other street name you want to call it will always be popular amongst every generation. Pot is so popular that now the government wants to make a dime off of it; truthfully speaking if you can get it in its purest form, it has great health benefits and the medicinal use of it is helping people in pain around the world. It is not only meant to get you high; and honestly, long after the other psychedelic and mind altering drugs lose their edge, marijuana will still be around.



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